Well, here we go embarking on another column. The weeks are flying by so fast there’s no time to rest. I missed my prediction that Spring would arrive by March. Cold is coming out of the west. I believe this should be it. Daylight savings time begins at 2 a.m. Sunday. Spring your clock up an hour, you’ll lose an hours sleep. The United States congress, with all its problems, chose as their first order of business to appoint another Benghazi investigation committee. Several committees, including a bipartisan committee, a Republican committee and a senate committee, have found no wrongdoing by any part of the government. The GOP has tried desperately to put that noose around Hillary’s neck. Now they have some new ammo. She used her personal Email account to conduct government business as Secretary of State. A spokesman for Clinton said, she complied with the letter and spirit of the rules. Hillary is not the first government official or first secretary of state to use a personal email account. Secretary Colin Powell, from 2001-2005, used personal email to communicate with U.S. officials, ambassadors and foreign leaders. So here we go again. You will hear the attacks from the would-be presidential candidates on the stump. If that’s all they have on her it won’t be enough to beat her. She has too many positives for this one negative. However, they now have something new to beat up on her with.*****Orange Baptist Hospital went down the way we had predicted. In their published letter, they admitted that Texas not participating in the Medicaid Expansion really hurt them. It also hurts our county government to the tune of nearly $2 million a year. Some of our friends attended Triangle Day in Austin and we’re anxious to hear what they learned about Medicaid funding. Texas is turning down $100 billion (that’s with a B) in Federal funds. It doesn’t make sense, it’s money that belongs to Texans, which the Feds are sending back to the state for healthcare coverage. I believe someday, before too long, Orange County, with 90 thousand citizens, will have a hospital, a new one probably located in the center of the county, probably around 1442 or on the interstate to serve the Orange, Vidor, Bridge City, Deweyville areas. Rick Perry is gone, making himself some money running for president. Now the Texas Legislature should do as most conservative state governments are doing around the country, that’s doing the right thing for their citizens and state. Bring billions of Medicaid dollars to Texas and help everyone, including our hospitals.*****I’ve got to move on. You’d make me proud if you came along. I promise it won’t do you no harm. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the United States Congress Tuesday. He bypassed the normal diplomatic protocol for a deal put together by Speaker John Boehner and Israel’s Ambassador in a secretly negotiated invitation. An obvious act of disrespect. I still believe the money man behind that deal is Shelton Ableson, Vegas casino owner. Netanyahu asked congress to ensure the U.S. stands tough in talks with Iran. His speech doesn’t sit well with the White House, who are in negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program. Netanyahu assured the congress that the U.S.-Israel bond is “stronger than ever.” We have stuck our necks out to bail Israel out countless times. It was wrong for Nethanyahu to inject himself in our foreign policies. He has an election on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. He deserves to be beaten and replaced with someone who is not always self serving.

We were sorry to hear of the death of Laura Clary, age 93, who passed away at home on Feb. 23. Services were held Friday, Feb. 27, at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. We had known this wonderful lady and her husband, Capt. Bob Clary. since 1964. On many occasions over the years, when Bob was living, we were lucky enough to spend hours and several weekend trips with the Clarys. Ms. Laura was a very sweet person and always such a lady. She was very caring and always showed a sincere interest in people. We knew Capt. Bob when he and Charlie Guidry were in the tug boat business and he later went on to own Orange Shipbuilding. He and Ms. Laura were special people in our community. May she rest in peace. To Thomas, Robert and Julie and their entire family we send our sincere sympathy for your loss.

Our hearts go out to Lynn Wallace, who’s brother Butch Wallace, died Feb. 26 and wife Charlene died Feb. 27.  Butch graduated in the second class at West Orange High School, class of 1959, worked as a pipe fitter and later moved to San Augustine. Butch is survived,  in addition to Lynn, by his wife Pat, sons Tim and David and daughter Lisa.***Charlene Wallace, Lynn’s wife, died Feb. 27. Charlene and Lynn are best known for operating the Tin Top Arena for many years. She retired from Sabine Federal Credit Union, was active in Wesley United Methodist Church and headed the annual church bazaar. Charlene is survived by son Toby and daughter Wendy. Both funerals were held Monday, with burials at Wilkinson Cemetery. Please see obits.

On Thursday, Commissioner’s Court will hold its meeting in Vidor. It’s a fulfilling of a political pledge. At the time, I thought moving the county seat, even for one day, was illegal. Apparently they found a loophole. I still don’t believe the court can legally vote on expenditures. I have never heard of a traveling commissioner’s court but if it’s okay, how about coming to Bridge City next. We would even bake cookies. Go figure.

