We congratulate all the grads who have made it through high school and will now be headed into a bigger pond. Many of you will be leaving the nest and you will find out how easy Mom and Dad made life for you. Go off on your own, you will wake up to a new reality. Life ahead will be what you make it. You’ll miss the protection of home and look back someday soon and realize how really good you had it. We wish you the best and a long, happy and healthy life. When making choices, Mom and Dad are still the best source for guidance. You’re never too old or too smart not to rely on their best judgment. Until now, the graduates have been comfortable in the nest, enjoying life without all the baggage adulthood brings. As well as their family, their teachers have played a far greater part in their childhood then they now realize. Someday however, they will appreciate those teachers who were there in those formative years. Even though everyone leaving school will go their separate ways, in their hearts they will never be too far from the joys of childhood. Best of luck to all the grads.Happy journey.*****I’d best move along. Come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.
Longtime Bridge City Municipal Judge Don Peters, 76, died Thursday, May 28, after a lengthily illness. We had known Don since the early 1980’s. He was one of the many guys around Bridge City who worked at Firestone and donated much of their time toward making the growing city a better place to live. Don had a lot of pride in his community. He enjoyed being a judge and he loved his family and church. He put in many hours as a part time worker at Claybar Funeral Home and that’s when we often got to visit before a funeral. He was a fan and avid reader of The Penny Record. Don suffered long enough, it was right for God to take this good man home. Services were held Sunday, May 31. We were honored to have known him. Our sincere condolences to Patsy and her family. Please see obituary.
10 Years Ago-2005
Carlton “Corky” Harmon, chairman of the Lamar Foundation, accepted a $1 million check from Dan Harris, who represented the estate of the late Howard Womack. Also presented by Harris, was a check for $750,000 to Victoria Enmon, a young cancer patient from Orange, now in Texas Children’s Hospital. The check benefit’s the Southeast Texas chapter of the American Cancer Society. *****This is the year Rotary International celebrates its 100th anniversary. It was started by Paul Harris, in Chicago, with just four members. Winston D. Lewis, who has 56 years in Orange Rotary, said the club in Orange, has 86 years, just 14 years less then the original. It was started June 1, 1919, by H.J. Lutcher Stark who later served as Dist. Governor. (Editor’s note: This year Orange Rotary celebrates 96th anniversary.)*****Bridge City Cardinals (35-6) are on the golden highway to Austin’s 3-A State Semifinals, one of only four baseball teams still standing. They play Carthage, Region II champions. The winners play for the state title June 9. Final rankings are #1, Carthage; Yoakum, #2; Bridge City, #4 and Lubbock Cooper, #8. Those four are the finalist. B.C. made the trip in 1991 but missed winning the championship. Billy Bryant is the coach. The team features seven seniors, Meyers, Richard, Coulton, Schroeder, Hays, Stevens and Vincent. *****Two former Bridge City grads received the Degree of Medical Doctor from U.T. Houston Medical School. They are Dr. Kim Holland Norris, a 1997 graduate and Dr. Melissa Stanton Hovanetz, a 1999 grad. (Editor’s note: Over the years Bridge City High has produced a great number of doctors.)*****Jason Brown of Bridge City traveled to Camp Mackall, in North Carolina, for Special Forces training with the Green Berets. Jason is 19 years old. *****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Services for Ron Decker, 62, of Orange, were held Saturday. Ron was for many years a faithful reader of our paper. *****Thadd Collins, 87, former owner of Coastal Electric, died Wednesday, June 1. He is survived by wife Blanche, sons Thadd Jr., Ted, and daughters Frances, Charlene, Arlene and Doris.*****A memorial service forHerta Paula Roeper, 91, will be held Monday, 1 p.m. at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church on Roundbunch, in Bridge City, . Mrs. Roeper was the mother of Gisela Housman. 
