Well, maybe not always, but he always means well. Being a dad is a privilege. Being a good dad is sometimes hard. Unless you have raised teenagers, you might not fully appreciate the trying times. Even with the best of kids, they sometime believe they know more than dad. Also they will chalk it off as Pops being old fashion. They don’t realize that it’s common horse sense he’s acquired along the way. Some day, when they have children of their own they will realize how right dad was. By then, they will be considered old fashioned themselves. Dad is never fully appreciated until later in life when we realize what all he did for us and how important he was in our upbringing. Honor Thy Father and Happy Father’s Day to all. *****I’d best get moving. I’d be proud if you came along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


A good man we have known for a long time is now gone. We had known Bill Godwin since he was a football player at A&M. he and Doug Harrington, who is also gone, were athletes at college. Doug on a track scholarship. Bill came to Bridge City as a coach for Chief Wilson. He replaced Glenn Pearson as high school principle. He and Larry Ward and their wives bought Joe Fields lumber company and tried their hand at that for awhile. I was surprised to learn he had died. Moe Litton had just visited the Godwin’s and told me they were doing just fine. While Bill was principle at B.C. was when the school really came into its own in sports. Bill was a coach’s principle and advanced athletics. He passed away June 3 at age 77. *****Nick Wingate, 96, died June 12. We had known Nick, who was a WWII veteran, and the entire Wingate family. Nick got sick Thursday and died before the family reunion which was to be held Saturday. I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with Nick as well as all the other Wingates. Salt of the earth folks. Please read Nick’s obituary, it tell a lot about his life story.


Many employees and Orange County retirees are disappointed in Commissioners Court. I don’t know what ever gave them the idea that they were going to be employee friendly. The bottom line is the voters, 50,000 registered, are to blame. They have allowed Tea Party, and straight party voters to control who is elected. Someday the citizens will take the blinders off and discover how they have been snookered. Right now however, there are a lot of angry people and you can’t blame them. The Court, after a 5-0 vote on insurance, flip, flopped a week later. Believe me, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Meanwhile, I hear that a lot of citizens have approached longtime county employee Mark Wimberly to run for Commissioner of Pct. 1, replacing Commissioner David Dubose. No one knows more about county operation than Wimberly. He’s worked with every department over the years. He’s well liked and would be hard to beat. He’s a good man but will he run? That’s the question.


10 Years Ago-2005

Second grade teacher at Anderson, Sandra Meche, has been selected one out of 12 U.S. teachers to be recognized by Microsoft at the first Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum and Awards Banquet in Washington. Meche is only one of two Texas teachers to get the honor. Ninety teachers from around the world were chosen. *****Oil prices hit a record $58.47 a barrel. The United States record deficit under Bush/Cheney is rising out of sight, going up three to six percent a quarter. That’s 14 percent a year. *****Jeb Bush accused of playing politics with the Shiavo case. Autopsy showed she had been brain dead for at least ten years. Gov. Bush would not approve taking her off life support even though the family begged him to. *****Joyce Dubose, wife of Commissioner John Dubose, is home after having major surgery. *****Brian Trege suffered a heart attach in his sleep. He is expected to live but it was a close call.*****The new Bridge City Subway opens at the corner of Texas Avenue and Roberts.*****While on a fishing trip, 12-year-old Alex Albair, grandson of Richard and son of Ricky Albair, caught a 42-inch long Redfish that weighed in at 25 pounds. It was a Father’s Day outing and the first fish Alex had ever caught. His grandparents, Peggy and Richard, own Bridge City Bait on Cow Bayou. (Editor’s note: In the last few years, Peggy’s Restaurant has been added on the spot at Cow Bayou.)*****West Orange-Cove ISD names 2004-2005 “Teachers of the Year.”  They are Cherry Lemaire, Freddie Gallas, Pearlie Washington, Sandra Hoke, Gloria McKee and Jill Hart. Lemaire was also named “District Teacher of the Year.”*****Nora Anne Miner, daughter of David and Bonnie Minor, turns one year old June 23. All of her great grandparents are coming from Campbellville, Kentucky for the celebration. (Editor’s note: This year she turns 11.)*****Robert and Jeanette Barnes celebrate 50 years of marriage June 23.

