Monday, April 13, at 12:44 p.m. Pinehurst Police Officer C.D. Cowart conducted a traffic stop in the 2500 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Pinehurst. A white male passenger in the vehicle immediately exited the vehicle and fled into the wooded area directly in front of the West Orange Stark Elementary School. Officers from Pinehurst, West Orange, City of Orange and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department converged on the area and attempted to contain the subject in the wooded area. After searching the area, the subject, who has been tentatively identified, was not located.

Pinehurst Police Chief Fred R. Hanauer III issued a lock down of the elementary school at the onset of the incident, which lasted about 45 minutes.  The subject, whose identity has not been released, has an outstanding parole warrant and will face additional felony charges of evading arrest due to prior convictions. The driver of the vehicle was issued citations for the original traffic offenses and released.