It was reported last year in the The Record that many residents were moving to the Orangefield area.
Now Orangefield has some company as home sales are steady in Bridge City and in Mauriceville, according to real estate agents.
Wilma Horner, a broker with Re/Max, said sales in Bridge City have been doing well. She attributes the success to favorable interest rates and people who have a desire to live there.
“They want to move here because of the school district, and that it’s a good community,” she said. “They’re coming from everywhere to move here and they’re moving all around the area.”
Horner believes the housing market has rebounded nicely from a small slump from five years ago.
She added, however, that lesson has taught her to never take anything for granted.
In addition to residents moving into existing homes, Horner said there are also new homes being built in the county.
Buyers are from a wide range of occupations as well.
“It’s a great community and we welcome anyone. Any of our Re/Max agents can help them,” Horner said. “Generally, our area is doing well. It’s a country atmosphere along with the convenience of the city.”
On the other side of the county, Debbie Hughes with Jerry Hughes Realty echoed Horner in saying home sales are “Good all over the place.”
“It’s been a very busy new year. It was the same way last year. There’s a shortage of houses in some price ranges,” Hughes said.
Some contributing factors for the healthy market include interest rates dropping somewhat, first-time homeowners looking, a good local economy, high expectations from Orange County residents and a scarcity of available rental property.
In fact, Hughes said often home prices are so low it may cost less to purchase than to rent.
For Mauriceville, homes along Highway 12 and FM 2802, or Texla Road, are popular.
She said residents love the Little Cypress-Mauriceville school district, the large lots with available acreage and country living that’s still available. Another bonus is some are working in Lake Charles and Mauriceville serves as a midway point.
Hughes said the housing market has definitely improved over the past several years.
“It’s a lot more conservative,” she said. “Generally there’s new construction but there’s a need for more. Especially middle range homes prices between $180,000 and $250,000.”
Hughes said buyers are also a mixture of occupations and backgrounds in the market, each with different needs from first time buyers to longtime home owners.
She concluded by saying it’s also a great time to put a house on the market for those interested in selling.

Home sales are going steady in Orange County such as this new start in Bridge City. Existing homes are selling well too. In fact, there’s a need in some markets for new mid-range homes to be built.