40 Years Ago-1975

Connie Jarrell was named Miss Orange World in the Optimist beauty pageant. Terri Tolar was chosen Most Photogenic. *****Darlene “Dee” Sartin celebrates a birthday. *****Phillip Caillavet is a salesman for Gateway Lincoln. *****Terri Bishop marries Cecil Parks of Austin. *****Beth and Louis Dugas return from Hawaii. Their cab driver was married to a Fontenot girl from Lafayette, proving Cajun blood is spread around the world. *****Allen Bendy, ‘The Shrimper’ is now operating a 48-foot shrimp boat. *****Harriet Ann Jackson weds Gerald Campbell on June 27 at Calvary Baptist. *****John Yeatts, Sr., is in critical condition in the Orange hospital. He suffered a massive heart attack. He is a pioneer of the boilermaker union in the area.*****Participating in the Miss Texas Teenager pageant in San Antonio is 17-year-old Carol Reindel of Little Cypress-Mauriceville.*****Judges Claude Wimberly, JP, Pct. 1, Marlin Shelton, JP, Pct. 2, and Martin Ardoin, JP, Pct. 3, are attending a 20 hour Justice of the Peace seminar in Houston.*****Patrick Alan Cleaver, 15, earns his Eagle Scout award.*****Texas Monthly magazine named State Rep. Wayne Peveto in the top 10 best Texas Legislatures.*****On July 3, a sundown gospel show will be held at the Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo grounds featuring Wally Fowler and J.D. Summers and a dozen other acts.*****Pct. 1 constable, Forrest Hudson, was elected president of the Constable and Judges Association of Texas.*****Betty Em and Bernard Giarratano celebrate their 15th anniversary.*****On Friday, June 27, Stevie Crumpler celebrates a birthday.*****Helen and Doug Harrington are snowed in at Yellowstone after six inches of snow fell.*****The Wayne Morse’s and the Lynn Emerson’s are headed to San Antonio for the annual grocery convention.*****The John Brooks and John Fords are vacationing in Colorado.*****Bill and Doris Clark attend Gov. Ronald Reagan’s gathering at the Circa in Beaumont. What was Grover Halliburton doing at a republican affair? *****The South was blanked 6-0 in the Texas high school baseball ‘Coaches All Star’ game in the Astrodome. Two Orange County boys, Charlie Hillebrant and Billy Bayliss played in the game. *****Eddie Cone married lovely, young Margo and took off with her for Mexico. Things didn’t turn out like Eddie thought. He spent two days in a Mexican hospital with fever that reached 106. He drank Mexican milk. Margo got home well rested.


