Easter is behind us and Mother’s Day is on the way come the 10th of May. High school baseball has a little over a month to play, then it will be graduation day. Summer will come and go, then school will start before you know. The cycle seems to move fast. Today quickly becomes yesterday’s past. I’ve sat here at this job for most of my life, out of the way, that seems to be okay with my wife. I never know when I start what I will write about, I just write the words down never knowing in the end how it will come out. I just hope I’ve entertained or informed and wrote something my loyal readers can use. That’s my contribution to yesterday’s and today’s news. Now I’d best get started or I won’t get this in on time. In fact, I’ve already busted deadline. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The U.S. and five other world powers reached a historic agreement last week on a framework for resolving a long standing dispute over Iran’s nuclear programs. Iran would not produce weapons-grade fuel and United Nations inspectors would have full access to Iran’s nuclear facilities. President Obama called the deal a “Historic” understanding that shuts down Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb. This deal is not based on trust, it was based on unprecedented verification.” Many lawmakers are threatening new sanctions because they believe Iran will try to develop a nuclear weapon in secret. Talks have gone on for 18 months pitting Iran against the U.S., Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany. President Obama said, “I am convinced that if this framework leads to a final comprehensive deal, it will make our country, our allies and our world safer,” This has been a longtime coming. The deal appears stronger than the one feared by opponents. None of the Iranian commitments are shorter than 10 years, and some inspections would last as long as 25 years. The details of the final deal won’t be written down until June 30. That gives those fighting the diplomatic effort by the six world powers three more months to debate or make a deliberate effort to sabotage the plan. Some for political reasons, while others would support a war against Iran. My view is why not give peace a chance. We and the rest of the world have nothing to lose. Dialog and diplomacy always trumps war. The Iranian citizens are people just like us, they work, attend school, in fact, they have great universities, with fine engineering schools. They live their lives much like we do and have no interest in the political aspect of those who run the country. If we were to go to war with Iran, which is the only option left if the deal falls apart before it even begins, many thousands of civilians would be killed. Many more of our military would come home in body bags, destroying Iran would be like the greatest foreign disaster of all time, the invasion of Iraq, that led to so many of the world problems today. If the deal falls apart with Iran, it’s a guarantee that the aftermath will be far worse. Remember the U.S. is not going it alone. If our congress blows the deal, the U.S. will be left alone, never again to put such a strong group of world powers together. We also will be blamed if we cause its failure. Remember though there is no money in peace.

We were sorry to learn of the death of Von Broussard, 84, of Orange. For many years, Von wrote a column for this paper. Condolences go out to her family. Please see obit.


