Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses from Feb. 16 through Feb. 28:

McDonald’s #7018, 755 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Food stored on the floor inside walk-in cooler/freezer, kitchen and storage areas need to be cleaned of old foods (outside of equipment and inside reach in cooler). Score – 93

Burger Town, 6223 W. Roundbunch Rd., Orangefield – Need to cover all foods inside reach-in freezers; vents above fryers/grill need to be cleaned of old grease and floors throughout need to be cleaned. Restaurant does not have required food service permit. Score – 90

Judice’s Cajun Cafe, 2045 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Pre-opening inspection. No score.

Dollar General #11492, 2500 MLK Dr., Orange – Shelves inside milk cooler need to be cleaned of old milk. Score – 97

Big Lots #1053, 2260 MacArthur Dr., Orange – Score 100

Kajun Seafood and Wing II, 1102 W. Park Ave., Orange – Chicken found at unsafe temperature, employee drinks without lids/straw. Need to date/label foods in cooler/freezer; defrosting foods on floor inside containers; need to cover all foods; several dead crawfish found throughout; entire restaurant needs to be cleaned; floors walls and vents above fryers need to be cleaned; storage equipment needs to be cleaned and risked storage racks need to be repaired; deep cleaning is required. Score – 73

Bridge City Elementary School, 1035 W. Roundbunch Rd., Bridge City – Score – 100

The Hut, 1804 16th St., Orange – Floors near pit need to be cleaned of old foods. Score – 97

Jack in the Box #9319, 2900 16th St., Orange – Employee drink without lid/straw; raw hamburger patties found on top of box inside freezer-manager disposed of of immediately; repair several gaskets; walk-in freezer door not closing completely; motor in walk-in freezer dripping water onto floor; floors walls, equipment and inside reach-in cooler, freezer, vents above grill need to be cleaned of old foods; vents above grill need to be cleaned of old foods; broken storage containers and fry scoop found; damaged ceiling tiles with black mold; lots of maintenance issues and general cleaning needed. Score – 83

Weisman Food Mart, 2323 Lutcher Dr., Orange – Area under milk inside walk-in cooler needs to be cleaned of old milk. Score – 97

Casa Ole #47, 1015 N. Main St., Vidor – Found beef at unsafe temperatures; employee jackets found stored in shelves in dry storage area; no hot water found inside restrooms; ceiling, walls, floors and equipment need to be cleaned of old foods; found floors need to be repaired of missing floor grout. Score – 84

Paul’s Seafood Connection, 7226 Hwy. 12, Vidor – Floors under and behind equipment need to be cleaned of trash/dirt; vents and area around fryers need of old grease. Score – 97