Alexus Henry recently participated in the District Track Meet at WO-S High School and came out as highest scoring girl. Henry cleared 6 feet in the high jump during the meet.

Other results in the meet are:

High Jump
1st- Alexus Henry with 6′(School Record)

Pole vault-
1st- Carley McDuffie with 9′
2nd-Kirstie Ellerbee with 8′
6th- Shasha Milstead with 7′

Long Jump-
1st- Kelsey Smith with 17′ 11″ (School Record)

Triple Jump-
1st Alexus Henry with 37′ 11.25″ (School Record)

Shot Put-
2nd- Kaitlin Thayer 36′ 10.5″
5th- Alexus Henry 33′ 8.5″

5th- Ashlyn Ellison with 85′

5th-Jennie Nguyen with a time of 14.20.21

4 X 1-
2nd- (Reyna Owens, Alexus Henry, Valerie Vargus, Kelsey Smith) 50.66

4th- Brittany Fonville with time of 2:34.04
5th- Mackenzie Murdock with a time of 2:36.08

100 hurdles-
6th- Alyssa Reza with a time of 17.61

100 dash-
3rd- Alexus Henry 12.68
4th- Kelsey Smith 12.97

4 x 200-
4th- (Halle Huckabay, Hannah Hall, Valerie Vargus, Kelsey Smith) 152.14

300 Meter hurdles-
5th- Alyssa Reza 49.41

5th-Mackenzie Murdock 6:11.83; 6th- Jennie Nguyen 6:14.02