Here in Southeast Texas we dodged the worst of the downfall, high winds and flooding. The hill country, San Marcos, the Austin area and Houston flooded. Over 1,000 houses have been destroyed in San Marcos alone. Many areas in Texas got a year’s supply of rain in one week. Thirty-seven counties have been declared disaster areas. Hopefully the storms are done. Ten years ago, at this time, we were living through one of our worse droughts. This year, it’s been one of our wettest seasons. It sure has played havoc with backyard gardening; however, some Master Gardeners are producing vegetables. Produce and other items can be found at the Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning in Big Lot parking lot.*****We need the rain to stay away for the big Shootout on the Sabine Boat Races, coming up this weekend. Live entertainment featuring local American Idol star Kree Harrison. On May 17, her birthday, the 25 year old got a record deal. She signed with Plaid Flag Music, out of Nashville. She will appear Saturday, May 30 at the River Front Pavilion. Kree has been working on new music and true to her roots, its country. She looks forward to playing some of her new stuff for the first time in Orange this weekend, along with some cover songs. Kree has family living in the area including her grandmother Beverly Mire and grandfather Wilson Roberts, a longtime law enforcement officer. Make plans for the big weekend. *****I’ve got to move on, I’d be proud if you came along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


In the most disastrous foreign policy mistake in my lifetime, 4,500 young Americans died, 38,000 wounded and $2 trillion was wasted to destroy weapons of mass destruction that our leaders knew didn’t exist. Mike Morell, CIA Assistant Director, just released a must-read book, “The Great War of Our Time.” Morell explains that Bush/Cheney didn’t use the intelligence given them, rather they used the made up story of WMD’s and Saddam being involved with Al Qaeda. The intelligence agencies didn‘t push Bush to invade and occupy Iraq. It was VP Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Scooter Lieby who drove the decision and pressed the agencies to come up with evidence to support it. When they didn‘t, because there wasn‘t any, they cooked the books and made up bogus claims. They sold it to Bush, who ignored the advice of his dad, George H. Bush, and Jim Baker, who both said, “You break it, you own it, it can never be put back.“ Colin Powell, the Legislature and the American people. There is no doubt in my mind that Cheney is the most evil person to ever hold high office in my lifetime. He makes the other ‘Dick’ Nixon look like a choir boy. When Cheney appointed himself VP, he was head of Halliburton. He gave up the CEO position and put his Halliburton stock in a blind trust. His net worth when he became VP was $36 million. When they took the blinders off the trust, his worth today is estimated at a billion dollars or more. Iraq cost the American people a trillion dollars to restore, Halliburton got the biggest chunk. The Bush Administration left no government structure in place. They destroyed the army and all police forces. Disposing of Saddam Hussein ushered in something worse. Iraq and Iran, even though fighting each other every few years, together kept the area stable. Today, Iraq is splintered, a civil war that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens and gave birth to Islamist terrorist ISIL. Today, FOX News, the radio ‘Talking Heads,’ and those who would like to be president are blaming President Barack Obama for leaving Iraq too early. What his critics skip over is the fact that President Obama pulled our troops out on a schedule negotiated by and signed off on by the Bush Administration. Obama had nothing to do with the previously schedule time table. They conveniently forget to mention that fact. The fact is that too many body bags of our young came home based on a pack of lies, cooked up by some evil people. Today, there are some who want us to return with boots on the ground. Sen. John McClain and Sen. Lindsey Graham are calling for 10,000 troops to begin with. Others are suggesting 50,000 American youth be sent to that hell hole that was created by the George W. Bush Administration. Our would-be leaders, who are unwilling to face up to the truth, are not fit to lead. We can never repeat the mistakes of the past but that is inevitable if the ‘Right Wingers’ have their way. I hope President Obama is strong willed enough to withstand the pressure to send ground troops and watch the body bags return. For the first time in many years, we are not at war with our American troops on the ground being killed. 


