Cowboy Church of Orange County will host a playday March 28 in the church’s arena, 673 FM 1078, Orange. Sign up time begins at 10:00 am, with the event beginning aty 11:00 am. Fees are $5 per event, per age group. There is a $10 buckle fee. Age groups are 0-6 lead line (barrells, poles and straights only); 0-10 Peewee; 11-14 youth; 15-19 seniors; 20 and over and adults 55 and up.
Events will include cloverleaf barrels; straight barrels, speed barrels, poles and a mystery event.
Call before you haul, due to possible rainouts.
For complete list of rules or more information, please call Linda Carlton at 409-656-7345 or 409-745-2120.

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