10 Years Ago-2005

Idaho police chief Cliff Johnson returns to area for book signing of his book “Wrong Side of the River.” He grew up in Bridge City and shares stories about his childhood. He pulls no punches.*****Gulf Credit Union is coming to Bridge City in mid-summer. Mid County Teachers Credit Union is building a new facility in Orange. (Editor’s note: Hard to believe 10 years have gone by.)*****Charlotte Anderson fixed up some special goat chops and fed a hungry bunch. She’s a great cook that makes one heck of a gravy. The goat was so tender a toothless person could eat it.*****On April 16, Mildred Hatton turns 85. (Editor’s note: That lovely lady has left us since then. She was a joy to know.)*****It’s on to regionals for Bridge City tennis star Kody Duplechin, who won his seventh championship in district play.*****On April 11, 37 years ago, (47 years now), President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, only one week after James Earl Ray killed Martin Luther King.*****Former U.S. senator Bob Dole, 81, has a new book out titled “One Soldier’s Story.” It is not about politics but mostly about our generation and his war years and the aftermath.*****A new report in the Houston Chronicle says to date, 1,546 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq. Many others will die from injuries. Over 10,000 youngsters are maimed for life. (Editor’s note: Before U.S. troops were pulled out of Iraq, nearly 5000 were killed and 30,000 wounded, many lost limbs, many of the injured have died since. Today’s problems, in that part of the world, go back to the invasion and occupation of Iraq, where the U.S. dismantled the government, military and police and let looters destroy the rest.*****David Letterman turns 58 on April 12. He has one son a year and a half old.*****The Bridge City baseball Cardinals pounded opponents with their bats for another week and remain undefeated in 24-3A action. Tuesday they crushed Hamshire-Fannet 17-1, Friday they corralled the WOS Mustangs, 11-1. They scored 10 runs in the first inning. Some of the BC stars are Kevin Angelle, David Coulter, Cody Sparks, Hunter Hays, Ben Myers, Derrick Coleman, Ryan Richard, Johnny Dishon, Jay Schroader, Darrell Stevens and A.J. Hecker. Cardinal coach is Billy Bryant.****Undefeated Bridge City girls keep on keeping on. Meagan Godwin strikes out eight, allows one hit in 12-0 win over Orangefield.*****Local boxers compete in Gulfport. O’Shanique Foster, 11, wins in 70-pound division. Orangefield’s Cody Richard, 16, beat two time national champion Danny Riddell in the 132-pound class, in a unanimous decision.*****Neighbor Cox has plowed up his garden spot and will be planting with the full moon in a couple of days.*****Michael Craven celebrates seventh birthday on April 7.*****Robert and Peggy Costen celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.*****Reatha Bradberry turns 40 on April 14.*****Don Breaux reaches number 48. *****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Alan Bryce “Crusher” McCabe, 35, of Orange, a meat cutter at Market Basket, died April 9. Survivors include his wife Sharon, sons, Hunter, Brandon and Matthew and daughter Virginia.*****Hilton L. Richard, 91, of Orange, died April 9. He is survived by sons Burton and Robert, daughter Shirley Block and their families.*****Donna May Watts, 66, of Orange, died April 7.*****Camille “Podge” Broussard, Jr. 80, died April 7. He was the owner of B&B Cabinet Shop and a retired teacher of West Orange-Cove ISD. He is survived by his wife Mozelle, sons Kenneth and Jody and their families.*****Nell Smith Jones, 87, of West Orange, died April 6. She is survived by husband Bernard and several step-children.*****David Howard May, 24, of Orange, died April 5. He is survived by his mother Leslie Williams. His maternal grandparents are Dr. Howard and Elizabeth Williams.*****Simon Paul Williams, Jr., 27, died April 9. He was a 1995 grad of Little Cypress-Mauriceville High.*****Michael Shannon Duhon died April 6 at Baptist Hospital in Orange. No age listed. Survivors are his father Melvin “Bo” Duhon, mother Joyce Bacon Flannigan, sons Michael, Craig, Ethan and daughter Brittany.

