Monday night the 7th grade Lady Cardinals hosted an area track meet. Bride City won first place with 174 points; Hampshire-Fannet, second with 126 points; West Orange Stark, 3rd with 103 points; Orangefield, 4th with 100 points; Silsbee, 5th with 43 points and Hardin Jefferson, 6th with 12 points.

Theese 7th grade Lady Cardinals placed in the following events:

Shot Put- 1st, Sadie Stone and 4th, Taylor Clark
Discus- 2nd, Lexie Murty and 6th Carly Garrett
High Jump- 2nd, Brooke Dichiara
Triple Jump- 1st, Chloe Halliburton and 4th, Brook Dichera
Long Jump- 4th, Alli Stump
2400M Run- 5th, Brooklyn Sheffield and 6th, Shelbi Whitaker
400M Relay- 1st place, Kyndall Harrison, Malia Jones, Allie Stump and Chloe Haliburton
800M Run- 4th, Sadie Stone and 6th, Kimmee Ceja
100M Hurdles- 4th, Brook Dichiara and 5th, Natalie Reed
100M Dash- 1st, Emily Ranolis; 3rd, Emily Jones and 4th, Kaitlyn Lawrence
800M Relay- 3rd, Kyndall Harrison, Malia Jones, Hannah Silveira and Chloe Halliburton
400M Dash- 1st, Allie Stump and 6th Breanna Molin
200M Hurdles- 1st, Brook Dichiara; 4th, Madison Bolling and 6th, Natalie Reed
200M Dash- 2nd, Chloe Halliburton and Hannah Silveira
1200M Run- 4th, Brooklyn Sheffield and 6th, Shelbi Whitaker
1600M Relay- 2nd, Kyndall Harrison, Sadie Stone, Hannah Silveira and Allie Stump

Chloe Halliburton and Allie Stump tied with 50 points each for high point scorer at the meet. This was an outstanding team effort and a great start to a very rainy and cold track season.