Congratulations to the West Orange-Stark Mustangs on a great season. They accomplished what few teams will ever get to do; they made it to the state championship game. They needed a perfect game to win and they played that the day before against El Campo. Number two in UIL 4-A ain‘t bad. The 2015 Mustangs will long be remembered as one of the great teams. *****Jerrid and Alyssa Scales celebrated their first wedding anniversary on June 13. We wish them many, many more to come. *****Last week the Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a surprise visitor. Mary Jo Walaver Stanfield, the first court reporter in the 163rd District Court after the court was created. Gene Hoyt, who had been John Connally’s Orange County campaign manager, was appointed as judge. He had no courtroom experience; he owned an abstract company. He made a ruling against Attorney Ward Stephenson and Ward promised Hoyt that he would see to it that he was a one-termer. In 1967, Fred Trimble became District Judge, just as Ward had promised. Fred owned the casket company but had a law license even though he had never practiced law. He died and David Dunn became the judge. Jo worked for all three judges. If my memory serves me right, around 1984, she also was serving as reporter in the City of Orange Municipal Court. It was good to see her. She has been living at the lakes for 20 years. She was a court reporter 35 years and possibly recalls many of the big political battles. The Lunch Bunch meets every Wednesday. This week, they dine at PK’s Grill, with Tammy Yaun. Next week they dine at Robert’s with Carrie. Everyone always welcome. *****Our friend Elaine Myers is battling cancer again. She’s a tough lady, determined to beat this cancer also. She believes in prayer so please remember her in your prayers. This week she is having a big Father’s Day sale at her Horseman Store. Every Texas dad should have something western. Check them out. *****The update on Jimmy Dillon is not good. For some unknown reason, his kidney took a turn for the worse and is now functioning at just 11 percent and he is back on dialysis. If there is no improvement soon, he will be back on the transplant list. His sister gave him a kidney two years ago that had prevented the use of dialysis. Now his body is rejecting the kidney.Jimmy’s a great guy and he can certainly use all of our prayers. *****On the same note and also needing your prayers is Dirk Flowers. We have known Dirk since he was a small child and like his dad Edgar, he has a strong work ethic. He is married to Missy, the sweetest gal in the world. Dirk has come on hard times after brain surgery in Galveston. He came home but took a turn for the worse over the weekend and was rushed back to Galveston. A fund raiser planned for Dirk to offset medical expenses will be held Saturday, June 27, at the K.C. Hall in Bridge City, next to St. Henry Church, on Roundbunch Rd. The benefit will feature live music, live and silent auctions and lots of food. This family really needs help. If you can help, please do. *****We heard from Judge David Peck. He and Patsy came home for a few hours Saturday. Mello Plumbing is putting in a new bathroom to accommodate David’s disability and they wanted to see the progress. David is looking forward to the day he can come home to stay and Patsy is ready to sleep in her own bed. *****We were glad to hear June Harmon is on the mend and feeling much better. *****Big Jake Lemoine was again drafted by the Texas Rangers in the fourth round. In 2012, the Rangers drafted him in the 21st round. He chose to play baseball at the University of Houston instead. The junior was picked in the major league draft June 9 despite having a shoulder injury. All of Bridge City is pulling for Jake to make it to the majors. *****Twelve days have gone by since the two murders escaped from Clinton prison in New York. I remember in June of 1962, three prisoners escaped Alcatraz on a makeshift raft. They were never found. I was in San Francisco later and most people believed that they drowned. I believe these prisoners will be caught. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the coming week. On June 17, our buddy Alice Hartsfield celebrates another birthday. Also celebrating are Andrew Riedel, Belinda Welch and Justin Johnson. Celebrity birthdays on this day are singer Barry Manilow, 71, tennis star Venus Williams, 34, and politician Newt Gingrich, 71. *****June 18 finds pretty, long legged Brandy Slaughter celebrating. Also celebrating are Mary Stewart, Amber King, Krystal Leonard, Nancy Haworth and Kyna White. They are joined by country singer Blake Shelton, 36, former Beatle Paul McCartney, 72 and actress Isabella Rossellini, 62. *****On June 19, the twins Chelsie and Cortnie Moerbe celebrate. Also Shelby Permenter, Betty Norwood, and Marianne Choate. *****On June 20, retired Bridge City teacher Marie Norton celebrates also Debbie Johansson, Lynda Phillips, Keith Kay and Loretta Beck. They join actress Nicole Kidman, 47, singers Lionel Richie, 65, Brian Wilson, 72 and Anne Murray, 69.*****On June 21, Orange native Coach Wade Phillips turns 68, also celebrating a birthday are Dustin Hartsfield, County Commissioner David Dubose, Sarah Claybar and B.C. grad Melanie Broussard. They join Prince William, 32, and country singer Kathy Mattea, 55. *****On June 22, Phyllis Nimitz, Charlene Braus, Gean Hammett, Paul Richardson, Don Finley and Nora Ann Minor all celebrate. They join country singer Kris Kristofferson, 78, St. Louis Ram Kurt Warner, 43 and actress Meryl Streep, 65.*****On June 23, Jaden Trahan, Sissy Braus, Mary Foreman, Lourie Louvier and Ken Johnson all celebrate birthdays. They are joined by Michael’s brother,  Randy Jackson, 58, actress Selma Blair, 42 and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, 66.*****Sam Nichols and Amber Bantz tied the knot this past weekend in Jacksonville. Nick and Becky are very happy to celebrate with BC friends attending. Those attending were Bob and Cheryl Puntes, David and Jenny Babin, Randy and Ruth Wallace, Carolyn Ward, Smitty and Connie Smith, Tim and Ida Schossow, John and Glynnis Gothia, Tim and Lynn Latiolais and Judge Jimmy and Donna Scales. Traveling from Fort Worth to attend were Paul and Lorri Colletti. Congratulations to the Nichols. *****Claiborne West Park was named one of the ‘Top 20 Hidden Treasures in Texas.’ The park was number six on the list. Grover would be proud. *****Future Longhorns, Trent Roccaforte and Braden Little are showing their skills at the UT-Austin basketball camp this week. These boys make our community proud with all of their hard work.*****Kimberly West and Jacob Harris were spotted in Kemah having a great time on the rides.*****We hear former BCISD teachers Richard and Charlotte Stout, along with son Kerry and daughter-in-law Wendi, celebrated their anniversary last week in Colorado. Congratulations to two people who gave a lot to the kids of BC. *****Happy birthday to Orangefield elementary teacher Tara Ellis Mendoza. We hear she had the birthday party of her childhood dreams. *****Good thoughts and prayers to BC middle school cafeteria worker Alana Clark who is having a hard time right now. You’ll get through this. We know you are one tough lady.*****Belated congrats to Don and Donna Melton who celebrated 39 years of wedded bliss on June 12.*****I predicted the NBA playoffs wouldn’t go seven games, that Lebron James, the world‘s best basketball player, couldn‘t win it alone. He‘s not Superman but if it goes seven games maybe he is. I don‘t know how Tuesday night‘s game came out. As of this writing it‘s 3-2 Warriors. *****We were told it was an emotional dance recital for the students, teachers and parents of Lorna Badon School of Dance. We’re sure Miss Lorna was looking down and smiling at all the beautiful dancers that were dancing in her memory. *****Billions will be spent by the GOP candidates running for the nomination. The clown car gets fuller with Trump now in the race. When it’s all said and done, it will probably be a Clinton/Bush race. Hillary and Jeb seems to me to be the only two adults in the bunch. *****H.D. Pate stopped by. He’s still practicing law. If you need a lawyer with a lot of experience give him a call.*****After 17 years in Bridge City, where she raised her daughter Skylar, Julie Kahla is leaving and moving to Cypress. She will be missed. She is selling her large two story home with a pool, large garage, and fully landscaped corner lot on Norbert Street.*****Peggy’s on the Bayou will soon be delivering meals right to your door for a small fee. That’s what we hear anyway.