40 Years Ago-1975

Shirley Marks, 42, files for Bridge City council, precinct 1. He has been a resident of Bridge City for 16 years, is on the zoning board and was an elected member of the charter commission. He is employed by Jefferson Chemical Co. in Port Neches.*****The Dunn family, who owned Opportunity Valley News, celebrated 5 years in business with an open house held at LaPlace Restaurant, owned by Ann and Ernest McCollum. A live radio remote broadcast was furnished by KOGT, owned by Ed and Joan Lovelace. A few in attendance were: Bridge City mayor P.M. “Red” Wood; writer/entertainer Don Jacobs; radio personality Bill Clark and sidekick Richard Corder, who did the remote; radio legend and author Gordon “Philadelphia Lawyer” Baxter; the “Crazy Frenchman” A.J. Judice; judge Sid Caillavet; former sheriff Chester Holts; Skipper Free, who gave a piano recital and other wild stuff; “Tee Bruce,” who forgot the words to “Jole Blon;” Diane, who poured cold wine on husband Bax’s best jeans; county judge Grover Halliburton; former sheriff “Buck” Patillo; BC city manager Bill McClure, who was having a great time and police chief Wilson Roberts, who was in charge of taking care of him. Also in attendance were barber Joe Blanda; the parents of Jivin’ Gene, the Edwin Bourgeois; genteel Joyce Poche; editor Nina Hardin; Kathy Garretson, Betty and Joe Kazmar and Lynn and Dennis Hall; Louis Dugas and a dozen other attorneys; Corky and Betty Harmon and Uncle Jim McKay, 90-year-old, who bought corsages for all the ladies on the OVN staff. Doing a spell on live radio were Don Wribong and Andi Horn; most of the courthouse crowd and a dozen or more of Roy and Phyllis Dunn’s friends. No one was arrested.*****Baxter buys a 1968 Mooney Ranger airplane. It looks like a P-51. Bax gave “The Mooney” a party. Everyone laid out on the grass near the hanger and ate cheese, French bread and drank wine.*****Judge Frank “Dub” Hustmyer buried after taking his own life.*****Harry Stephens, of Harry’s Appliance, holds anniversary celebration. He has been serving the public since 1963 at his 10th Street location. (Editor’s note: He is back at his original location.)*****Carman Davis entertained house guests all last week.*****Sexy Rose Davis celebrates a birthday.*****Attorney H.D. Pate declares himself the number one authority on country music from 1948 to 1975.*****Shirel Womack named head football coach at West Orange.*****Frank Robinson became the first black coach in major league. He will skipper the Cleveland Indians.*****Attorney Marlin Thompson named “boss of the year” by legal secretaries. Zora Beth Lindey named “secretary of the year” and Billie Ewing was installed as president. Other officers are: Betty Baker, Mickey Litton, Dorthea Sutton and Marilyn Vaughn.*****Jo Amodeo will celebrate a birthday on April 18.*****James Cormier, of Orangefield, captured a place in the annual weight-lifting contest.


Pinehurst has hired Robbie Hood as their city administrator, He is replacing Judge Joe Parkhurst. Robbie, originally from Nederland, is the city manager in Linden, Texas. He has 16 years experience in city government. We welcome him to Orange County and I’m sure he’s glad to get back closer to home. Parkhurst will stay on just long enough for Hood to get his feet on the ground.