10 Years Ago-2005

Stark Art, ‘The Sleeping Dog’ by Gerrit Dou brought a record price of $4.72 million in auction at Christie’s in New York. According to Jack Smith, the record price was far more than Christie’s expected. Competitive bidding came from all over the world and also on the auction floor. Smith said, “We don’t know who bought it, the buyer wished to remain anonymous.” Miriam Stark and daughter-in-law, Nita Hill, purchased several old master paintings in Germany in the late 1920’s for $3,500. The ‘Sleeping Dog’ was in the lot. The small painting was found in the bedroom of the late Nelda Stark and was not believed to be worth much. The picture measured only 6.5 inches by 8.5 inches. The first appraisal was for only $600 and was raised to $1,200, but before the sale Christie’s put a $2 to $3 million value on it. *****Old Timer’s Memorial Day Picnic was held at the VFW. Music was furnished by Tick Granger and the Cajun Country Classic band. Band members were ‘Tick’ on the steel guitar, Sam Binagia, Nary Huval, Doug Moutain, Don Davis, Budd Williams, Harvey Trahan and Vernon Thibodeaux. Paul Duplantis and his fiddle livened up the celebration. (Editor’s note: Paul is Roy Dunn’s first cousin, now in his 90’s. He is still alive and well but some of the others, including Tick are now gone.) *****Bridge City resident Phillip Balsano unveils his new motorcycle that took him 18 months to build. After ordering the first hollow tube, he actually worked on building the bike about six months. It is state-of-the-art from front to back. The candy orange over a chrome base gives it the customized look. Balsano works at Lanxess. (Editor’s note: I wonder what became of the most unique chopper I ever saw. Where is it today?)*****With only eight Class 3-A teams left in play, the Cardinals, of Coach Billy Bryant, will meet Lufkin-Hudson in the best of three, played at Humble. B.C. defeated Columbus 2-0 and 5-4 to advance. Junior Cardinal, pitcher Kevin Angelle struck out 16 batters and pitched a complete ‘No Hit’ game in the 2-0 shutout. He is 11-1 on the mound and is District 24 MVP in coach’s poll. Hunter Hayes was named offensive MVP by coaches. *****City Attorney H.D. Pate retires at B.C. after 35 years. He put the plan together to incorporate the city ceremonies and the presentation of a plaque will be held.*****Garth Brooks proposed to Trisha Yearwood on his knee in front of 7,000 fans at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace. Both are 40 years old. Garth has three kids. It’s the third wedding for Trisha, she has no children.*****Eric Eshbach, a 1999 Orangefield grad, who holds Texas High School pole vaulting record and national pole vaulting star will marry lovely Stacy Lunne Becker on June 11. They are both University of Nebraska graduates. (Editor’s note: Happy 10th anniversary.)*****Zoe Trichelle Johnson Monk celebrates second birthday on June 3. *****Doug Carlton, Jr., earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He is the son of Patricia and Doug Carlton of Bridge City. He has two brothers, Carl and Patrick, and one sister Emalee. *****Margie Stephens bought Harry a bright yellow Chevy SSR. She certainly looks better in it than he does but I must say he does look a little sporty. *****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Theodore ‘Ted’ Dailey, Sr., 67, of Orangefield died May 24. He is survived by wife of 47 years Beverly Patillo Dailey, son Theodore Lee ‘T-Boy,’ daughters Cathy and Theresa and their families. *****Richard L. Smith, 61, of Mauriceville, died May 26. He was a pipe fitter Local 195. Survivors are wife Mary Jean, sons Richard Lee, Rodney and James Robert, daughters Lynn, Angela and their families. *****Florence Simar Lawler, 87, of Bridge City, died May 22. She worked at Bridge City High cafeteria. She was preceded in death by husband Bennie Lawler. Survivors are daughters Mary, Katherine, Judy and Margaret, and son Tim and their families. *****Charles Lee Carlos Mercer, 41, of Orange, died May 24. *****Burtis Permenter, 90, of Pinehurst died May 23. *****Winnie Toal Sanders, 87, of Orange, died May 28. She was the daughter of Thomas and Winnie Bland Toal. In 1938 she married Harold Sanders. She was preceded in death by husband, son Hal and siblings George Toal, Tom Toal, Peggy Garrett and Ann Jones. She is survived by son and daughter-in-law Joe and Nancy Sanders.

