This time of year what many homeowners look forward to is preparing the ground and getting a garden planted. All the rain in March and most days so far in April has prevented gardeners from setting out their plants. Raising a garden is a very important spring event in Southeast Texas. Some people did get their plants in the ground but the weather may rain them out and replanting will be necessary. For most, the sod has been too wet to plow. Judge Derry Dunn says he got his garden in by planting in raised beds made from utility poles. Many area people have gone to raised gardens. The weather doesn’t affect them as much. Easy to water too. Millard “Neighbor” Cox and Ms. Ginny do it the old fashioned way. I’m most impressed with these senior citizens, at age 90, Cox uses a tiller to plow the garden spot. Once he gets it ready, Ginny, at age 88, is the one with the green thumb. She does the planting. She also makes sure that Millard makes the rows straight. I find it absolutely amazing that at their age, they can still do it and also enjoy planting and watching the crop grow and produce. A spring garden is a tradition and way of life that is always looked forward to. Maybe after this week, the April showers will stop. Gardens will be late but will be planted. The odd thing about it for us amateur gardeners is that it cost us more to raise a crop than it would to buy the produce. That’s not the point however, plus, it’s great to walk to the garden and pick a fresh red, ripe tomato right off your own plant that you watched grow. Gardening is a lot of work but worth it. I’m hoping to get my plants in the ground soon. I still need to find cucumber plants.*****I’d best get going. Hop on board, and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


     On Sunday, April 12, 2015, former first lady Hillary Clinton declared, in a low key video, that she wants to be the champion for everyday Americas. “Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times but the deck is still stacked in favor of these at the top, everyday Americans need a champion and I want to be that champion so you can do more than just get by.”  “You can get ahead and stay ahead,” she said. Clinton enters the race as an overwhelming favorite to win the democratic nomination and will give voters a chance to make history by electing the first female president. A large number of republicans will spend a large amount of time and money to introduce themselves to voters, while Clinton has a 99 percent name recognition. Also on the plus side, she brings more top-level experience in the White House, congress and foreign policy than all her republican rivals put together. Few people that run for president have more experience and qualifications. For eight years she was the first lady of one of our history’s most successful administrations. For two terms she was a successful U.S. senator from New York. During her years in the senate she introduced many bills that became law. 

     In comparison, republican senators running against her have first-term experience in a senate that is in session 114 days a year and accomplish very little. No other candidate running  for office has any foreign policy experience. None. Clinton served as secretary of state, coming in at a time when the U.S. had been badly damaged abroad. She became the most traveled secretary of state in the country’s history. Her diplomacy welded a strained relationship with our allies. She knows every country and their leaders very well.

On Monday, Senator Marco Rubio officially announced his candidacy for president in the Republican primary. He was elected to the senate with strong Tea Party backing. Rubio was one of the “Gang of Eight” who crafted a bill creating a pathway for 11 million undocumented immigrants to citizenship.  He has lost the Tea Party support because of  it. Unlike senator Rand Paul, Rubio is giving up his senate seat to make the run. Paul is running for president and his senate seat at the same time. The only other announced GOP candidate is Texas freshman senator Ted Cruz. In the following months, Republicans will pounce on Hillary, bringing up Benghazi, emails and other negatives, such as electing her would be a third Obama term. They will blame her for Bill’s short-comings but not for his successes. FOX News, at every opportunity will continue to bash President Obama and will attempt to portray Hillary as not trustworthy, etc.

     All Republican candidates will aim at Clinton and in time that will grow old. They need to fire the shots at each other, pick a candidate then take on the challenge of beating Hillary Clinton. After Obama, many voters will want to go back to electing the most experienced. That’s where it will make a big difference with independent voters. Many of the GOP candidates are really running for vice-president hoping they run well enough to be picked.


