Three abandoned houses burned in the City of Orange on the following dates: 902 Sholars was burned twice, the garage was burned first on June 29 and the house was burned on July 5. The location of the other houses are 612 Cypress Avenue, July 04, at 4:42 pm and 1207 Park Ave., at10:24 pm.

Arson was suspected in all of the incidents. Orange Police Detective T. Hilyar and Orange Fire Department Arson Investigator J. Bilbo investigated the fires.

Wednesday July 8, two female juveniles, ages 12 and 14, were taken into custody for the arsons. On Thursday July 9, another female juvenile, 13 years of age, was also taken into custody. A possible fourth suspect is being investigated.

Charges of arson, a second degree felony, will be filed through the Orange County Juvenile Probation Department and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.