We’re paying less for fuel to make electricity, and that means your monthly electric bill is going down.

Customers will see residential bills go down by about 7 percent. Beginning in March and continuing through September, the average 1000 kilowatt-hour residential bill is expected to be $107.52 compared to the previous average bill of $115.49. The savings is tied to a fixed charge for fuel that changes twice a year.

Electric utilities in Texas, including Entergy Texas are regulated by the Public Utility Commission (PUCT). Monthly bills are largely made up of base charges plus fuel charges and the fuel portion is strictly passed through to customers.

The PUCT rules require the fixed fuel charge on customer’s bills to be changed bi-annually each September and March. Beginning this month the average fuel charge will be $28.23 down from $36.20. This amount will remain the same until September 2015.