Justin Johnson, Andrew Riedel, Belinda Welch, Brandy Slaughter, Janice Rabin, Nancy Haworth, Krystal Leonard, Shelby Turbeville, Vern Campbell, Amber King, Kyna White, Mary Alice Hartfield, Mary Stewart, Betty Norwood, Wyetta Carter, Shelby Permenter, Chelsie Moerbe, Cortnie Moerbe, Marianne Choate, Myrtle Howell, Frankie Allen, Keith Kay, Marie Norton, Justin Roberts, Debbie Johansson, Gregory Darbonne, Loretta Beck, Lynda Phillips, Tyler Bailey, Dustin Hartsfield, Sarah Claybar, Sharon Wright, Wesley Darbonne, Dan Dumas, David Dubose, John Cooper, Melanie Broussard, Don Finley, Paul Richardson, Gean Hammett, Caitlin Wells, Charlene Braus, Nora Anne Minor, Phyllis Nimitz, Mary Foreman, Laurie Louvier, Ken Johnson, Roberta Overstreet, Sissy Braus, Betty Merchant, Jeania Craus, Kim Turbeville, Jaden Trahan and James Nezat.


Back a few years ago, at da height of a political corruption trial in Lafayette, da prosecuting attorney, Oris Sellers, attacked da witness, Dudley LeBlanc.

“Isn’t it true,” sellers bellowed, “dat you accepted five tousan dollars to compromise dis case?”

Dudley him, jus stared out da window, as if he hadn’t heard da question.

Sellers half hollow again, “Isn’t it true dat you accepted five tousan dollars to compromise dis here case, Hahn?”

Dudley him, he still don’t respond.

Finally Judge Pat Broussard leaned over and said, “Mr. LeBlanc, please answer da question dat da lawyer is asking you.”

‘Oh,” said a startled Dudley, “I’m sorry Judge, me, I thought he was talking to you.”


Let me finish with this. Domestically our nation is on the right track. Our economy is strong. We tend to forget how bad things were just seven years ago during a big recession, when unemployment in the Triangle was 14.4 percent. Today it’s 7.2 percent. The United States oil output is the highest in 43 years and will continue its strong output despite falling oil prices. May was the highest production for any month since 1972. West Texas crude is forecast to average $55 a barrel this year and $62 in 2016. That is good news for consumers at the pump. Prices nationwide should average around $2.50 a gallon and lower than that on the Texas coast. Gas prices at the pump have gone down from $4.10 seven years ago to below $2.50. The Obama Administration also reported that wages and salaries advanced in the first quarter at the fastest pace in several years. American companies are having to offer bigger paychecks to attract skilled workers. Pay for civilian workers climbed 4.2 percent for the first three months in 2014. The increases in 2015 are Jan to March, 4.9 percent. Unemployment under the present administration has dropped from 10.2 percent to 5.2 percent. The Affordable Health Care Act, a little more than five years old has more than 16 million once uninsured people who have gained coverage. Americans can no longer be denied coverage because of preexisting conditions, women can‘t be charged more for being female and there are longer annual or lifetime caps on care citizens receive. Health Care faces a threat from the Republican controlled Supreme Court expected to rule by the end of the month on federal insurance subsidies, if they are available to all Americans or just those in states that created insurance marketplaces An adverse ruling could mean millions of citizens could lose coverage by being ineligible for subsides. The number of jobs opening in the U.S. surged to a 14 year high in April. Job growth is expected to get stronger in the coming months. Employers posted 5.4 million openings in April, up from 5.1 million in March and the most since 2000. One hundred thousand more of the jobs were in health care, 88,000 increases in trade, transportation and utilities and more than 44,000 in professional and business services. Labor reports 221,000 jobs added in April and 280,000 in May. The over eight million jobs lost during the Bush Administration are on the verge of being totally recovered. Domestically the U.S. economy is healthier than it has been in years. The auto industry that faced bankruptcy is now strong and home mortgages, which were raped by hedge fund managers, have recovered. The nation has come a long way. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.*****Thanks for your time. Please read us cover to cover. Shop our Family of Advertisers and check us out 24-7 at www.therecordlive.com. Take care and God bless.