10 Years Ago-2005
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced the signing of veteran kicker Matt Bryant. He was the kicker for the New York Giants in 2002-2003 and kicked in four games for Indianapolis and Miami in 2004. The Buccaneers have three kickers vying for the kicking job. (Editor’s note: Matt got the job and recently was given a contract extension by Atlanta. He has scored 666 points for the Falcons, ranked second highest scorer in team history and could become number one this season.*****March is National Athletic Training month and Herman “Moe” Litton and Terry King are honored for their years of work. “Moe” is a retired trainer, King, who is the trainer at West Orange-Stark, has 20 years experience. He’s a native of Nederland. “Moe” Litton is currently serving on the Bridge City City Council.*****Two former West Orange-Stark stars, Roy Locke and place kicker Tyler Thibodeaux, are now members of the Beaumont Drillers football team.*****Dan Rather, after 24 years, is stepping down as CBS Evening news anchor and managing editor.*****A big 80th birthday bash was held for the lovely Audrey Lapeyrolerie at St. Henry’s activity building.*****Bridge City Cardinal slugger Cody Sparks hit a homerun and Ben Meyers hit grand slam to defeat Nederland 9-7 to win the tournament championship.*****Shane Romero opened pitching for the Orangefield Bobcats in the championship round of the Bobcat baseball tournament. The Bobcats defeated Silsbee 4-2 for the championship.*****On March 2, Alyana Bland celebrated her 7th birthday. Editor’s note. Today she is already 17.*****Ashlyn Edwards, a fourth grader at Deweyville, and Bailey Williams, second grader at Little Cypress, have made this year’s Jumpstart national team and will train with the national team in Lafayette and Mobile. Both young athletes train at Horizon Tumbling and Trampoline team in Mauriceville.*****To date, 1,509 young Americans have been killed in Iraq and over 11,000 have been maimed, lost arms, legs, blinded or will be in wheel chairs the rest of their lives. (Editor’s note: that was only 10 years ago, over 3,000 more were killed, 30,000 wounded. Say what you want about Obama’s foreign policy, we don’t have hundreds of body bags coming home each month.)*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: John H. Guinn, 92, of Orange, died Monday, Feb. 28. He was a United States Marine in WWII, retired from Dupont and owned Johnny‘s 10th Street Grill and Parkway Café.***Mayo Elizabeth Odom, 85, of Orange, died Feb. 28.***Thomas M. Ewing, Sr., 84, died March 2. He worked for Coca Cola for 27 years and also Chemical Express. He was well known for his cabinet making and woodwork.***Steve Tayor, 42, of Orange, died Feb. 27.***Ray Hubbard, 78, of West Orange, died March 3. He was a veteran who served in WWII and the Korean conflict.***Ruby Inez Campbell, 89, of Orangefield, died March 4.***Joy Sharpton Dorman, 84, of Orange, died March 4. She was the widow of Hereward Dorman.***Blum “Sunny” Smith, Jr., 73, of Orange, died March 6. Services were held March 9.***Ozia “Pete” Yocum, 79, of West Orange, died Saturday, March 5.***Joann Bennett, 63 of Orange, died March 6.***Patricia Ann Beebe, 39, of Deweyville, died March 6.

