Thursday afternoon the 7th grade Bridge City Lady Cardinals tied for 2nd at the Hampshire Fannett Track Meet.  The point totals were H-F – 154; Bridge City- 140, Orangefield- 140; WOS- 88; Silsbee- 65 & HJ- 29

The following Lady Cardinals placed in the meet:
Field Events:
High Jump: Brooke Dichiara 3rd, Shelbi Whitaker, 5th
Pole Vault: Chloe Halliburton – 1st, Angelyn Pham – 2nd, Sadie Stone- 6th
Long Jump: Allie Stump- 2nd
Triple Jump: Chloe Haliburton- 1st
Shot Put: Taylor Clark-2nd
Discus: Carly Garrett- 3rd & Lexie Murty-5th
Running Events:
2400m Run: Brooklyn Sheffield-5th, Sadie Stone-6th
4 X 1 Relay: 2nd- Kyndal Harrison, Malia Jones, Allie Stump & Chloe Halliburton
800m Run: Erin Ramsey-5th
100m Dash: Emily Ranolis- 1st, Malia Jones-5th
4 X 2 Relay: 5th – Kyndal Harrison, Malia Jones, Hannah Silveria, Emily Ranolis
400m Dash: Allie Stump-1st
200m Hurdles: Madison Bolling-3rd, Natalie Reed- 5th, Brooke Dichiara-6th
200m Dash: Emily Ranolis-3rd, Hannah Silveria-6th
1200m Run: Brooklyn Sheffield-4th
Mile Relay: Angelyn Pham, Brooke Dicharia, Hannah Silvera and Allie Stump- 3rd
The District Meet will be held Monday, April 6, at Bridge City.

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