The Golden Triangle area was well represented at this week’s Golden Triangle Days in Austin 2015- very well represented.
Bobby Fillyaw, director of the Orange County Economic Development Corporation and GTDA attendee said this session had the largest attendance ever, more than 350, this time around. Ida Schossow, director of the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce and attendee, said the session was a very productive one.
Fillyaw said attendees spent time with State Rep. Dade Phelan, State Sen. Robert Nichols, State Rep. Joe Deshotel and State Sen. Brandon Creighton and learned about the budget process, health care issues, and plans to reduce school ad valorem property taxes.
Legislators said it’s been a good and busy session in the House and Senate and the budget is in such condition where they can some things they haven’t been able to before.
Some met with the windstorm insurance committee who will put forth a budget in a couple of weeks. John Barton, former district engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation in Beaumont and who is now deputy director of public transportation for TxDOT in Austin, spoke on state transportation and safety matters.
“He’s in a position to help the area,” Fillyaw said.
Tracy Byrd of Beaumont provided entertainment at the Golden Triangle evening event while Rich Courville, also of Beaumont, catered gumbo and jambalaya.
“There was a good turnout for our function on Monday night,” Fillyaw said. “We had governmental officers attend. It was a really good effort.
“It definitely makes and impression with these kind of numbers (in attendance). It helps our efforts.”

Photo – A group shot of attendees at the Golden Triangle Days in Austin 2015. This session had more than 350 in attendance which is the largest representation every from the Golden Triangle. Those attending said it was a very productive session.