Representatives of Entergy were at Mauriceville Elementary Tuesday, March 24, to present Cody Steiert, a fifth grade student in Mary Kay Berndt’s language arts class, with a written response from Leo P. Denault, Chairman and CEO of Entergy. Cody and his classmates wrote letters to individuals of their choice culminating a business letter-writing lesson. The student letters went to a variety of people from the President of the United States, to the Department of Defense, NFL players, and authors. Cody chose to write to Mr. Denault because his great-grandfather was an engineer with Entergy. Cody asked Mr. Denault questions concerning the maintenance workers and the machines they maintain. Cody was excited to receive his response and to have it presented to him by Entergy representatives in front of his classmates and family.

According to Ms. Berndt, “So far only one other student has received a reply from their letter. Matthew Sherwin wrote to then Governor Rick Perry. By the time his letter reached the Governor’s Office, Greg Abbott was in office. Governor Abbott responded to Matthew and promised to forward his letter to Rick Perry.”

Photo – Cody Steiert is shown holding the letter he received, flanked by Entergy representatives, Randy Hairston and Johnny Trahan and his class.