On Saturday, April 11 the LCM HS Academic won the District 24-4A Academic Sweepstakes Award. Point totals are listed below for local schools:

Orangefield- 292; Little Cypress-Mauriceville- 363; Bridge City- 234 and West Orange-Stark- 99

District 24-4A Sweepstakes Champions – 2015 LCM High School Academic Team


Sameer Ibrahim-6th; Jonas English; Devin Fenner and Clint Jordan.

2nd place team


Arish Bheraiya; Chris Cook; Clint Jordan and Ashley Young.

Computer App.

Adrienne Fontenot; Dennis Wilkerson and Tyler Wolfford.

Comp. Sci.

Jonah Boaz; John Comeaux-1st; ; Jonas English-6th and Shri Murthy-4th.

1st place team

CX Debate

Sam Ross-3rd; Amaan Tejani-3rd; ; Matthew Cox-4th  and Spencer Johns-4th.

1st place squad

Current Issues

Arish Bheraiya; Jonah Boaz; Matthew Cox and Spencer Johns-2nd.

1st place team


Wendy Cates; Camden LeLeux and Ethan Martin.


Morgan Collier; Izzy Echartea and Valen Elliot.


Izzy Echartea-5th; Camden LeLeux-6th and  Ethan Martin.


JoLynn Homin and Jacob Rouse-6th.

LD Debate

Emily Erb-4th; Jacob Rouse and Cheyenne Ward.

Lit. Crit.

Logan Brown; Alora Jones; Megan Mathews and Aaron Rose-5th .


Arish Bheraiya; Clint Jordan-4th; Thomas King-2nd  and Shri Murthy-1st.

1st Place Team


Wendy Cates-6th; Morgan Collier and Valen Elliot-1st.

Number Sense

Devin Fenner; Clint Jordan-2nd; Thomas King-1st and Dallas Stewart-5th.

1st Place Team


Emily Erb-3rd; Sam Ross-1st and Amaan Tejani.


Mariah Blair-3rd; Alex Borel-1st and Rebecca Sanford.


Connor Alexander-4th; Tyler Regan-1st and Triston Stringer-3rd.


Arish Bheraiya; Matthew Cox; Parker Linscomb; Shri Murthy; Amanda Warner

and Ashley Young.

Social Studies

Cameron Blanchard; Logan Brown; Aaron Rose and Sam Ross.


Jonah Boaz; Leslie Jester; Sheridan Rogers and Brooke Tant.

One Act Play

Connor Alexander; Mariah Blair; Shawn Blair-Best Crew; Cameron Blanchard; Shannon Boozer; Alex Borel-AS Cast ; Calise Broussard; Canyon Cassiday-Best Crew; Alora Jones; Dalan Jones-Best Crew; Clint Jordan-Best Crew; Camden LeLeux; Morgan LeMoine; Kaylee Pattillo; Jake Portie; Tyler Regan; Aaron Rose; Rebecca Sanford-Best Actress; Triston Stringer-Best Actor; Amanda Warner-Best Crew; Sydney Smith; Dalton Teeler; Jonathan Umbenhauer and Austin White.

District Champs

Bi-District Champs