*****We heard from our friend Glenda Dyer. It’s been a hard, cold winter outside of Nashville at their large, family farm. She and Paul are doing good. On March 7, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Glenda always stays busy. She is now working on a project to get a national historical marker on a 150 year old church. It will be the only such marker in the town.*****Judge Pat and Rosalie Clark are proud grandparents. Granddaughter Whitney, a junior at Lamar High in Houston, was named All District Defensive MVP in girl’s soccer in the large 6-A district 20. Whitney is the daughter of Beth Ann Clark.*****I understand that Karen and Tony Fuselier have purchased the former Crumpler Motorcycle property on Texas Ave. and are planning to have trade days at that location. We will let you know more later.*****We hear that McDonald’s may be building at the present Orange Carpet location. We understand it will be the latest state-of-the-art style McDonald’s.*****It’s always great to run into old friends you haven’t seen in a while. Over the weekend, while shopping for some wild bird food, I came up on Shirley Vicknier. We go back a long way. It was like a brother and sister parted for a long time. Her husband, my good friend Vic, has been gone several years and that’s how long it had been since Shirley and I hugged. She’s such a sweet lady.*****On the same trip, I met Jackie Schell, a retired postal worker, who lives on Lake Street, in Bridge City.  She says she looks forward to Wednesday because that’s “Penny Record” day. She’s a longtime regular reader and says she has to have her“Record.” We are going on 53 years since we started publishing and delivering it to the citizens free of charge.*****Bob West sport’s editor of the Port Arthur News, published his last sports column Sunday. Even though he will continue to do some reporting on golf. He is retiring as of Wednesday. A good piece from him and a couple of other articles about him will run in the Wednesday issue. Over the years Bob built a large following. Many people, like H.D. Pate, got the P.A. News strictly for Bob’s column. I don’t know who will replace him but I believe Gabe Pruett has a good inside track. Gabe was previously with the Leader and wrote for a time for us, then he was rehired by the News. Bob West started with the News in 1971. He and Joe Kazmar have the longest and most knowledgeable sports careers in the area. Nearly 50 years for both. We wish Bob well and thanks for the many years of good sports coverage.***** A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days. April 8 is the day, in 1974, that Hank Aaron hit 715 home runs off of Al Downing. It is also the birthday of Joyce Kleinknecht, Melissa Pittman, Lindsey Etheridge and “Queen Bee” of the fabulous BC Lady Stutters, Cathy Riley. They join Julian Lennon, John’s son, 51, actors Robin Wright Penn, 48 and John Schneider, 54, from the Dukes of Hazard.*****Celebrating on April 9 are Brad Ernest, Trey Dubose, Ken Swenson, Terri Brent, Tonya Burch and Barbara Allen. They join Hugh Hefner, 88, actor Dennis Quaid, 60 and actress Michael Learned (The Waltons), 75.*****On April 10, Barbara and David Olson’s lovely daughter, Dr. Katie Olson, celebrates. Also Devra and Bobby Cormier’s daughter, Janet, Johnny Montagne’s lovely wife, celebrates. Having birthdays on this day also are Austin Brent, K’Lynn Ess, Barbara Goins and Nancy Hood. They join John Madden, 78, and actor Steven Seagal, 62.****On April 11, our buddy David Thacker, coach Dwight’s boy, has gotten older right in front of our eyes. He turns another year older today. So does Bob Arnold, Dustin Kemp, Travis Reed and Amanda Ginn. They join Ethel Kennedy, 86 and singer Joss Stone, 27.*****The Civil War started on April 12, in 1861 and ended June 22, 1865. Celebrating on this day are Don Breaux, who is getting too old for Angie, Jill Lemoine, Ann Glover and Roy Mazzagate III. It is also would have been our friend Cal Broussard’s birthday. He died July 21, 2009. Celebrity birthdays are David Letterman, 67, Vince Gill, 57, actors David Cassidy, 64 and Shannen Doherty, 43.*****On April 13, a longtime friend, a nice lady, Jo Ann Collins celebrates. So does Bruce Peveto, Roy Farias, Betty Stark, Ken Armstrong and Dawn Mason. They join R&B singer Al Green, 68, actor Tony Dow (Leave it to Beaver), 69 and Ron Perlman, 64,*****OnApril 14, nurse practitioner Reatha Bradberry celebrates as does lawman “Sambo” Sam Carpenter, Jr., former BC coach Phillip Elmore, T-Lew VanMeter, Joy Learned, Kasie Moerbe, Larry McClure, Christy Swanson and April Stone. They join Lorretta Lynn, 82, Pete Rose, 73 and actress Sarah Michelle Gellar,37.*****I heard from pretty Cindy Church. She and the family are doing fine and she and her mother and sister are moving to Woodville.*****We were sorry to hear about the death of Sen. Carl Parker’s mother, Juanita Eloise Parker, 100, who died April 3. She had a beautiful life and used it for great causes.*****TheWednesday Lunch Bunch dines at PK’s Grill this week, with that lovable hostess, Tammy. Next week, back to Robert’s.*****Now is the time to visit Sweet Creations, 3515 Mockingbird, Suite D, just behind PK‘s Grill on Strickland. Get your Mother‘s Day ideas which might include the “Incredible Plant Stand,” with her favorite plants or flowers.*****I was asked if I knew what was up with Nancy Vincent. I sure don’t. we haven’t heard from her since she retired. Maybe she’ll contact us. I sure miss her.*****We were sorry to learn of the death of Gem Browning Bordages, 79, who died in Galveston March 30. Gem was the daughter of longtime Orange Leader editor Cullen Browning. She is survived  by four children and two brothers, Travis and Steven Browning. Services to be held April 8, at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Galveston.*****Did you know that Dupuis Tire and Service Center, in Bridge City, is Orange County’s only full service station. They check everything but your appetite. Dupuis is also a dependable tire dealer. Check out the Yokohama Tire rebate of $60 for select models, with the purchase of four. Go by and visit with Earl, David, Gary, James and Casey (Earl’s daughter), they are ready to help with all your automotive maintenance.


