The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has received several reports about a phone call scam using the Orange County Sheriff’s Office name to solicit money from unsuspecting victims. The scammer tells the person receiving the phone call that there is an active warrant for the person answering the phone. The person is then told that in order to avoid being arrested, the person must purchase some type of gift card for a specific amount and provide the card number to the caller. The caller may also mention that the warrant is in reference to failing to respond to a Grand Jury Subpoena.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public that this is a scam. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office will not call anyone and ask for a payment to be made over the phone.

 Currently, the only known identified phone number used by the suspect so far in this scam is 409-238-0229.  If you receive a suspicious, unsolicited phone call from anyone who identifies themselves as the Orange County Sheriff’s Office or a Deputy asking or demanding money, please call the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Orange area number at 409-883-2612, or the Vidor area number at 409-769-0291 to make a report.

Again, do not provide the caller any payment over the phone as this is a scam.


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