The weeks are going by so quickly. July has arrived and brought summer with it. Over the last week, we’ve had alligator attack that took a life. Multiple fires have burned structures in downtown Orange. I suspect there’s a fire bug around. In South Carolina, the Legislature voted to take the Rebel flag down. You know what’s funny? That flag was the Virginia battle flag, not South Carolina’s. Their flag was different. Oh well, on a beautiful note: First Baptist Church of Bridge City marks their 75th anniversary on July 11. It was established in the Prairie View community in 1940. The church and its members have always played an important part in the community. On July 12, the anniversary celebration will be held with a special service and luncheon.*****Despite things being slow in the summer, our writers and staff have come up with some good stories and other material. Read us cover to cover. We’re always thankful to our family of advertisers for their support. We ask our readers to patronize them when they can. I’ve got to get going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


We were disappointed to learn that the Greater Orange Area Chamber had hired an out-of-town firm for a “Shop Local” promotion. They are asking local businesses to send their advertising dollars to Beaumont to be spent in a variety of ways. Your local hometown newspapers are not included in the promotion. In fact, competition is being created for them in the most important months of the year. Local newspapers struggle through the summer and hope to make it in the fall. We certainly don’t need the out-of-town competition. Your hometown newspapers, The Vidorian and Shopper, The Record Newspapers and The Orange Leader together cover the county like a blanket. Reaching over 80 percent of consumers. No other media or combination of media outlets can top that. Without the hometown newspapers in the mix, it’s not giving the merchants the best value for their buck. It doesn’t make sense to promote “Shop Local” and not use the hometown media, who are around year in and year out, promoting free community activities for churches, civic groups, school news, fund raiser for needy families or for funds to bury loved ones. The Record Newspapers promotes local  happenings year round and so do all the hometown newspapers. We also report city, school and county government news weekly. Your Orange County hometown newspapers afford fifty families a livelihood through employment. Out-of-town promoters don’t have local employees. No media outlet is more in contact with the local citizens than your local hometown newspaper. We go into more homes and reach more citizens. We highlight the youth, the elderly and everyone in between with feature stories. We record history and play a big part in the lives of many families who look forward to our papers.We also offer free obituaries. The Vidor paper and the Penny Record have been the hometown papers for nearly 60 years and the Orange Leader is well over 100 years old. We are all local businesses, supported by local business. The Orange Leader, in their weekend edition, ran an editorial that we agree with. “The Chamber is asking local businesses to spend money which will assist a county other than Orange.” We would like to be part of any promotion that helps local business but regardless, we will continue to offer the best buy in local advertising. We hope businesses will think about that before they buy into an out-of-town promotion. At least save a few dollars for local advertising. We reach local customers while serving our communities with a free publication. 