40 Years Ago-1975
McLaury’s Funiture and Appliance holds grand opening at 2207 MacArthur. Store manager is Larry Bergeron. Salesman is “Doc” Rosenbaln.*****Members of the newly charted Bridge City Rotary Club are Bill Nickum, Paul Eason, Rev. Ed Robinson, C.W. “Bubba” Hubbard, Buddy Linder, Roy Dunn, Barry Weisman, Neil Bond, Bill Weisman,  Don Castille, Butch Lusignan, Doug Harrington, Dr. Joe Majors, Jerry Pesson, Jimmy Hanson, Carlyle Dodson, Joe Fields and E. M. Guillette. New members added since charter are Albert Gore, John Brooks, Paul Ardoin and Curtis Bourn. The club meets Thursday at noon at Granger’s Seafood.*****Freddy Hebert is now associated with Joiner Insurance Service at 1212 Park Street.*****Terry Bridges, Bridge City pitching ace, is gone, and a couple of young hurlers, who appear to be the caliber of Bridges are Terry Cockerham and James Walker.*****Jim Leo is LC-M‘s new baseball coach. *****22-AAAA Stark Tigers feature hurlers Buddy Timberlake, Chris Allen, Mark Bonnin and Billy Bayliss. Coach Cornel Thompson replaces Coach Art Pettit.*****West Orange, under Coach Ronnie Anderson, went all the way to state semi-finals last season. The team lost a lot of players but under Coach Anderson, they won’t roll over and play dead. The infield has experience led by Andre Robertson, all district last year as a sophomore.*****Levingston Shipbuilding employees go back to work after walking off.*****Linda Gay, the Dallas model, born and raised in Orange, will appear in the April edition of “Playboy” in a Dickies clothing ad. She is the daughter of Nancy and Lewis Gay.*****Pretty little Sheila Holbrooks is grounded with Chicken Pox. She hopes Daddy Fain catches it because he’s made too much fun of her.*****Uncle Jim McKay turns 90 on March 10. (Editor’s note: Jim “The Fisherman” McKay lived to be nearly 101.)*****Cajun Day held in Newton. W.T. Oliver, Tee Bruce and Justin Wilson appear.*****Karen Thibodeaux turns 16 on March 10. She a fine chick.*****Freshman shot-putter Paul Bingham of West Orange placed third to help McNeese University edged USL by three-and-a-half points in track meet.*****Former West Orange football coach Glenn Green is the new head coach at Lumberton. His job hasn’t been filled at WO yet.*****Willie Hayes wins again. He took the Orange Bass Club Tournament with a catch of 20 pounds, 8 ounces. 

I mentioned in this column that Judge Thibodeaux wouldn’t stay out of government very long. Well, he has filed for a seat on the West Orange City Council. I’m not betting that will be his final stop. Monday he had knee surgery. We wish him the best with that. If it works out, he would be ready to canvas door-to-door.*****Our longtime friend, Joyce Dowdle had knee replacement surgery Tuesday. She said she was tired of hurting. We wish her a speedy and successful recovery.*****St. Mary Catholic Church will hold the annual St. Joseph Alter Sunday, March 15, following the 10 a.m. mass. If you have never attended one, you should at least do so once in your life. The food is great and you can’t beat the Italian cookies and desserts, prepared in the Sicilian tradition. Call Rosalie or Pat Clark at 886-2577 for more information.*****Last week I received a couple of emails from Ray LaCour, an 87-year-old Cajun guy who is a retired Veterinarian. He has spent his entire life living in Perry, Mouton Cove, Ester and the surrounding areas. Ray graduated from Abbeville High School in 1945. I learned he was attorney Paul Owens’ brother-in-law. Until her death, Paul’s wife Jeanette sent him copies of Roy’s Down Life’s Highway column, now her daughter Paula sends them. He says he could write a book on the life and exploits of the late Paul Owens. In fact, some day I would like to write about all the lawyers I’ve known. Orange County always had a colorful bunch, especially in the early years, 50’s and on. I watched some great trials in the 60’s and 70’s. Thanks Ray for the refreshing course on Acadians and how the politicians in Baton Rough forbid Cajun French spoken on the school grounds in an attempt to destroy the Cajun dialect. *****We also heard from Chris Farkus. He bought a boat and he and his two cats and a dog headed out to Cuba. His automatic pilot went out right out of port and he spent 22 hours operating the boat manually. He spent time in Cuba and is back in Florida. It’s a great story, with lots of pictures, which we hope to share with our readers soon.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days: On March 4, Caroline Sheppard, Buddy’s better half, celebrates. Also Vickie Parish and Travis Reeves. They join Gov. Rick Perry, 64, actor Josh Bowman, 26 and actress Patricia Heaton, 56.*****On March 5, Don Bayliss, Lenzi Childress and Carolyn Hillsten celebrate. They join Pastor Joel Osteen, 51, cowboy Michael Irvin, 48, actress Eva Mendes, 40 and actor Dean Stockwell, 78.*****March 6, is a special day for Mark Benton, one heck of a guy and  a good mechanic. He was raised on the corner of Blueberry and Roberts in Bridge City and is the grandson of a proud grandmother, Rosalie Benton. Also celebrating is Clint Landry’s favorite cousin Coach Sam Moore. Also Kristen Rucker, Pete Powell and Trubie Beebe. They are joined by basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, 42, singer Mary Wilson, 70, actors Rob Reiner, 57 and Tom Arnold, 55. On this day the Alamo fell, 179 years ago in 1836.*****On March 7, Sheriff Mike White celebrates. Also a nice lady Libby Mitchell, longtime friend Rick Trahan and Misty Thurman. They join comedian Wanda Sykes, 50, actor John Heard, 69, TV weatherman Willard Scott, 80.*****Daylight Savings Time begins March 8. Celebrating a birthday on this date is our buddy, H.D.’s better half, Pat Pate. She deserves a great day. Also celebrating is our goodwill ambassador Liz Weaver, also David Thibodeaux, Christi Wiegreffe, Shelly Granger and Carol Smith. They join actor Freddie Prinze, Jr., 38 and drummer Micky Dolenz, 69.*****March 9, finds Brittney Zenos, Don Grooms, Claudia Gilson and Jordon Doiron celebrating. They join country singer Mickey Gilley, 78, TV host Steve Wilkos, 50, actor Emmanuel Lewis, 43. Also Lee Brown, of Brown Hearing Aid, passed away in 2012 at age 78.*****March 10 is the birthday of Mary White, Gloria Jones, Wade Gillett, Josh Goss and Bob Izer. They are joined by singer Carrie Underwood, 31, actor Chuck Norris, 74, actress Jasmine Guy, 52. Dr. Nolan LeBlanc died on this day in 2014. Happy birthday to all.*****This week we will find out if the Supreme Court will gut the Affordable Care Act.*****CPAC, the ultra conservative political action committee, met for four days in Iowa. A lot of flame throwing towards President Obama and Sec. Hillary Clinton. Not much substance, no policies were presented that would move the country forward. Everything I saw was strictly negative. Jeb Bush and Rick Perry were the only two grown ups in the large crowd of candidates. The CPAC presented their “A” team. Rand Paul again got number one, Scott Walker second and Ted Cruz third. If one of them gets the nomination, I’ll bet the Tea Party wing can’t elect a president. Follow the money. None of the big donors were at the CPAC and they are the ones who will ultimately decide the nominee.*****Meanwhile, Speaker John Boehner folded and the Congress passed a clean bill to finance Homeland Security.*****Nuttz and Boltz, at Bridge City Automotive, got my “Hoot Mobile” all fixed up and ready for another 100,000 miles. For the first time in three years, I have a heater. It’s been a cold winter. I’m wanting one more cold day so I can enjoy it. By the way, I also have brakes now. I don’t have to coast to a stop. If Mark, Bryan and the crew can’t fix it, it’s ready for the junk pile. I’m told there’s no better transmission shop around. Thanks to them I’m good to go.*****Let me make a correction for the past two weeks, we have published that Judge Derry Dunn is the J.P. in Pct. 3. That is wrong. Judge Simonton is the J.P. Pct. 3. Judge Dunn is a Mauriceville boy and it’s in Pct. 2. Sorry about that.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at PK’s last week and had a great meal and a good time. This week, the Bunch dines at Robert’s and next week back to Novrozsky’s.*****We ran into David Montagne with the Sabine River Authority. We hadn’t seen him since he moved to Beaumont. We’ve known David since he was a puppy. His dad Bob, longtime Lamar Regent, who the Montagne Center was named for, was the best grassroots politician I’ve known in my lifetime. He also had a great family. The prettiest redhead I’ve ever seen was David’s sister Rusty. I haven’t seen her in years. Brother Robert was a longtime superintendent at Orangefield, a prince of a guy. All great folks.

