Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between June 22 and the morning of June 23:

Damaged property, 611 Decatur St.

Burglar alarm, Lakeside Dr.

Burglary, 11 Colburn Ave.

Burglary, 1023 37th St.

Burglary, 523 W. Bilbo St.

Aggravated assault, 1703 16th St.

Warrant service, 1540 Strickland

Assist motorist, Old Hwy. 90 and Womack Rd.

Lost property, 1301 16th St.

Follow-up investigation, 201 8th St.

Aggravated robbery, 3701 16th St.

Cruelty toward child, 305 Burton

Follow-up investigation, 3701 N. 16th St.

Sexual offense, 201 8th St.

Aggravated assault, 1800 Maple Ave.