The nine lives taken at that historic South Carolina Church snaps us back to reality. Life has a way of reminding us of what really matters. It’s time to put people over politics. What kind of nation do we really want to be? *****Some of our friends here at home are facing some serious health problems. Dirk Flowers has an aggressive kind of cancer called Glioma. He went through brain surgery; the doctor was able to remove between 70 to 90 percent of the cancer. His pain is being managed and he’s able to get some rest. The cancer is incurable and will always try to grow back. He will undergo chemo and radiation. He is getting exceptional care. A fund raiser will be held Saturday, June 27 at the K.C, Hall in Bridge City. Live music by “Still Rockin Good Time Band,” live and silent auctions, BBQ plates etc. All donations will be accepted. This family can use your help and prayers. *****Our buddy Jimmy Dillon is still in a Houston hospital trying to get over a staph infection that puts the new dialysis port surgery on hold for three weeks. The good news is the doctor believes Jimmy has a good chance of getting the Peritoneal (PD) Port put into his stomach which will allow him to do dialysis at home. We pray that it will all work out until the next transplant. Two great guys, Dirk and Jimmy, going through tough times. When you boil it all down, the well being of our friends and family is all that really matters. To all of our faithful readers who are battling health problems we send God’s speed.***** I’ve got to move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Republicans all over the country are scrambling to quickly distance themselves from white supremacist groups whose views influenced Dylan Roof, who killed nine blacks at the ASC Church. Over the years, Earl Holt, president of the council of conservative citizens has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates. Four current GOP presidential candidates, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum, all received money from what is described as “A hate group.” The organization’s principles include the goal of ensuring that “The American people and U.S. Government should remain European in composition and character. They oppose all efforts to mix the races of mankind. The hate group has contributed to candidates including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert, State Sen. Konni Burton, State Rep. David Simpson and Texas Supreme Court Justice Jeff Brown and State Rep. Matt Schaefer just to mention a few out of hundreds of Republicans who have been taking donations from White Supremacist. Preaching hate has escalated over the years in the media, talk radio and FOX News in prime time. Words matter. They have consequences. Young people are impressible, they hear such things such as a statement like, ‘President Obama, our first black president, is not interested in being fair to all Americans.’ One FOX Talking Head refuses to refer to him as President Obama. He simply refers to him as Obama. A pure disrespect for the office. The constant bashing is designed to do just what it does. Last week we saw some of the results. *****Meanwhile, the Confederate flag becomes a focus of attention after the Charleston killings. Many Republicans, including office seekers, were quick to backpedal on their support of the flag flying on the South Carolina capital grounds. If the nine killings hadn’t occurred, it would be business as usual. On Sunday, in order to get back in the traces, several presidential candidates turned to the religious factor. It’s their trump card. Now they are all trying to out Christian each other hoping to get the Evangelical vote. One thing you can bet on is that no one supported by White Supremacist groups will ever be president of the U.S, America is awakened.


