Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses from March 16 through March 31:

Dairy Queen, 321 Strickland Dr., Orange – Need to cover all foods in reach-in freezer. Score – 96

Diamond Shamrock #290, 3900 16th St., Orange – No hot water in restroom; chemicals being stored above drinks. Score – 93

Red Wagon Cafe, 445 W. Freeway, Vidor – Score – 100

Walgreens #10139, 1305 N. Main St., Vidor – Pulled several expired foods from shelves. Score – 96

The Falls Grocery/Meats, 1914 S. Main St., Vidor – Several packages of meat without date/label; pulled several expired (2014-2015) foods from shelves; towels needed at deli hand-washing station; chemicals being stored above food; sink inside meat cutting room dripping water from the bottom, need to repair; vents inside deli need to be cleaned of old grease; light shields needed throughout store and need to replace damaged ceiling tiles and all leaks on roof. Score – 80

Main Street Seafood, 953 N. Main St., Vidor – Score – 100

Novrozsky’s Restaurant, 501 N. 16th St., Orange – Employee with nose ring; employee using cell phone while cleaning off tables; need to cover all foods inside coolers/freezers; gaskets need to be repaired or replaced on coolers; several gnats found in back storage area; no certified food manager certificate posted; entire kitchen/storage rooms need to be cleaned and sanitized of old food/grease. Spoke to owner about condition of store and made cleaning list/schedule. Score – 80

Bassmasters Festival, Simmons Dr., Orange – Inspected food booths. No score

Robert’s Meat Market, 3720 W. Park Ave., Orange – Walk-in freezer door not closing completely, need to repair; floors throughout need to be cleaned of old foods/dirt, especially inside walk-in cooler; missing tile found near meat cutter and glass door on display case broken, need to repair.  Score – 94

Kidz World Learning Center, 1875 Miller Dr., Bridge City – Score – 100

Orangefield Junior High School, 7745 Sand Bar Rd., Orangefield – Score – 100

Bridge City Food Mart, 1000 W. Roundbunch Rd., Bridge City – Floors and walls in kitchen/prep areas need to be cleaned of old food/dust. Score – 97

Bluebird Fish Camp, 102 N. Farragut Ave., Orange – No score, pre-opening inspection

Little Cypress Elementary, 5725 Meeks Dr., Orange – Score – 100

Community Church School, 3400 N. MLK Dr., Orange – Slime found in ice machine. Score – 97

Mauriceville Elementary School, 20040 FM 1130, Orange – Score – 100

Casa Hornito’s Mexican Restaurant, 10930 Hwy. 12, Mauriceville – Score – 100

Family Dollar #8740, 11701 N. Hwy. 62, Mauriceville, Shelves inside milk cooler need to be cleaned of old foods. Score – 97

Gonzales Food #2, Hwy. 62 and FM 105, Orangefield – Hot water issues; no certified food manager on staff. Score – 93

Ming’s Buffet, 840 N. Main, Vidor – Need to date all foods inside coolers/freezers; found ready to eat foods stored directly on cardboard boxes; raw chicken improperly stored inside coolers; defrosting crabs/frog legs inside sinks; buildup of grease on vents above woks; ceiling tiles need to be cleaned/replaced in kitchen; floors inside walk-in cooler and freezer need to be cleaned of old foods. Score – 85

Healthy Ways Cafe, 160 Vernon St., Vidor – No score, pre-opening inspection.

Little Cypress High School, 7565 N. Hwy. 87, Orange – Score – 100

La Cantina Mexican Grill, 2709 MacArthur Dr., Orange – Cooling chicken on top of counter; defrosting beef/shrimp/tamales on top of counter; found several clean dishes with old foods still on them, pulled to rewash; floors throughout need to be cleaned of old food inside and outside of the equipment needs to be cleaned of old foods. Score – 88

Novrozsky’s Restaurant, 501 N. 16th St., Orange – Gaskets still need to be replaced/repaired on cooler; kitchen prep areas of kitchen still need to be  cleaned of old foods/grease, (equipment/vents above fryers and grill); still need to repair freezer door/ceiling, floors in storage rooms, ceiling in storage rooms, ceiling tiles around a/c vents. Score – 94

Bridge City Intermediate School, 902 W. Roundbunch Rd., Bridge City – Score – 100

Vidor High School, 300 Orange St., Vidor – Score – 100