The following marriage licenses were issued by the office of Brandy Robertson, Orange County Clerk, for the week of May 4 through May 8:

Wilfred B. Blanchard, III and Courtney M. Jenkins

Mitchell R. Simmons and Rikki R. Davis

David C. Duncan, Jr and Tiffany L. Guidry

Jesse A. Wurtz and Gloria M. Hays

Culbert J. Trahan and Margie D. McDaniel

Joseph D. Williams and Allison L. LeBlanc

Terrell G. Riley and Rebecca L. Edmund

William S. Lippmann and Sarah L. Powell

Nathan R. Bell and Meagan M. Worthy

Derek L. Tilley and Meagan S. Stroderd

Justin W. Toney and Meghan L. Holder

Clint A. Kay and Evelyn S. Block

Henry E. Pipps, II and Shawn D. Morris

Billy J. Brimer, Sr and Brenda G. Bergeron

Jimmy V. Lestage, Sr and Jina Mae S. Wabe

Trevor W. Allen  and Victoria A. Steele

William A. Bohn and Linda F. McCord

Justin L. Granger and Casey M. Clement

Jackie G. Gisclar and Mickey V. Tompkins

Anthony R. Dandridge and La’Tisha R. Spikes

Brett Nichols and Terri L. Alvarez

Adam J. Sessions and Jessica L. Coft

Chad W. Hogan and Megan L. Lampman