Howard Hughes gravesite is within “River Oaks of the Dead”
​Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. is buried at Glenwood Cemetery in Houston. He is buried next to his parents on the family plot.
Glenwood Cemetery is sometimes called “The River Oaks of the Dead”, due to the number of notable personage buried there. Other than Hughes, Glenwood is the final resting place of Anson Jones, the last president of the Republic of Texas, Texas governors William P. Hobby and Ross S. Sterling, and other Texas politicians. Movie star Gene Tierney is buried next to her brother in law Glenn McCarthy, the oil wildcatter millionaire who built the Shamrock Hotel. There are hundreds of wealthy and famous Texans buried in Glenwood and the adjacent Washington Cemeteries.
Of the nearly 5, 000 graves in these two cemeteries, the Hughes family plot is the only one fenced off with a locked gate.

The Hughes family plot is shown here in Glenwood Cemetery in Houston.

The Hughes family plot is in Glenwood Cemetery in Houston.

Buried in the Hughes family plot at Glenwood Cemetery in Houston are Howard R. Hughes, Jr., his father Howard R. Hughes, Sr. and his mother, Allene Stone Gano.

Photo at top – The Hughes family plot in Glenwood Cemetery where Howard Hughes and his family are buried. There are many other notable persons buried within the “River Oaks of the Dead.”