10 Years Ago-2005

Ground is broken on the IH-10 corridor in Orange by partners Jack Patel, Bobby Patel, Peter Patel and Atul Patel  to build a 73 unit Holiday Inn Express hotel. None of the Patel partners are related however they are like brothers according to Jack. He is a native of England but his parents moved from India where the Patel name is as common as Smith or Jones in the U.S. Jack has been a resident of Orange since 1996.*****Belles of St. Mary.” In October, St. Mary Church will celebrate its 120th anniversary. Three sisters, Daisy, 84, Pearl, 78 and Theresa, 76, have been members and volunteers and behind the scenes workers at the church. “We do everything together and none of us ever married, said Pearl.St. Mary’s has been a part of our lives all of our lives.” (Editor’s note: I recall all three of those beautiful ladies. Pearl worked for Modern and Harmon Chevrolet, Daisy and Theresa worked at the phone company. I was just wonder what their status is today and if they are still with us. Maybe Judge Pat will know.)*****Lutcher Stark’s 1909 Hupmobile has been carefully restored by Ronald Collins and is now on display at the Carriage House, of the historic William H. Stark home, Lutcher’s boyhood home. Collins gives presentations on the car and the restoration.*****Former Bridge City High teacher Jeanne Wood, now Kern, has published her first Novel “Trips and Whales and Puppy Dog Tales.” The inspiration for one of the characters, Sebastian, was a Basset hound belonging to a former student Bo Worrell, class of 1974. Jeanne wrote the romance book, with a dose of humor, under the pen name Jeanne Bruce. After 30 years in Bridge City she married and moved to Lincoln, Nebraska. (Editor’s note: From time to time we hear from Jeanne. She reads us on the web. Her students loved her, especially those boys in the early 70’s. Bo Worrell was a character in his own right, not unlike his dog Sebastian. That period of B.C. students were a great bunch of youngsters. Many years ago, I heard Bo lives in Houston. I don’t know what has become of him. He was a B.C. track and football star on Chief Wilson’s final team.*****Pitcher John Patterson, the Orange Texas boy who pitches for the Washington Nationals, pitched one heck of  a game against Philadelphia only to end up with his 10th No-Decision, 1-0. John leads the league in ND’s. He’s throwing great, just can’t get the runs from teammates.*****Deegan King celebrates his second birthday July 10. His parents are Richard and Shandi King.*****Peggy Claybar, Tommy Harmon and Carlis Roy also celebrate birthdays.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Billy Edwin Featherston, 74, of Orange, died July 4 at his home following a long battle with cancer. He is survived by wife Nell, son Jon and daughter Jan and their families.*****Brad Louis Lapeyrolerie, Jr., 36, of Bridge City, died Friday, July 8. The police detective lost his battle with Cystic Fibrosis. Service were held July 12. Survivors include wife Nancy, daughter Kaylee and parents Brad and Brenda. He was a fine young man respected by everyone who knew him.*****Richard “Dick“ Dunlap Adams, 82, died July 9. He was very active in the community with the Boy Scouts, Lions Club, Chamber, SCORE, Kiwanis, United Way, Orange Christian Services, K.C. and Orange Planning and Zoning commissioner, Orange Community Players and St. Mary Church.*****Sharon Robinett, 64, died July 10. She is survived by daughters Gina and Joni and son Koby and their families.*****Ozita Trahan, 78, of West Orange, died July 10. She was a native of Cow Island, LA. Survivors include Wilson Trahan, her husband of 62 years, sons Billy, Earl, Roger, Ricky and Robert and their families.*****The Rev. W.E. Gamblin, 92, of Orange, died July 10. A native of Mississippi, he had resided in Orange 42 years. He was a retired pastor of First United Pentecostal Church in Orange. Brother Gamblin was well respected and loved by everyone.*****Katherine R. Smith, 79, of Bridge City, died Sunday July 10. She was the daughter of William St. Elmo and Ruby Young, Bridge City pioneers. Those left to cherish her memory are son and daughter-in-law, Stewart and Kathy Duckworth, daughters Betty and husband Robert Vail, sisters Sue Bailey and Mary Knost.*****Verdon “Pete” Willbanks, 80, of Orangefield, died July 9. Survivors include wife Eva Jane Granger Willbanks and son Josh Willbanks.

35 Years Ago-1980

Celebrating birthdays last week on July 5th were John Lieby, 14, Robert Mann and Dr. Rod Fisette.*****Dr. David Olson was installed as Bridge City Rotary Club president in a dinner held at Wayside Inn. Ken Wyatt was named Rotarian of the Year. Orange mayor Major Inman was installing officer. Other guests were Jim Stelly and Floyd Aubin. Outgoing Rotary president is C.R. Nash.****H.D. Pate and daughters Shelly and Penny, caught the Jerry Jeff show at the Palace, in Beaumont. He’s changed his image; he’s clean cut, short haired and wore no cowboy clothes, leaving behind the Urban Cowboy image. Penny knew all the words to Jerry’s songs. Pate’s favorite was “L.A. Freeway.”*****Barney Lockhart Morris is new Orange Rotary president replacing Jim Stelly. Morris, born in Houston, graduated from Washington University, St. Louis, as a CPA. He was a WWII Navy combat intelligence officer. He served Orange and East Texas as chamber president. Installation was at Sunset Grove. Special recognition went to Frank Rudlaty. R.J. Conway, John Levy, Dave Wiltshire, Dianne Grooms, Marty Conway, Billie Rae Stelly and Frances Pearson. Jim Stelly presented the “Stark Pin” to Morris, who will keep it under lock and key till the next presentation.*****J.H. Vickers celebrated his 84th birthday a couple of weeks ago.*****The Dunn family sells the Opportunity Valley News in Orange, the Community Post in Port Arthur and Triangle Press in Beaumont to Cox Enterprises. The deal was made on June 5, Dunn’s birthday, and became effective July 5. Bill Meroney, publisher of the P.A News, is president of the newly acquired Dunn holdings. John Dubose is treasurer and Ken Murrell general manager. Dunn will continue as a consultant for the next five years. All present employees will be retained. The weekly publications are the fastest growing papers in the state. Triangle Press prints several newspapers, magazines and other job printing. The press will be moved to Port Arthur and the name will remain the same. (Editor’s note: The name is still used today in Orange, even after changing ownership five times.)


