Officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls between July 7 and July 13:

July 7:

Disturbance/assault, 8207 Glenwood, Orange

Disturbance/assault/family violence (arrest), 2620 Havens Rd., Vidor

July 8:

Suspicious person/public intoxication (arrest), 12099 FM 1442/Crawdad’s

Aggravated assault w/ firearm/possession, 8555 Edgar Dr.

Threats, 357 Great House Rd., Vidor

Burglary in progress, 185 Tyler Dr., Orange

Juvenile problem/deadly conduct (firearm), 2215 Honeysuckle Dr., Orange

Criminal mischief, 795 Courmier, Vidor

Burglary of habitation, 3561 Roundbunch Rd., Orange

Burglary of habitation, 2120 Carla St., Vidor

Burglary of habitation/failure to identify, 205 Border St., Orange

Warrant service, 4301 27th St.,/Executive Inn and Suites, Orange

July 9:

Possession of synthetics, IH-10 W./Jackson, Orange

Burglary of habitation, 2120 Carla St., Vidor

Death investigation, 8803 Dana Cr., Orange

Theft, 205 Border St., Orange

July 10:

Burglary of habitation, 9108 Old Hwy. 87, Orange

Theft from motor vehicle, 1480 Freeway Blvd. E, Rose City

Harassment, 2442 Eva St., Orange

Assault, 4061 Ella St., Vidor

Cruelty to animals, 490 Burris, Rose City

Burglary of habitation, 4061 Ella Ln., Vidor

Cruelty to animals, 1944 Snyder, Rose City

Sexual assault/interfering with emergency call, 9375 Hoffpauir Rd., Orange

July 11:

Burglary of building, 11037 FM 1130, Orange

Theft, 4061 Ella Ln., Vidor

Disturbance/assault, 4270 Main Ave., Vidor

Check wanted, Hwy. 12 at Vidor Middle School, Vidor

Disturbance/assault, 9108 Old Hwy. 87, Orange

Theft, 1475 Ricky St., Vidor

Burglary of habitation, 1175 Kenwood Dr., Vidor

Public intoxication, 4000 block Hwy. 12, Vidor

July 12:

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 6590 Tulane, Orange

Fraud, 210 Berwick, Bridge City

Missing person, 2243 Third St., Orange

July 13:

Burglary of building, 9108 Old Hwy. 87, Orange

Mental Health concern, 3 Stradford, Orange

Theft, 11845 Hwy. 62/Crawdad’s, Orange

Suspicious person, 230 Regina Dr., Vidor

Disturbance/criminal mischief, 9508 Hwy. 12, Orange

Theft, 880 Scott St., Orange

July 14:

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 4453 FM 408, Orange

Possession of methamphetamine, Spoonemore and Tram, Vidor