35 Years Ago-1980

Charles Cottle, 94, received ‘Oldest Person Award’ at Senior Citizen Spring Rally held at VFW. *****The largest ship ever built by Levingston Shipbuilding, the ‘Pride of Texas,’ is christened. Hundreds attend. Sitting on the front row were John Cash Smith, Dr. Jack Couvillion and wife Jane, along with James and Janet Fontenot.*****Shelly Lynn Pate and Louis John Garriga III were named Mr. and Miss. Bridge City High School by Principal Joe Chenella. Commencement exercises were held May 27. *****Sue Kazmar bowls 194 game to win trophy presented at Bowling Banquet. *****Pretty Ann Segura came tumbling down off a stool and busted a knee cap. *****First Annual Bum Phillips Celebrity Golf Tournament held. Just a few of the celebrities in attendance were Bob Hope, who celebrated his 77th birthday, Terry Bradshaw, Kenny Stabler, Mike Barber, Danny White, Billy Joe Dupree, Tony Dorsett, Dave Elmendorf, Robert Newhouse, Little Joe Washington, Greg Pruitt, Jim Zorn, Dan Pastorini, Gifford Nielsen, Duriel Harris, Ray Malavast, Dick Nolan, Carl Mauck, Pat Leathy, Earl Campbell and many others. Martha Hughes chauffeured singer Johnny Desmond. Singer Johnny Nash stole the show at party. Sandi Mobley was caught cuddled up to Houston Oiler Mike Barber. Mary Kirkwood and Carmon Davis took in all the music at private party. Orange County Judge Pete Runnels presented plaque to Coach Bum Phillips. Commissioner Morris Collier, Roy Dunn and Commissioner Arthur Simpson enjoyed a healthy laugh with New Orleans Coach Dick Nolan. Chairman W.T. Oliver said the affair was a big success.