10 Years Ago-2005

Of the 75,000 students participating at the State UIL Solo and ensemble contest in Austin, Nicolas Allen, a 15 years old student at Bridge City high, was named the ‘Outstanding OBEO Soloist’ for the entire state. Scott Deppe is his instructor. Terry Stuebbing is Bridge City High principle. His parents are Jackie Allen, of Bridge City, and Larry Allen, of Alabama. (Editor’s note: Today Nicolas is 25 years old. I often wonder about how life has turned out for outstanding youngsters like Nicolas.)*****The University of Texas Longhorns wins the college baseball world series by beating Florida 6-2. *****Only 19 Americans were killed last week in Iraq. Four were women.*****John Patterson, our local boy in the Major League, pitched another win for the Washington Nationals, who have won 12 home games in a row and are in first place in the East by four games.*****Gunn Studio marks 60th anniversary. T.L. Gunn started the business in 1945 on Second Street, in Orange. He borrowed money from a friend, quit his job at the shipyard and opened his small photography shop. T.L.’s late son, Buzzy, was the second generation to operate the studio with his wife Dayle. Their son Chris became the third generation photographer and studio owner. (Editor’s note: Ten years later, Gunn’s Studio has fallen victim to digital photography. People today even take pictures with their cell phones. T.L. and Buzzy could have never imagined that special crafted portraits, real art, would go by the wayside. Gunn’s Studio is now closed but Chris, a gifted photographer, still can be hired by anyone wanting art work, one of a kind photography.)*****The Shrimp Boat Seafood and Bait opens for business June 27 on Hwy. 62 at Hwy. 105. Betty and Larkin Ricks, formerly owned Betty’s Seafood in Bridge City. (Editor’s note: Ten years have gone by since that opening. Betty has since passed away. The Shrimp Boat will celebrate its 10th anniversary next week on the Fourth of July.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Viola Bendy, 76, died June 27. Life had not always been easy for her. When she was a small child, her mother died. Unable to care for the large family her father gave all his children away to be raised by different families. Viola and her twin sister Violet were kept together at first then moved to many separate foster homes. Viola’s husband Allen went in search of her family. He found her sister Virginia. Her twin Violet had died in an accidental house fire. (Editor’s note: Viola was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. For many years she and Allen operated a small store across from Bridge City High School. Allen has also passed away. Good salt-of-the-earth people.)*****Rev. Homer William Reynolds, 73, of Orange, died Sunday, June 26. He was a minister with the House Prayer Ministries. He also was a Korean veteran. *****Larry Wayne Cormier, 51, of Orange, died June 16 at Baptist Hospital in Beaumont. *****Tommie Lackey Dewey, 42, of Orange, died June 11. She was a waitress and died at home. She is survived by daughter Mindy Haney and parents Thomas and Linda Lackey.*****Russell “R.J.” Gregg, 30, of Orange, died June 19 at his residence. He is survived by his mother Effie Lula Gregg. *****Gene Hutchison, 53, of Orange, died June 20. He is survived by daughter Emily, son Eric, brother Bobby and sister Melissa Ducote. *****Randy Leroy Matlock, 43, a former resident of Orangefield, died June 26. Service was held June 29, at Dorman Funeral Home. *****Clifton O’Banion, Jr., 80, of Orange, died Saturday, June 25 at Pinehurst Nursing Home. 

35 Years Ago-1980

Al McKay, of Bridge City Cablevision, says about 100 homes per week will be hooked up starting with the area nearest the earth station on Roundbunch. Bridge City Cablevision offers an abundance of viewing selections, including Home box Office and Showtime. City wide installations should be complete in four months.*****This week Dupuis Gulf becomes the Bridge City area’s Michelin Tire dealer.*****Orange native Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown holds homecoming concert at the Frances Ann Lutcher theater.*****Bridge City police officer, Sgt. Robert Cole, has just completed a two-month course at the FBI Academy, in Quantico, Virginia. Andy Verret is police chief.*****Bridge City high pitcher Pat Meeks makes a good showing at the Texas High School All Star game in the Astrodome. The Southwest lost 5-4.*****BCHS varsity cheerleaders, Gina Goodyear, Kellie Little, Lori Wagner, Adam Hollier, Angi Boudreaux, Theresa Benoit, Tina Sigler and Tammy Emerson have just returned from cheerleader camp in Nacogdoches.*****Young ladies becoming teenagers this week are Venessa McCurry, on June 27 and little Ann Lieby, on June 29.*****The Twin County Dodgers are pee-wee baseball champions. Team members are Chris Parkhurst, Hunter Lewis, David Mosley, Jason Babcock, Art Morgan, Brad Ford, Daniel Lilyquist, Greg Goldsmith, Chad Ellis, Joy Tinsley and Randy Lucia. Sweetheart is Melody Mosley. *****OCP “Edgar Awards” banquet held. “Miracle Worker” captured several awards for best production. Louis Dugas received the producer’s award, Charles Fergusson director’s award, Diana Hill was awarded best actress for her role in “Annie,”Mel Smith was awarded best actor for his “Same Time Next Year” role. Faye Speer received the “Golden Hab” prize for her backstage efforts. A special award was given to Bob Jones, OCP president and 18 year member. The first “Edgar Award” was presented to Betty and Edgar Brown. Other award winners were Jean and Claude Hamerly and Jimmie Hart.