40 Years Ago-1975
Midway Gulf in Bridge City, owned by Bill and Barry Weisman and assisted by Bobby Weisman, is offering a great tire deal, buy three, get one free. The complete set of F78-15 white walls for $75. Also, free is 25 gallons of gasoline with the purchase of four tires or more. A complete oil change, 5 quarts of Multi-G oil, filter and lubrication for $8.95. (Editor’s note: where have all those great prices gone?)*****Retiring from Anderson Elementary school are Jessie Menefee and Thomasine Howell Carter. Mrs. Carter started school at Anderson in September, 1917 and came back to teach after college. She was active in education for 58 years. *****Swimland of Bridge City is under new ownership. Found most days at the pool are Walt, Kirby, Sam and Jay Ridley, Laurie and Dot McNeil, Ricky Britnell and David Little. *****Cynthia McCanley married Kenneth Snell last week, May 31. *****Stark High short stop Billy Baylessand Bridge City catcher Charlie Hillebrant were selected to play in the Texas Coaches High School All Star games, to be held June 21 in the Astrodome.*****About 10 years ago, Cal Broussard left the area and for the past two years he’s been living in Aspen, Colorado. He’s now transferring to Fort Smith, Arkansas on August 1, where he will run the television cable company there. He’s still about half hippy and doing quite well for a 37-year-old. (Editor‘s note: Cal died a few years ago.)*****Nancy Lynn Whitehead weds Marcus Leon Carter on June 6, 1975.*****Bob Franklin is installed as new president of the Orange Lion’s Club.*****Dewey ‘Teddy Bear’ Cox is re-elected as business manager of Boilermakers Local 587.*****Verdis Wagner is elected business manager of the Iron Workers.*****Dennis Hall, while attending Roy Dunn’s birthday party at the Dunn residence, walked into a plate glass door and ended up at the hospital with deep lacerations. It seems Ed Bacon had shut the door just after Dennis had gone through it to an outside porch. As Dennis rushed back in, he went into the door, instead of through it. Jo Ann Brabham rushed all over town in torrential rain trying to replace the door.
Thursday, June 4, Donna Gray, a 35 year employee of Bill Nickum Insurance Agency, will be honored with an open house. Everyone is invited.*****Madyson Melton, daughter of Chris and Anna Melton, hit #76 home run over the weekend. Congrats Madyson. *****Game Warden Phillip LeDoux wants to remind all to respect our waterways. No littering. Keep Texas beautiful. *****The city of Bridge City folks are celebrating the retirement of longtime employee John Garrison. John began his career with the city in 1977. *****Randy and Vickie Landry are celebrating their 27th anniversary. Keep up the good work folks. *****We understand that so far things are going fairly well for our buddy Jimmy Dillion. He has been going back to Houston to get IV drip steroid treatments. His kidney is functioning at 50 percent. That’s 20 percent more than last month. Keep Jimmy in your prayers. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days. On June 3, KeeKee’s brother Herman Dupuis celebrates. So does another good guy, Harold Trantham, along with David Lopez and Matthew Jagoe. They join Jill Biden, 63, the VP’s wife, Anderson Cooper, 47, Cuba’s president Raul Castro, 83.*****On June 4, Man about town Pete Sterling celebrates also Sandra Hoke, Donna Rogers, Page and Jade Ousley and Glenn Fisher. They join authorJoyce Meyer, 71, actors Angelina Jolie, 39,  Russell Brand, 39 and Noah Wylie, 43.*****June 5, If you believe in the signs, it is said that this day is the perfect Gemini, right in the middle. This year our list has grown. In previous years we congratulated Joyce Dowdle, Tim Hughes, Roy Dunn and Britt Godwinbut also celebrating are Brenda Howard, Patricia Mires, Nancy Ramsey, Hunter Puckett, Gena Guyote, Aaron Bland, Karen McDuff, Jessica Freeman, and Trey Wild. They join Patriots owner Robert Kraft, actor Mark Wahlberg, 43, musician Kenny G, 58 and money guru Suze Orman, 63.*****June 6finds Lynn Fields, Lorrie LeBlanc, John Bertrand, Ryan Gunstream, Gail Griffith, Kelsey Miller and Linda Sims celebrating. They join actor Robert Englund, 67 and singer Gary ‘U.S.’ Bonds, 75. Lannie Claybar celebrated on this day. He died Sept. 6, 1969 at age 57. *****On June 7, a special friendShirley Zimmerman celebrates. Also Billy Frank Bradberry, Logan Smith, Ashley LaRose, Sarah Williams and Richard Granger. They join singers Tom Jones, 74 and Prince, 56.*****On June 8, a good guy, great community leader, head of the Stark Foundation and our friend, Walter Riedel, celebrates. AlsoBillie Wood, Tana Hightower, Carolyn Sexton and Shon Jones. They are joined by former First Lady Barbara Bush, 89, singer Nancy Sinatra, 74, singerBonnie Tyler, 63 and actor Jerry Stiller, 87.*****June 9 finds one of Josette and Van’s lovely daughters Karli Choate celebrating. Also Paige Olive, Elizabeth Barfield and Debbie Vidrine. They join actors Michael J. Fox, 53, and Johnny Depp, 51. Happy birthday to all. *****David and Jenny Babinhave just returned from a two week vacation. They say they have stories to tell. *****Our sympathy to the Dorman family who lost their dear mother, Faye Dorman Peveto, who passed away last week. Her family, Frankie Peveto, Kim Richard, Paula McGalin and grandchildren will miss her loving smile. *****Congressman Babin is on the right track. I was glad to hear that our congressman, Brian Babin, is calling for a Jobs Bill. This column has been pushing for a Jobs Bill. President Obama has tried to get Congress to vote for a Jobs/Highway Bill for five years. Republicans continue to sit on their hands saying ‘No‘ to infrastructure. Maybe Con. Babin can get his party to see the light. I believe if Hillary is elected a Jobs Bill will be her first priority. *****Watch out Alyssa, James and Janet, Laura DeRamus is leading the step contest. *****Beau Biden, 46, VP Joe Biden’s son, died May 30, of brain cancer. He had planned to run for governor of Delaware in 2016. To lose a child is something that has no bigger hurt. Joe, as a young senator, lost his wife and daughter in an auto accident. He was left with two small sons, Hunter and Beau. He took the train from Washington to Delaware every night to be home with his sons.*****Bridge City girls basketball coach leaves the Lady Cardinals to return to Orangefield as new basketball coach and girls athletic coordinator. Coach Jennifer Fikes Willis is an Orangefield grad and former Lady Bobcat. *****The “Fair and Balanced” net work had nothing to say in prime time Thursday, Friday or Monday about the allegations against former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. The story was breaking news about his paying hush money, $3.5 million, to a man he supposedly molested when he was a high school teacher. Not a word on Haster or Josh Duggar in prime time on FOX. The “No Spin Zone” at 7, Kelly Fileor Hannity didn’t utter a word about either incident. It’s not a news network. They pick and choose. Duggar, “19 Kids and Counting,” is accused of sexually molesting several young girls when he was a teenager. Haster and Duggar have both been sweethearts of FOX News. They spent the prime time bashingObama and Bill and Hillary. *****We spotted James Lambert and Melissa Hebert taking engagement photos over the weekend. We hear this wedding will be over the top. Congratulations. *****On June 15, 1968, Sen. Robert Kennedy was shot by Sirhan Sirhan in a Los Angeles hotel kitchen. He died two days later. Sirhan is now 71 years old and still in prison.*****Orange County Risk Management Director and partner of Emergency Management Miss Pillsburytook a mini vacation to the ranch in Killeen this past weekend before getting ready for hurricane season. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dines at Robert’sthis week and next. Good fellowship, great folks… Everyone always welcome. *****Go Mustangs: West Orange-Stark heads to Class 4-A Regional Final against Huffman in the best of three. Games will all be played at Lamar. Wednesday, 7 p.m. Thursday, 5 p.m., game three if necessary will follow game 2. WO-S, 24-0, Huffmam. 19-2/ They eliminated Bridge City, district champions, in playoff. Support the Mustangs, it’s a short drive to Vincent Beck Stadium..*****The first attorney elected as a Justice of the Peace was David Dunn in 1968. He defeated James Stringer. Dunn later became judge of the 163rd District Court. Cimaron Campbell was the next lawyer, elected J.P. in Pct. 2 and the first Republican elected in the county. Lawyers now serving as J.P.s areRodney Price, Pct. 4; and Joy Simonton, Pct. 3.