We were sorry to learn about the death of Merle Caillier, 86, who passed away on July 4. Service will be held July 9, at St. Mary Catholic Church. We first met Ms. Merle and husband Tony around 1952 when we were all young. They had opened Veterans Grocery on Dupont Dr. The store is still in operation in the Cove. Tony and Merle raised a great family, Jackie, Kathryn, Jerry and Ralph. Today their children and spouses have produced a large family of offspring. Our condolences to the family. She was truly the salt of the earth and a wonderful lady.*****Let history record that Justice of the Peace, Roy Derry Dunn, on June 30, 2015, performed the first same-sex wedding between Kathy Ann Krest and Christy Lee Weldon. Dist. Judge Dennis Powell waived the 72-hour waiting period. The United States Supreme Court legalized the marriage of same-sex couples on Friday, June 26. Orange County issued seven licenses on June 30, the first day available, but only one wedding took place on that day. It is against the law to perform weddings and refusing to perform same-sex marriages. That is why some JP’s no longer will perform any wedding. Do them all are do none, is the law of the land. David Ball has also been ordained and preformed a same-sex wedding in Beaumont Saturday.*****Judge Janice Menard was seen in the jewelry department at Sam‘s Club. I hope she got something nice.*****Stevee Pachuca and Orange County employee Valarie Guice are tying the knot. County employees are very happy for Valerie.*****I ran into Heather Montagne the other day. She is expecting a little girl on Sept. 12. Her son Blaze turns 16 on July 28. His preference would have been a little brother to play with but what he hadn’t considered is that he will be in college by the time the kid is old enough to play. I know Heather and Mike Mankopf are excited bout the little bundle of joy plus there are plenty of folks waiting to spoil her.*****Brianna Verdine, age 15,  has just been diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia, a neuro-muscular disease that affects Cajuns specifically. Her mother, Lisa, has no means to pay for the extra things she’ll need and what is coming is pretty awful. This disease is cruel and merciless and day by day it will rob this child of what we take for granted. They are not financially able to pay for the added expenses plus, have no dependable vehicle to take Brianna to the hospital. Currently they are having to rent a car for the trips and can’t afford lodging. If you can help please go to Brianna’s story at therecordlive.com and click on the link for information.*****Jerry Duncan was seen at Planet Fitness in Orange. Keep up the good work Jerry.*****Angel Sehon and Kaitlyn Louvier are in New York this week. They met up with Kyra Reinstra-Day, who has been there for two weeks. They are really enjoying being in the “Big Apple.”*****Judge Carlton will be out of the office next week. It is not known if he will be on vacation, training or military. Safe travels Judge.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. On July 8, KeeKee and Nancy Dupuis lovely daughter Elizabeth celebrates as does Margie Bean, Joe Segrest, Sandy Kauifinan and Anita Hennigan. They are joined by actors Kevin Bacon, 56, Anjelica Huston, 63 and country singer Toby Keith, 53.*****July 9 finds Patrick Halliburton, Clark Eastman, Linda Dews, Shelly Manning, Mike Hale and Liz Barclay celebrating. They join actors Tom Hanks, 58, and Jimmy Smits, 59 and football player O.J. Simpson, 67. This also would have been Ms. Phyl’s mom, Amy’s birthday. Also Francine Tuppen died on this day in 2014. *****July 10, our friend of many years, longtime BCISD employee, sweet Donna Riley, celebrates. So does Bertie Seitz, Dale Avant, Henry Woodard and Paula Auffurth. They share birthdays with actress Sofia Vergara, 42, singer Jessica Simpson, 34 and country singer Arlo Guthrie, 67.*****On July 11, our buddy Dayle Gunn Weatherford celebrates. Also Nurse Practitioner Lana Griffith, Michael Brinson and Cleon Hogan. Celebrities celebrating on this day are singer Richie Sambora, 55, designer Giorgio Armani, 80 and Nadya Suleman, 39, the Octo-Mom.*****July 12, our friend, Orange County Treasurer Christy Khoury, celebrates. Also pretty Josette Webb, who misses Charles every day, Sue Bearden, former County Commissioner, also has a birthday and Dera Breaux and Craig Simmons. They are joined by actor Bill Cosby, 77, Spiderman 3 actor Topher Grace and exercise guru Richard Simmons, 66. This also would have been the birthday of Roy’s mom Marie.*****July 13 finds Virginia “Ms. Ginny” Cox, Millard’s better half, turning 87. She has put up with Cox 67 years and she deserves to have a great day. A beautiful and sweet lady Donna Peterson also celebrates on this day as does Steve Sarver and Coach Billy Bryant. They are joined by actors Harrison Ford, 72, and Cheech Marin, 68 of Cheech and Chong,  and boxer Michael Spinks, 58.*****On July 14, longtime school principle, Terry’s better half, Ella Stuebing celebrates; so does Ledia Miller and a great guy, Dee’s other half and David’s big brother, Calvin Rutledge. They are joined by country singer Jamey Johnson, football player Sean Smith, 27 and Dancing with the Stars Peta Mergratroid, 28.*****Welcome to newborn Livia Kate Jones, daughter of Sarah and Trent Jones. We bet she is the center of daddy’s world.*****Congratulations to Cassie Carr and Bradley Freeman. He popped the question in Colorado and she said “Yes!”*****Spotted fishing were Gabby Tims and Papaw John Moore on Gabby’s 13th birthday. She caught the big one, maybe next time Papaw John.*****Lenora and Brenner Sayers attended the 11th ACR Cambodia “D Company” reunion in Louisville, Kentucky. We will forever be grateful for your service.*****Happy 46th anniversary to our good friends Larry and Sue Hagen. Wishing you many more happy years.*****Its really nifty Kim Dugas Peveto is now 50. Happy birthday Kim, we wish you many more.*****Orange County Department Heads and Elected Officials will be attending a Leadership Development Training Program on Thursday afternoon at the Expo Center. This training is being hosted by County Judge Carlton. All attending will receive a certificate.*****Happy 45th anniversary to Terry and Evelyn Vaughn. Evelyn is the retired court coordinator for Judge David Peck. Evelyn is one lucky lady, Terry surprised his bride with a brand new 2015 Stingray Corvette convertible.


