With summer coming on and families having more outdoor activities and back yard barbecues, I thought it was time for some nice refreshing recipes. I am not a fan of avocado, but I made this recipe for a party at one of my friends’ house.  After trying this dish, my friend said it was “amazing”, so I will have to take her word for it.

I thought too that I would add a favorite dessert of my family to this column too. When we make this recipe, we have to usually triple the recipe. It is a Weight Watcher friendly one. I do not remember how many points it is, but if memory serves, it is 6 points per serving.  This recipe can be made with so many different fruits and jello you can just about make it up as you go along.

I’m excited to start getting out and grilling with family and friends again. Now if we can just figure out how to keep the humidity and temperatures low and mosquitos to a minimum, we will be in good shape for the summer!

Bon appétit!

Avocado and Shrimp Cocktail

2 avocados

Fresh lemon slices

1 1/2 cup peeled shrimp, cooked and chopped

3 Tablespoons mayonnaise

1 Tablespoon heavy whipping cream

Dash of Tabasco

Dash of Worcestershire

Salt and pepper to taste

Paprika to taste

Cut avocado in half, remove stones and rub surface with lemon slice. Combine mayonnaise, cream, Tabasco, Worcestershire and salt and pepper. Fold in cooled shrimp. Spoon into avocados and sprinkle with paprika – chill. Serve chilled on a bed of lettuce. Garnish with cucumber and lemon slices.

The dessert I love most in summer is very refreshing and good for a snack after working in the yard. This literally takes about 5 minutes and very little effort to make and I promise you it will be a hit no matter when or where you serve it. I’m sure most of you have had this at some time or another.  Enjoy it with a tall glass of lemonade or water.

Strawberry Fluff is a great way to cool down after a day of gardening.

Strawberry Fluff is a great way to cool down after a day of gardening.

  Strawberry Fluff

1 carton fresh strawberries (chopped)

1 block low fat cream cheese

1 large container low fat Cool Whip

1 box Strawberry Jello (not instant pudding)

1 jar Marshmallow cream (replace this with low fat cottage cheese if making WW friendly)

In large bowl mix together all ingredients. Do not mix any water with the Jello, just add into the mixture. MIx well, chill and serve chilled.

*This recipe can be used with any kinds of fruits and the same flavor Jello. Use your imagination and try different flavors. Some people make tutti frutti with other flavors as well. Have fun with it and enjoy it!