Brandy Block, Cathy Riley, Joyce Kleinknecht, Lindsey Etheridge, Camrie Helm, Mike Knox, Gary Chaffin,  Mrs. David Goode, Patsy Herrington, Peggy Drane, Bob Todd, Melissa Pittman, Brad Ernst, Trey Dubose, Ken Swenson, Jomie Chapman, Kristi Trahan, Terri Brent, Tonya Burch, Wayne Currie, Adam Prosperie, Barbara Allen, Janet Montagne, Barbara Goins, Ed Cox, Elliot Purcell, Jamye Martin, Johnnie Nicks, K’Lynn Ess, Katie Olson, Matt Day, Nancy Hood, Alivia Duhon, Austin Brent, Becky Myers, Bob Arnold, David Thacker, Edyth Ramsey, Dustin Kemp, Roy Gill, Jackie Schell, Travis Miller, Amanda Ginn, Travis Reed, Cortland Savage, Howard Nelson, Jill Lemoine, Dora Ogden, Kathy Vessel, Leslie Staudenmier, Roy Mazzagate III, Jaclyn James, Shellie Holmes, Zackary Busby, Abby Noah, Ann Glover, Bruce Peveto, Betty Stark, Roy Farias, Dawn Mason, Gene Bellard, Kaylin Abshire, Ken Armstrong, Margene Bellard, Virginia Fox, David Miller, Jo Ann Collins, T-Lew Van Metre, Joy Learned, Kasie Moerbe, Kevin Huckeba, Larry McClure, Phillip Elmore, Randy Renfrow, Reatha Bradberry, Robbie Bethes, Sam Carpenter Jr., Tiffani Thompson, April Stone and Christy Swanson.


J. Roy LeBlanc him, a college student at LSU, is looking for a place to sit in a crowded library. J. Roy axed a girl in da university library, “Do you mind if I sit beside you me?” 

Agness Bourdreaux her, in a loud voice say, “”I don’t want to spend da night wit you!”

All da students in da library started staring at poor J. Roy. He was embarrassed him and moved to anutter table. 

After a few minutes Agness walked quietly to J. Roy’s table and said wit a laugh, “I study psychology me and I know wat a man is tinking. I guess you felt embarrassed right?”

J. Roy him, responded in a loud voice, “$500 for one night? Dat’s robbery!”

All da peoples in da library looked at Agness in shock. J. Roy den whispered in her ear, “I study law me, I know how to screw people. Now, have a nice day.”


Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul became the second Republican to jump into the crowded 2016 presidential race.He made the announcement at a rally in Louisville, Kentucky. His father congressman Ron Paul, a Libertarian, ran for president in 2008 and 2012. Texas senator Ted Cruz announced a few days ago and Florida senator Marco Rubio is expected to announce in the next couple of weeks. At least 18 more potential candidates wait in the wings. Jeb Bush is viewed as the candidate to beat because of his large, political slush fund. He will out spend them all.*****The Duke Blue Devils reign as NCAA champions. Riding the backs of four freshmen, the Blue Devils outlasted the more experienced Wisconsin Badgers 68-63 and captured a fifth NCAA Men’s national Championship. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is being hailed as the greatest college basketball coach of all time. Some will argue that coach John Wooden’s 10 championships still makes him the king. Wisconsin led 48-39 with13:25 remaining. Duke came back with eight points in one minute, nine seconds, making them 51-50 behind. Duke’s true freshman Tyus Jones nailed a pair of three pointers in the final 4:06, including the games biggest bucket, with 81 seconds left giving Duke breathing room. If the four Duke freshmen stick around, Duke will be in the top tier for the next three seasons. I enjoyed most of all watching Wisconsin beat Kentucky in the semi-finals. I felt Notre Dame should have beaten the Wildcats. Wisconsin had revenge on their minds and like a woman scorned, they didn’t give up until they had satisfaction. That hard fought win might have taken enough out of them which allowed Duke to outlast them. I believe Wisconsin takes no back seat to anyone.*****Well, that does it for me for one more week. Please read us cover to cover, patronize our family of advertisers whenever you can. Read us 24-7 on the web at therecordlive.com. Take care and God bless.