Sorry to hear of the passing of the passing of Elizabeth Bess Newsom, on Tuesday. Her services will be held at 11:00 a.m., Friday, May 29, at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. Sure going to miss such a fine lady. *****Coree Guerra on being new treasurer for the Orangefield Junior High Student Council. Just like her mom, Christy Khoury, she could be our next County Treasurer. *****Many Bridge City folks traveled to Warren to help Nathan Moye and fiancée Katie Dolittle celebrate their upcoming wedding. Those attending were Buster Scales, Kaaren Kline, John and Donna Banken, Bill and Ellen Nickum, John and Brenda and Jimmy and Donna Scales.*****Willie Nelson has written his memories again, this time in a book titled, “It’s A Long Story.” It is about recollections of the country legend’s childhood and his eight decade long musical career. As a pre-teen, he played guitar in a polka band, then joined sister Bobbie and her husband in a country band. He sold encyclopedias before heading to Nashville in 1960 but was rejected. He came back to Texas and in 1973, his “Shotgun Willie” album shot to the top. The rest is as they say history. The CMT awards will be held June 10. Carrie Underwood leads all artists with five nominations. Lady Antebellum and Kenny Chesney follow with four each. Katy Perry, John Legend, Bob Seger and Aloe Blacc are all nominated for ‘Performance of the Year.’ Fans can vote at through June 8.*****We were sorry to learn that a fine Christian woman, Mary Ann Scofield, Rosalie Clark’s twin, has been diagnosed with cancer. She’s prepared for the long fight so please remember her in your prayers. *****Proof of prayers working is the fact that Fay Richard, who had undergone cancer surgery twice, put her case in the hand of the Lord. Many people prayed for her. She buried her husband David a few days ago and returned to M.D. Anderson where they told her she was cancer free and released her. She is still fighting a blood clot in her leg and ask for readers to please keep praying.*****Judge Pat and Rosalie’s granddaughter Whitney, a Houston high school junior, has committed her athletic abilities to St. Mary College in San Antonio for a full-ride. Way to go girl. *****Mumford and Sons third album tops the billboard chart with ‘Wilder Mind.’ It’s their second number-one album. *****Congrats to Sam Khoury, who was honored by the Madison lodge of Orange with the ‘Golden Trowel’ award. This is the highest award that can be bestowed to an individual member.*****Blaine Slaughter, BCHS ‘Most Handsome’ and ‘Most Friendly,’ was seen at the Houston Rockets game with a very pretty date….Kaitlyn.*****Beverly Perry enjoyed her trip to the Holy Land. We hear however, that she has been under the weather lately suffering with kidney stones. Speedy recovery Bev. *****Jenny Duncan and her dad, Dwayne, are busy working on Jenny’s crafting ideas. Jenny is very talented and dad is enjoying spending quality daddy-daughter time together. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days. On May 27, celebrating are Bruce Montague, Robert Herin, Mary Donahey and McKenzie Louvier. They share birthdays with Henry Kissinger, 91, actor Louis Gossett, Jr., 78 and country singer Don Williams, 75.*****May 28 finds one of the nice ladies from Sabine Federal Credit Union, Maureen McAllister celebrating. Also Judy Landry, Michael Garcia, Shelly Smith and Jacque Phelps. They join singers Gladys Knight, 70 and John Fogarty, 69 and Marco Rubio, 43. *****On May 29, Sam Kitchel and longtime newsman Glen Earle, who turns 91, celebrates. They join singer Latoya Jackson, 58 and actress Annette Bening, 56 and Lisa Welchel, 51. *****On May 30, a remarkable young lady, Dr. Amber Dunn celebrates. So does longtime BC dentist Dr. David Olson, Nikki Barron, Stacey LaRose and Kimberlea Worthy. They join singers Wynonna Judd, 50, CeeLo Green, 40 and football player Gale Sayers,71*****On May 31, Wilda Hart celebrates as does Brooke Edwards, Florence Evans, Terry George and Jeannette Foster. They are joined by Clint Eastwood, 84, Brooke Shields, 49 and Joe Namath, 71.*****June 1, finds Linda Wolfford, Janice Prevost, Sheila Deason, Gene Armand, Rollie Cardner.*****On June 2, John Grifford, Kayla Hickey, Peter Modica, Jr., Nina Aven, Julie Lummus and Kathy Holland all celebrate. They are joined by new Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto, 37, and actors Wayne Brady, 42, Dana Carvey, 59 and (Leave it to Beaver) star Jerry Mathers, 66.*****Former Sen. George Mitchell has written a book ‘The Negotiator” that has been his role many times around the world. Mitchell said in an interview that no one has more foreign policy knowledge than Sec. Hillary Clinton. Also last week, Gallop said a poll named Hillary the ‘World’s Most Admired Woman.’*****Congratulations to Eino and Judy Lilback who celebrate 30 years of wedded bliss. Still newlyweds. *****Samantha Myers, daughter of Archie and Julia Myers, recently graduated from the University of Houston with her Masters Degree in Social Work. Congrats Sam. *****Adley Simonton stole the show at her dance recital. Proud parents Robert and Judge Joy couldn‘t have been prouder. *****In May of last year Sean Gros left for the U.S. Coast Guard. Last week, he came home to Bridge City for a 10 day stay. The Dunn family and friends were glad to see him. He is stationed at Station Shinnecock, Hampton Bays, New York. The military sure makes those boys grow up to be young men in a hurry. He looks good and very fit. *****At Neighbor Cox and Ms. Ginny’s house it’s happy days again. Their daughter Karen and husband Keith Duplechin are in from Oklahoma to spend a week. Keith will also spend time with his mom. *****Greenleigh Oldham and friends recently attended a Taylor Swift concert and had a great time. Those gals sang every song along with Taylor. ****Our longtime friend, Judge Don Peters, could use our prayers. His health has deteriorated lately. He’s fighting a tough battle. *****We were sorry to learn of the death of Shirley Mae Salsbury, 85, on May 23. Our condolences to husband Carl and his large family. He and Shirley had been married 66 years. Services were held Tuesday, May 26. *****Martha Pittman Mire completed her second year teaching Junior High in Lake Charles. Martha is a former Bridge City High grad. *****We were saddened by the tragic motorcycle/auto accident that took the lives of Riley and Emily Portie. They were killed Sunday on Park Street in Orange. They were well known in Orange. Our sympathies to their family.