I was sorry to learn about the death of John David Crow, the boy from Springhill, LA., who won the Heisman Trophy at Texas A&M in 1957. He played for coach Bear Bryant. Crow was the school‘s only Heisman winner until Johnny Manziel in 2012. When I first met Crow he had helped A&M win their first Southwest Conference championship in many years. A story few know about goes like this. John and another football player went into Nezzie‘s Place, on Hwy. 21, after it was closed and took some beer. The law caught them. Coach Bryant picked them up at the police station, turned on the stadium lights and ran them until daylight. Don Kashtik, of Orange, was a teammate of Crow‘s at A&M and one of the Junction Boys. John David, after an all-pro career, spent his life at Texas A&M. If there ever was a “Mr. Aggie“ John David Crow is it. He died on June 17. He would have been 80 years old next month. *****Rosalie Clark is always on the go but she will have to learn to take slower, smaller steps. While with her sister at the hospital she fell and fractured her shoulder. She was working on their 50th class reunion and put off her injury until Judge Pat insisted on an MRI. Today Ms. Rosalie is in a sling. *****Phillip Welch stopped by last week. He had pretty Shanna driving him around while his car got serviced. Phillip enjoys his job at Kountz ISD. *****David Cagle, Constable Pct. 2, attended the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Institute of Texas. The course was Advanced Civil Process. David is doing a great job for his constituents. *****Last week, Jason Chandler and son Jace braved the weather to watch the Astros at Minute Maid Park. They said a little tropical rain wouldn’t keep them from enjoying a good game. *****We were glad to hear Sammy Owens, former Orange County Flood Plain Director is on the mend. He had a scare but is doing great. *****Jayme Martin found the huge gum ball wall while visiting Seattle last week. Its not known if she left one. Bet she did. *****Congratulations to Jill Lack Segura on her job at LIT.

*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. On June 24, our friend and former employee, who now works for the Stark Foundation, mother of twins Mason and Luke, Amanda Adams celebrates. Also celebrating on this day is Dwayne’s better half, Kathy Marsh, who’s put up with the clown for several years now. They are joined by Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac, who turns 67, Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles, 28 and actress Mindy Kaling, 35. This also would have been the birthday of the late Buckshot Winfree. He died July 2010. Hard to believe five years have already gone by. *****On June 25, Pct. 1 Constable Chris Humble, who misses Judge Peck celebrates. Also Linda Taylor and Erin McFarlane. They are joined by singers George Michael, 51 and Carly Simon, 69, actors Jimmie Walker, (J.J. on Good Times), 67 and June Lockhart, 89.  This day I remember quite well, it was the start of the Korean War in 1950. *****June 26 finds Cil’s other half, Shelby Dixon celebrating. Also Hogan Steel’s Claudine Hogan, Judy Cagle, Jan Henry, Phyllis David, David Kimbell and Barbara Whitrock. They join baseball player Derek Jeter, 40, football player Michael Vick, 34 and country singer Gretchen Wilson, 41.*****On June 27, two good ole’ boys, Jody Raymer, who keeps company with two beautiful women and our star reporter, man about town David Ball celebrate. Happy birthday also to Dorris Norwood, Euel’s better half, Shanna Scott, Trevor Kimball and Jeri Whitmire. They are joined by Khloe Kardashian, 30, Spider Man, Tobey Maquire, 39 and entrepreneur Ross Perot, 84. This was also the day in 2013 that Jerry Wimberly died. *****On June 28,Kelly Kimbrough celebrates as does Tina Bernard, Karen Tomlin and Kourtney Derouen. They are joined by country singer Kellie Pickler, 28 and football player John Elway, 54. On June 28, 1957, 58 years ago, Hurricane Audrey slammed into the Louisiana coast and killed over 500 people and thousands of livestock. Thirty foot tidal waves destroyed everything in its path.*****On June 29, two lovely ladies we go back many years with will celebrate. Longtime legal secretary Barbara Mulhollan and little Ann Lieby, Ann and Tim’s little girl. Also celebrating are Jana Fisette, Katie Keneson, Cobey Sonnier and Lester Morris. They join actors Gary Busey, 70 and Cara Williams, 89. *****On June 30, Mayor Roy McDonald marks another birthday. Also Chris Huebel, Nancy Wood, Betty Derrick and Sonya Jarreau. They join boxer Mike Tyson, 48 and country singer Cole Swindell, 31. Happy birthday to all. *****We were glad to hear our friend Allison Nixon got through surgery, is home and continuing to make progress. Good luck Allison, we hope you continue to do well. *****Happy 40th to Tammy Aaron Droddy. Wishing you many more.*****We hear Jag and Bryer Gray, sons of Jody and Kendra, attended the TABC Basketball camp at Southwestern University, Georgetown, last week. They were awarded Exceptional Camper and MVP of the camp. Future Bobcats working hard. *****Deputy Perry Swinney has a new grand doll….Hanna. Perry says they don’t come any sweeter.*****The Record’s Mark Dunn is returning to Honduras to spend time with Alex Paz and the Paz family in San Pedro Sula. Alex (Alejandro) is the 11 year old son of Karina Paz of Miami, a companion of Mark who passed away following cancer surgery last June. After her death, Alex went to live with Karina’s family in Honduras. Mark and the Paz family have planned a trip to Lake of Yojoa in the mountains of central Honduras and to Tela on the Caribbean Sea. They will also travel to Chuloteca to visit Alessia Lagos. For the past three years Mark has provided for Alessia’s education at the Catholic University of Honduras. She will graduate this December with a degree in Business Administration.*****Last week, Mike Faulk was seen having fun at the beach with his grandsons.*****A sweet baby boy, who is loved very much by his siblings, baby Harrison, son of Todd and Melissa Hollier Louper turns six weeks old this week.*****It’s a bad year for produce. I’ve checked all my sources and it seems no one made more tomatoes than they can eat. Cucumber crop is also bad. Our buddy Tommy Simar, who is a great gardener says his crop was a bust. He’s looking forward to a good fig crop. He has plenty of Muscadine grapes in the freezer for sale. Give Sue a call at 883-3619. 