“Tenot” Comeaux was sitting at da bar at Tee-Boy’s downing one drink after anutta. He was pretty well loaded wen tree, big, ugly bikers comes into da joint and sits at a table in da corner. 

Comeaux get up him and stagger to da biker’s table. He leans over, looks da meanest, ugliest biker in da face and half-slobbering, he says, “I went by you grandma’s house dis morning, I saw her in da hallway, buck naked. Man, dat old gal is a fine looking woman, her.”

Dat biker looks at him and don’t say a word. His buddies dem don’t understand because Bubba is da badest biker dere is.

Comeaux leans over da table again and says, “I got it on wit you grandma, she’s really something her.”

The biker’s buddies are really puzzled Bubba him, don’t say nutten.

Comeaux him, leans way over da table one more time and says, “I’ll told you something else boy, you grandma like it.”

At dis point Bubba, da mean biker, jumped up, grabbed dat drunk by da shoulders, looks him square in da eyes and say, “Grandpa, you drunk you, now go home.”


Job growth in the U.S. is bright; 223,000 jobs were added in June. The labor market appears to be gaining momentum. Many economists expect stronger job gains over the next six months. An encouraging sign for the labor market is a surge in housing sales and new home construction. Nationwide unemployment is at its lowest in 15 years at 5.3 percent. Six years ago, it was at 10.2 percent. Here at home, Orange County currently is at 5.8 percent, down from 7.5 percent last year and 13.7 percent in 2008. Consumer spending, which accounts for over two-thirds of the economy, continues to grow as Americans spend more from cheap gasoline savings. The sales tax revenue throughout Orange County is stronger then it has been in years, a sign that local business are seeing more traffic and consumers are making larger purchases. According to our advertisers, more consumers are shopping at home when possible. Many are avoiding taking IH-10 when not necessary. The Jefferson County plant expansions that are in the works will create thousands of construction jobs and shortage of housing. Our time is around the corner, The Record Newspapers are proud to be a part of  and are excited about the future in our little part of Texas. All the country needs is a Jobs Bill to improve our infrastructure, repair and replace many of our bridges, government buildings, highways, schools etc. There will be more jobs than we have workers for which will lead to higher wages and build a strong middle class. I believe a Jobs Bill will be the first priority of the next president.*****A memorial service was held Tuesday, July 7 for Annabelle Stringer, 97. While working at the Mary Ann Café on Green  Ave. she met and married Bill Stringer. He had the Gulf station across the street. Bill passed away in 1983. They had three children Betty Trotter, Bill Jr. and our longtime friend, pretty Peggy Claybar. Condolences to all. Please see obituary.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at PK’s Grill this week and Robert’s next. Everyone always welcome. *****I’ve got to move on, thanks for your time and loyalty. Take care and God bless.