Clovis Thibodeaux calls in to his job. He gets Comeaux on da phone and say, “Hey boss, I’m not coming to work today me, boy I’m really sick. Boss, I got a bad headache me, my stomach is cramping up bad, and my legs, dey hurt dem. I’m not coming to work me.”
Comeaux says, “Clovis, we are really far behind and I really need you bad today.” I tell you, Clovis, wat I do, me, wen I feel bad like dat. I go to my wife and tell her and she gives me loving. Dat sure make everyting better and I go to work. Try dat Clovis, and see dat it will make you fell better too.
A couple of hours later Thibodeaux calls back. “Hey boss, dis is Clovis, wat you told me, dat worked great yea. I’ll be at work me, as soon as I get dressed. Boss, you sure do got a nice house.”

Bill O’Reilly continues to get heat for his misrepresentation. Bill doesn’t let the facts get in the way. He often does truth bending in his shows. The latest was him saying, in a book, that he survived a “Combat situation in Argentina and saw five nuns get shot in the back of the head.” Both are lies. He wasn’t even in the same country. O’Reilly said he was at the scene of a suicide in Florida but the facts prove he was in Dallas at the time. He is more opinions than journalist, his show is mostly right wing spin. That’s the FOX News format. Besides Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace there is very little straight news on FOX. That’s why a report last year said that the least informed watched FOX News.*****My time is up. Thanks for yours. Shop our family of advertisers and please tell them we sent you. Check us out on the web 24-7, Take care and God bless.