Ronnie Broussard, Barbara Garza, Wesley Smith, Amanda Adams, Judy Gerrald, Kathy Marsh, Erin McFarlane, Chris Humble, Linda Taylor, Becky Hodgkinson, Marie Williamson, Phyllis Davis, Reggie Rogers, Jan Henry, Judy Cagle, Rodney Davis, Sherby Dixon, Barbara Whitrock, Bridgett Teaff, Claudine Hogan, David Kimbell, Jessica Simon, Kristin Lollar, Shanna MacCammond, Shanna Scott, Trevor Kimbell, Jimmy Marshall, Jody Raymer, Dorris Norwood, Jeff Bourdier, Jeri Whitmire, Al Baas, Joan Cummings, Karen Tomlin, Kourtney Derouen, Leighia Barron, Tina Bernard, Brett Barclay, Connie Berry, Eric Broom, Kelly Kimbrough, Jana Fisette, Lester Morris, Nancy George, Cobey Sonnier, Rebecca Griffin, Barbara Mulhollan, David Sandlin, Katie Keneson, Chris Huebel, Nancy Wood, Beverly Haggard, Mary Beth McClure, Roy McDonald, Sonya Jarreau, Deanna Shuford, Eula Waters, Frances Osborn and Betty Derrick.


A young lawyer, Jean Ouellet, las year graduated from da LS&U law school. He join da law firm of Pierre Piccione, Carl Duhon and Harold Domingue. Jean’s first case was defending Alfred ‘Smitty’ Landry, a wealthy businessman wat operated coin machines throughout Sou’h Louisiana. It was a complicated lawsuit. Unfortunately, da evidence was against Jean’s client. He feared da worse so Jean ax Piccione, da senior partner, if it would be appropriate to send presiding judge Marcus Broussard a box of Havana cigars. Piccione him was horrified. “Da judge him, is an honorable man,” said the senior partner. “If you do dat, I can guarantee you will lose da case.”

A few weeks later, Judge Broussard ruled on da case in favor of da young lawyer’s client. Piccione, da older lawyer, took young Jean to lunch to congratulate him on da win.

“Aren’t you glad you didn’t send dose cigars to da judge?”

“But I did send dem me,” replied da young lawyer, “I jus enclosed the plaintiff’s lawyer Lester Gauthier’s business card.”


First our condolences to the families of those who have passed away in the last few days. Jackie Girlinghouse, 57, died June 14, Gene Atkins, 78, died June 16, Helen Porterfield, 87, died June 17, Melvin Hammock, 89, died June 17, Shea Mayo, 25, died June 17, Truett Hawley, 96, died June 21, Betty Fulmer, 85, died June 22. Please see obituaries. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and next week also. Everyone always welcome. *****Earl Thomas will start his football camp this Friday. He will first meet with the class at OCARC and they are excited about him coming by. *****Sam Moore has opened the Zone Baseball Academy in Bridge City behind the Little League Park. Please see ad in this publication. *****The folks here at Harmon’s Used Cars have really been rolling out some nice cars and customers have been making great buys. Hand picked cars are arriving daily. If you need a good college car, work car, pickup or family auto, don’t buy until you check out Harmon’s on MacArthur. *****Read us cover to cover and please shop our family of advertisers when you can. If you plan to advertise locally no media reaches more local consumers than The Record Newspapers, in Bridge City/Orangefield and the greater Orange area. It pays to advertise in The Record. *****I’ve got to go. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.