10 Years Ago-2005

     Bridge City High School ball player Darrell Stevens, the son of Max and Tammy Stevens, signs a letter of intent to play baseball for McNeese. Meanwhile, the B.C. track team took first place in the District 24-3A track and field championship. The Cardinals edged out West Orange-Stark with 164 to 158 points. B.C. senior Aaron Brannen won the 3700 meters in 9:51.12. Teammates Brad Mason and Randy Becker finished second and third. Sam Elmore won first in the discus.Cody Sparks won the 110 hurdles in 15.14 and the 300 hurdles in 40.10. Brad Mason won the 800 meter run. For girls, Morgan Broussard lead the way to a 1-2-3 sweep in the 800 meter with a time of 2:30.80 Teammates Jessica and Erica Garza finished second and third.*****Future baseball player Bryce Sanpere turns 10-years-old April 19.*****Former WOS coach Steve McCarty, 62, retires after 15 years as athletic director of SFA University. McCarty also coached at South Park and brought assistant Dan Hooks with him to WOS. Hooks was named head coach when McCarty left for SFA. *****Betty and Steve Hogg celebrate 50th anniversary. They were married April 15, 1955. *****Little Cypress resident Paul Jagen receives the Jefferson award given by the American Institute for Public Service. Jagen was selected for starting Toastmaster clubs for inmates in several prisons and starting a non-profit association that helps start clubs “Taking Flight” which promotes Toastmasters in prisons throughout the country and across the world.*****The cities of Orange, West Orange, Pinehurst and Bridge City adopted a juvenile curfew ordinance. Curfew hours are between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. Friday and Saturday for underage 17 years olds. All children between 6 and 16 years old must be in school unless they have a written excuse from parents.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Mason John Myers, 82, of Pinehurst died Mach 26. He was a lifelong member of the V.F.W. and a Boilermaker. He was a WWII Army veteran. *****Gregg Anthony Trahan, 42, of Bridge City, died April 9. He was the son of Lee and Patsy Trahan, both deceased. *****John L. Sonnier, 40, of Bridge City, died April 11. He was a 1983 graduate of Bridge City. He is survived by his wife Stephanie, parents C.J. and Florence Sonnier, son Dillon and daughter Danielle. *****Alfred Guillory, 77, of Orangefield died April 12. He is survived by daughters Brenda Powell and Susan Guidry, son Ted and several grandchildren. *****Nancy Ferguson Blacksher, 81, of Orange, died April 12. She was office manager of the family business Blacksher and Son Construction. *****William “Bill” Baldwin, Jr., 55, died April 14. His mother Betty Wilson lives in Bridge City. *****Walter E. Brainerd, 81, of Orange, died April 16. He was a U.S. Navy veteran of WWII and the Korean War. *****Linnie Lois Bussell, 75, of Hartburg, died April 16.

35 Years Ago-1980

     Bridge City B&PW holds “Spring Fling,” at St. Paul Methodist Church. Thirty models appear in fashions from Town and Country. B&PW president is Jessie Hebert. Ten finalists in the Miss Bridge City Pageant were invited to model, along with last years Miss B.C. Sharon Gregory. Models are: Theresa Hearn, new Miss Bridge City, Lori Chesson, Leslie Garrison, Laura Smith, Liz Godwin, Pam Demler, Sue Shanks, Melinda Bendy, Kim Vincent and Tina Sigler.*****Dot Esbach, owner of The Kottage, says she employs a couple of Charlie’s Angels. She didn’t give their names. *****Awards were recently presented to 143 Levingston Shipbuilding employees. Cecil Beeson did the honors. The employees total 2,230 years of service. Those with 20 to 25 years service were: Clyde Breaux, Harold Cooper, Manuel G. DeLeon, Floyd Heard, J.M. Kyle, Vernon Pennington, R.H. Rineheart, Hersel Anthony, C.J. Broussard, G.B. Bennefield, Curry Broussard, Emile Stewart, Frank Wallace, Edward Baker, Roy L. Halliburton, Harold Patillo, Luther Smith, Grover Squires, Joe Verchez and 15 other men. *****Last week, Uncle Jim McKay, 95, was a guest of Skipper Free. Uncle Jim said he traveled the world, slept in boxcars and houses of ill repute, but never slept in a waterbed, so Skipper let him sleep on her waterbed. The next morning he said he felt like he needed a life preserver. *****Edna Breaux died at age 82. *****Running for office in the May 3 election for U.S. congress are Charles Wilson and Allen Summers. E.J. “Ed” Parkerand Fred Hill will make the run for sheriff. Democratic nominees for president are Jimmy Carter, Edward M. Kennedy and Jerry Brown.*****Celebrating birthdays recently were Leland Morrow, Janet Fontenot, Jo Amodeo and Pam Hoosier Kay, who turns 20.*****Lisa Warden and Wesley Lewis will wed onMay 2.*****In the Drainage District race Grover Scales and George Anderson ended in a tie. The race will continue in a runoff election on April 26. *****Imogene McKinney named president of the recently organized Senior Citizens Nutrition chapter of Bridge City. Other officers are Marie Hebert, Ruth Munlin, Eunice LaGrappe and Rose Billeaud. *****Bridge City’s Mark Kelly won the 120 high hurtles, the 330-yard intermediates and the high jump, to advance to regionals. Tammy Poindexter will be the area’s only girl representative in regional track competition after the Bridge City tracker won the 440 dash in Beaumont.*****Beth Dugas has announced auditions for her production of Neil Simon’s “California Suite“ to be presented at the Orange Community Playhouse,May 29 through May 31. Roles are available for five men and six women. *****Leslie Neilson performs his sold out presentation of Clarence Darrow at the Lutcher Theater on April 21.