Herman Dupuis, David Lopez, Harold Trantham, Matthew Jagoe, Brittany Yu, Brittany Chalmers, Glenn Fisher, Paige Ousley, Jade Ousley, Brooklyn Goldsmith, Aaron McNeil, Sandra Hoke, Donna Benefield, Donna Rogers, Hunter Puckett, Brenda Howard, Patricia Mires, Nancy Ramsey, Aaron Bland, Gena Guyote, Jessica Freeman, Kevin Doss, Mary Jennings, Tim Hughes, Trey Wild, Chris Andes, Joyce Dowdle, Roy Dunn, Karen McDuff, Ryan Gunstream, Lorrie LeBlanc, Ed Worthy Jr., John Bertrand, Sherilyn Brister, Lynn Fields, Gail Griffith, Kelsey Miller, Linda Sims, Sarah Williams, Richard Granger, Ashley LaRose, Billy Frank Bradberry, Billy Killman, Logan Smith, Penny Robards, Shon Jones, Tana Hightower, Walter Riedel, Aubrey Reynolds, Billie Wood, Carolyn Sexton, Crystal Wells, Elizabeth Barfield, Debbie Vidrine, Gavin Birmingham, Deane Moran, Alston Reynolds, Dixie Armstrong, Charlie Blalack, Jessica Hilliard, Karli Choate and Paige Olive.
Thibodeaux him, was the lucky winner of the lottery. He was so happy he decide to share his winnings wit Marie, his wife, by buying her some perfume, lotion and creams so her skin could be soft and young looking. He stand outside da store looking for more stuff wen his friend Boudreaux came by to see wat was going on, They talk a little and Boudreaux him, suggest that he give Marie a milk bash from head to toe. 
Thibodeaux ask Boudreaux, “Where can I buy all dat milk, hanh?”
Bodreaux, him, say, ‘Call da creamery and dey will deliver right to her bash tub.”
Thibodeaux, him, went to the nearest phone and call the creamery. “Look, I need bout turdy gallon of milk delivered to my house dis evening.”
Da milkman say, “I know jus how much milk you need Mr. Thibodeaux, do you need it pasteurized?” 
Thibodeaux say, “Oh no, sha, jus up to her breast, she can splash a little bit on her neck if she wants to go higher. Tank you, bye.”
Saturday, the country prepares for American Pharaoh’s attempt to become only the 12th Tripe Crown winner in the 147th Belmont Stakes. The odds are stacked against us witnessing a Tripe Crown winner but I believe this horse has a better chance than any horse in recent years. That is if he’s healthy, doesn’t have a cold, step on a nail, etc. No horse in the Belmont has run a 1.5 mile race. American Pharaoh has easily beaten all horses in the coming race but two new ones, who didn’t run in the Derby or Preakness. The field of eight is the smallest since 2000. American Pharaoh, 4-5 favorite, has a disadvantage by drawing the number one post. Only one of the last 54 winners started in the one spot. Without a fast start, it’s easy to get penned against the rail. Post time is 5:50 on NBC. The smart bet is to bet against a Triple Crown winner but I just can’t see a horse in the race that stands out as a winner against American Pharaoh if the rail doesn’t get him.*****The NBA finals starts Thursday between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. The pressure will be on Cav’s LeBron James to bring Cleveland its first championship. The Warriors and Stephen Curry are favorites. Shutting down Curry’s three-point output is a must for Cleveland to stay in the hunt of seven games.*****Goodbye Bruce, hello Caitlyn: Bruce Jenner, 65, the 1976 Olympic decathlon gold medal winner made his debut as a transgender woman, posing in sexy lingerie on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Caitlyn still has some surgery before she is a total woman. Just wondering if Kanya Westlost a father-in-law and gained another mother-in-law. As a lad my mind couldn’t have conceived it. The times they are a-changing. *****Our apologies Last week, The Penny Record page three ran in the The County Record in error. This caused The County Record’s page three not to run, which led to the stories from page one not to jump, including the J.B. Arrington story. It did run in The Penny Record and copies are available at our Bridge City and Orange offices.*****The list of Republicans for president continues to grow. They remind me of a bunch of high school boys and one cheerleader who had a good football year and are now trying to convince the owners that they are ready for the NFL. Most are not running for president, they hope to run strong enough to be picked as the VP candidate. Others are running for a good pay day or a retirement nest egg. They keep what they don’t spend. Trump, who has as big an ego as Bill O’Riely, won’t stay in the race long, just long enough for folks to applaud, hoop and holler his name. That’s how he gets his kicks. Not a one of those candidates know anything about foreign policy. They couldn’t carry Hillary’s luggage when it comes to government experience.*****I’ve go to shut down.Thanks for your time. Read us cover to cover and check us out on the web, news@therecordlive.com. I’m looking forward to reading attorney Joe Alford’slife story. Joe is such a great guy, a straight shooter and a good lawyer. I pray for him. Take care and God bless.