Nancy McWhorter – For The Record

One Sunday, our Sunday school class decided instead of wasting our valuable Sunday school’s lesson time on class business, we would have a weekday salad-dessert luncheon.  With the help of the church’s capable kitchen staff and the class fellowship committee one of the church’s class rooms was setup for the occasion.  There was an abundance of flavorful salads, sandwiches and desserts provided by class members.

The person that brought and gave me this KEEPER recipe is our Sunday school teacher.  I highly admire and respect her. She is Bible knowledgeable and her teaching has the rare ability to bring Bible history to life.  She is so humble; I know she would not want me to reveal her name.  I will refer to her as “C”.  Several of the class members also wanted the recipe so I promised to put it in my column.

“C” did not give a measurement for the olives or pecans.  She just adds the amount of those two ingredients until it looks and taste as desired.  She did say some brand of olives taste better than others but did not name the brand that she uses.


1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese, softened

½ cup mayonnaise

Pimento stuffed green-olives (brand of choice), drained & chopped

Chopped pecans

Crackers of choice


Combine cream cheese and mayonnaise; mix until smooth.  Add chopped olives and pecans.  Serve as a spread with crackers or mixture can be used as a dip.