Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between March 6, 7, 8 and the morning of March 9:

Burglary, 2900 IH-10

Warrant service, 205 Border St.

Traffic accident, 4904 Oak Valley Dr.

Kidnapping, 2228 Cross Ln.

Traffic accident, Simmons and Pine

Assist other agency, 201 8th St.

Robbery/unlawful restraint, 201 8th St.

Abandoned vehicle, 2258 Westway St.

Traffic accident, 1601 Green Ave.

Public intoxication, 2930 17th St.

Miscellaneous incidents, 314 Bridal Wreath St.

Traffic accident, Chapman and 16th St.

Consumption of alcohol by minor, Hwy. 62 and IH-10

Traffic accident, Hwy. 62 at IH-10 Shell  Station

Obstructing court order, 1701 Louisiana St.

Warrant service, 14th and Cordrey

Theft, 18 Zeto Dr.

DUI/alcohol, IH-10

Miscellaneous incidents, 1802 Main Ave.

Theft, 510 3rd St.

Traffic accident, 7112 IH-10

Traffic hazard, IH-10 W., East of Hwy. 62

Public intoxication, IH-10 W,

Criminal traffic violation, IH-10 W.

Aggravated assault/family violence, 1914 Arkansas Ave.

Traffic accident/unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 523 Decatur Ave.

Warrant service, 707 Center

Theft, 3819 Meeks Dr.

Damaged property, 2308 1/2 7th St.

Burglary, 3632 Ridgemont

DUI/alcohol, IH-10

Burglary, 1520 Link Ave.

Traffic accident/fatality, Hwy. 87 at FM 3247

Damaged property, 506 Camellia Ave.

Larceny of bicycle, 1008 Dupont Dr.

Animal call, 1710 Texas

Traffic accident, 16th and Barkins

Public intoxication, 3819 Meeks

Abandoned vehicle, IH-10 E