     Bridge City Chamber recognized Ross Smith’s Sabine River Ford, as Business of the Month. Well deserving. Ross and his gang are all doing a great job at keeping local business at home. There is no reason to go out of town to buy a new Ford. Sabine River Ford is making great deals.*****Congrats to Renay Rodgers, with Achtwoo Pool and Spa, who was named Bridge City Chamber Employee of the Month.*****Reba McEntire is everywhere now days. She was on the Voice Monday and on NBC Tuesday, with more appearances planned. Her new album, “Love Somebody” hit the market this week. Her daughter-in-law, Kelly Clarkson and Ronnie Dunn, also appear on the album.*****The American Country Music Awards, from Dallas, will be on CBS at 7 p.m. Sunday. Bridge City’s Teresa Hearn George has played a big part in bringing that show to Dallas. Her mom and dad, Elaine and Ray Hearn and aunt Janice Overman will attend the two-day festivities. See story.*****Orange County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo has been canceled this weekend due to the wet grounds. It will be rescheduled for sometime in May.*****Aaron Myers and Marissa Borg, of Bridge City, are the proud parents of newborn daughter Finley Anne Myers. Grandparents are Buster and Jane Myers.*****Pam Lide, longtime employee of County Treasurer Christy Khoury, and husband Bryan, are in the process of building a home in Bridge City. Pam says she is busy packing and looking forward to the move.*****Bob Shieffer, 78, host of Face the Nation said last week that he will step down this summer. He joined CBS in 1969, after being with the Fort Worth Star Telegram where he covered the Kennedy assassination.*****Jim Bean, a candidate for mayor in Orange shows on his application that he is neither employed or has a phone. Now that’s a new twist for running for office.*****Jordan Spieth goes wire to wire, at a record pace, to win the Masters Sunday at Augusta National Golf Club. The 21-year-old kid from “Big D” put the finishing touches on a masterpiece by tapping in for bogey on the final hole to win his first major championship. He didn’t need that putt to win. He finished at 18 under 270, and could have finished 19 under but played safe and took the bogey. Last year, as a 20-year-old, he finished with a tie for second. Phil Mickelson said, “He doesn’t have any weaknesses.” He earned $1,800.000, while Mickelson and Rose earned $880,000 for second place. Ryan Moore, at 14th earned $196,000, the lest paid*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays during the next few days. On April 15, pretty Linda Claybar, a remarkable lady, celebrates. Also Debbie Aarons, Patrick Cook, Jaclyn Eickenhorst, and John Langlinais. They join Hee-Haw’s Roy Clark and actress Emma Thompson, 55.*****A sweet lady we’ve known since she was a pup, George’s better half, Hal and Laverne’s eldest daughter, Kirby Ridley Cruse, celebrates on April 16. Also Judy Pittman, Lillian Mercer and Betty Forman. They join Pope Benedict XVI, 87, coach Bill Belichick, 62, Kareen Abdual Jabbar, 67.*****On April 17, Phillip’s wife, Janice Harvill Todora, celebrates, also Cheryl Puntes, Matthew Franklin, Ronnie Haymon, Kaylie Byrd, Steve Evans and Jane Istre. They join actress Olivia Hussey, 63, Jennifer Garner, 42 and former NFL’s Boomer Esiason, 53. *****April 18 finds Megan Waguespack, Grant Mott and Emily Gilson celebrating. They join actress Hayley Mills, 68, TV host Conan O’Brien, 51 and Kourtney Kardashian, 35. *****April 19 our longtime friend, insurance man, community leader Bill Nickum celebrates. Also Shirley Bonnin, Cheryl Patterson, Barbara Sarver, Maurelle McDonald and Nicole’s other half, Dustin Gibbs, who now lives in Oklahoma. We miss them. They are joined by Naomi’s daughter and Wynona’s sister, Ashley Judd, who turns 46, Kate Hudson, 35, Goldie Hawn’s daughter and tennis player Marie Shrapove, 27.*****On April 20, pretty, former school teacher, Jody’s longtime wife, Ms. Pearl’s youngest daughter and Billy and David’s mom, Beverly Burgess Raymer celebrates. Also celebrating on this day are Brad Williams, Bill Broussard, Becky Atkins, Ken Brown and Belinda Norman. They join actors Ryan O’Neal, 73, Jessica Lange, 65,  and Star Trek’s George Takel, 77.*****On April 21, Judge Joy’s big boy, Christian Dubose Simonton, celebrates as does Dana Hill, Bonnie Short, Virginia McNair and Marshall Myers. They are joined by Queen Elizabeth II, 88, Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo, 34, and actors Tony Danza, 63 and Andie McDowell, 56. Happy birthday to all.*****We hear pretty Lisa Reeves, MIS Director of Orange County, is expecting twins soon..*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will gather at Robert’s this week and also next week. Everyone always welcome.*****Recently Texas Areas Resource Conservation and Development held its state convention, hosted by SETRC&D, at Rayburn County. Those attending from Orange County were Pat Hudson and Donna Scales. Attendees toured the Jasper Fish Hatchery. Donna says if you have not toured the hatchery facility you should put it on your bucket list.


