Each year, the Berkley Experience trailer sets across the country looking to promote fishing while giving families a fun, interactive experience.
The Berkley Trailer is headed to Orange and the B.A.S.S. Elite Series at Sabine River. Consumers are encouraged to flock to arrive March 20 – 22. The trailer will be on hand to entertain and offer deals to consumers. This will be an interactive trailer.
This marks the 10th year the Berkley Experience Trailer has been rolling through states, covering ground and giving novice and experienced anglers the chance to see what makes Berkley one of the leaders in using science to develop the most innovative products.
Consumers get an exclusive look once inside the trailer. Kids and adults can experience the history of Berkley. Onlookers also get a glimpse inside the Berkley labs in Spirit Lake, Iowa. It’s here where many of the innovative products anglers use today were first painstakingly researched and studied.
There is also a timeline of key products, an updated fish biology section and educational videos on Berkley products.
The walk through trailer also displays how the products were developed from the ground up.
Highly trained Berkley professionals are on hand to provide more in depth knowledge on products, knot tying, line selection and how to select the best baits to Catch More Fish.

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