​In the early 20th Century when timber was king, there were sawmills and sawmill towns located throughout East Texas. One town was Aldridge. It was located northwest of Jasper near the Neches River. At its peak Aldridge had the sawmill, company store and housing for the mill hands. After the second fire at the mill Aldridge’s insurance company told him they would no longer give any coverage to his mill unless he built fireproof housing for his equipment. Aldridge built two large concrete buildings for his steam generation equipment and mill motors.
In 1922 the mill was closed and all the buildings torn down. The two concrete buildings were too strongly built, so holes were knocked in the sides and the machinery pulled out. The two buildings stand in the regrowth that has become the Angelina National Forest. They are near the Boykin Springs Recreational Area. The location is on part of the Sawmill Hiking Trail.
The area is easily accessible, but caution needs to be taken due to the number of feral hogs in the area.