John Langlinais, Linda Claybar, Shani Lawson, Patrick Cooks, Debbie Aarons, Jaclyn Eickenhorst, Judy Pittman, Kirby Cruse, Lillian Mercer, Marie Duett, Quentin Billeaud, Betty Foreman, Joseph Taylor, Janice Todora, Jane Istre, Jessica Christiansen, Kaylie Byrd, Mildred Hatton, Natalie Miller, Rachel Fowler, Ronnie Haymon, Shelby Bickham, Shelby Sellers, Steve Evans, Whitney Anderson, Cheryl Puntes, Matthew Franklin, Megan Waguespack, Grant Mott, Emily Gilson, Barbara Sarver, Dustin Gibbs, Shirley Bonnin, Mandi Nugent, John Fuss, Cheryl Patterson, Maurelle McDonald, Ryan Ferguson, Bill Nickum, Brad Williams, Bill Broussard, Beverly Raymer, Donna Wiegreffe, Emory Webb, Ken Brown, Becky Atkins, Belinda Norman, Benjamin Ezell, Bonnie Short, Courtney Williams, Dana Hill, Virginia McNair, James Corley, Christian Dubose and Marshall Myers.


     Alcid Comeaux, a farmer in Sou’h Louziana, got in his pickup truck and drove to his neighbor, Curtis Babeaux’s farm and knocked on da door.

Jo-Jo, a 12-year-old boy, opened da door, him. Comeaux axe, “Is you papa home?”

Jo-Jo answer, “No sir, he went into town him.”

“Well, is your momma here?” Comeaux axe.

“No sir, she ain’t here neither, she went to Abbeville wit papa.”

Comeaux say, “How bout you brutter Howard?

Jo-Jo answer, “He went wit dem.”

Farmer Comeaux stood dere for a few minutes, shifting from one foot to da utta and mumbled to himself.

Jo-Jo axe, “Is dere anyting I can do fer ya?” “I know where all da tools are if you want to borry one or maybe I can take a message for papa.”

“Well, “ Comeaux said uncomfortabley, “I really wanted to see you papa. It’s bout you brutter Howard getting my daughter Agnes Marie pregnant.”

Jo-Jo considered dat for a moment, “You would have to talk to papa bout dat. If it help you any, I know papa charge $50 for da bull and $25 for da hog, but I really don’t know me, how much he gets for Howard.


     We were sorry to hear about the death of Percy Sledge, the soul singer who took “When a Man Loves a Woman” to the top of the charts in 1966. He died Tuesday, April 14, at his Baton Rouge home. He was 73. According to East Baton Rouge Parish coroner Dr. Willam Clark, Sledge died of natural causes while under Hospice care. Prior to becoming a recording artist, Sledge worked as a hospital nurse. He caught his big break when he recorded, “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Sledge took the track, his debut single, to number one on both the Billboard Hot 100 and on Billboard R&B chart. The song also reached the Top 10 in the United Kingdom. The song found new life in the United States in 1991 when Michael Bolton’s cover of the song topped the Billboard Hot 100. Thursday will mark the 49th anniversary of the song’s release. His other hits included “Warm and Tender Love”, “It Tears Me Up,” “Take Time to Know Her,” and many more. Even after his chart success fizzled, Sledge remained a fixture in the music industry, releasing albums and touring the U.S. to perform live in concerts. His contributions to the music industry earned him a number of awards, including Blues Music award, a Rhythm and Blues Foundation Pioneer award and induction to the Delta Music, Louisiana Music, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum of the Gulf Coast, in Port Arthur. When he performed at the Janis Joplin Birthday Bash I got to meet and visit with him at his induction to the Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame. He made good music and had a lot of area fans. Sledge is survived by his wife and children. Funeral arrangements are pending.*****I’ve run out of time and space. Thank you for your time and please read us cover to cover. Check us out 24-7 also on the web Shop our family of advertisers when you can. Tell them we sent you. Take care and God bless.