One morning, Clovis Badeaux decide to go play a game of golf wit his good friends, Asa Thibodaux and Joe Comeaux. Badeaux promised Clotile dat he would be home in time for lunch. Well, lunchtime came and went and no Badeaux, den mid-afternoon, it came and went too, still no Badeaux, suppertime, it done pass wen Badeaux, him, finally show up. 

Clotile, her, is some mad. “Badeaux, where you been, hanh? You told me dat you gonna be home by lunch. You lie, you. Here it is, plum dark and you jus now getting home.”

Badeaux say, “Clotile, don’t get on my case, no, my good friend Comeaux died on da golf course dis morning him.”

Clotile say, “Oh, Badeaux, I’m so sorry me, I can understand now. Making funeral arrangements for you friend Comeaux, and all dat, I understand why you late.”

Badeaux say, “Funeral arrangement? Wat funeral arrangement? It was like dis, “Hit da ball, drag Comeaux.” “Hit de ball, drag Comeaux.” It took me and Thibodaux all day to finish dat damn golf game.”


In 1431, on May 30, Joan of Arc, at age 19, was burned at the stake in Rouen, France. She was born on June 6, 1412. She was condemned as a heretic against the church. In 1455, her conviction was reversed. She was named a martyr and canonized a saint in 1920.*****Eighty years ago this week, May 25, 1935, Babe Ruth hit his last three homeruns, numbers 712-713 and 714, playing for the Boston Red Sox. The record stood until April 8, 1974 when Hank Aaron broke the record with 715.*****I believe Brian McCann, with the Yankees, is the only active catcher to hit over 200 career homeruns with 204. Do you know which catcher holds the all-time homerun record for catchers? Congrats to Chase Shugart, who was chosen to play in the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association All Star game this June at Dell Diamond in Round Rock. He is the 12th Cardinal to be selected to play in this game.****The changing world of cablevision. Charter Communication is set to acquire Time Warner Cable for $195 a share in a cash and stock deal worth $55.1 billion. Charter is the fourth and Time Warner the second largest cable companies with 5.9 million and 14.7 million customers. Comcast would still be the largest with 27.2 million.*****The Texas legislature adopted a resolution declaring it ‘John Wayne Day’ in Texas on Tuesday, May 26,  Wayne’s birthday. The Winterset, Iowa native, born in 1907, was named ‘Honorary Texan.’ One of Wayne’s famous quotes, “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.” When I think about the Duke, two friends, Bum Phillips and P.T. Thompson come to mind. Bum for being Bum, P.T. for loving John Wayne.*****Well, I’ve got to get out of here but first let me remind you that The Lunch Bunch dines at PK’s Grill this week and at Robert’s next week. Everyone always welcome. Also don’t miss the 10th Anniversary Sale at Sweet Creations, great buys throughout the store.*****Please read us cover to cover and check us out on the web, and shop our advertisers when you can. Take care and God bless.