Kerstin Mullins of Orange is living her dream.

The president of Pups In Peril, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to saving dogs of all ages and breeds by rescuing, rehabilitating and placing them in loving forever homes, according to their website, is building a no-kill shelter in Beaumont for dogs. The shelter is 100 feet by 35 feet sits on seven acres. There are 17 dogs that are housed there already and Mullins said PIP is “not even close to being finished.” The shelter will serve the entire Southeast Texas.

“I’ve always been a dog lover,” she said. “This is my dream. I’m an emotional rescuer; I want to save a life.”

The shelter is a horse barn. Kennels need to be put in and some things need to be torn out. More concrete needs to be poured and sheetrock laid for the interior and exterior.

“It’s a work in progress,” she said. “This is our biggest project. It’s non-stop work.”

There’s one fenced-in play area now, but other fencing is needed for different play yards. Insulation will be needed later before winter arrives and also to keep the noise down. Mullins said they received a “super offer” for spray-in insulation, but they need donations to do so.

Industrial fans are being used for the moment but PIP wants air conditioning.

Bedding is also needed.

There’s a washer and dryer at the barn and they hope one day to install a tub/grooming area.

“We’ve took in six dogs this past week and two puppies found under a garbage can. We continue to be short on foster homes,” she said.   

PIP used North Orange Veterinary Clinic, Ruddy and Wilcox in Groves.

“We encourage donations directly to our vet clinics,” Mullins said.

All of the dogs adopted from Pups In Peril must be either spayed or neutered and have have all of their mandatory vaccinations.

Down the road, PIP would like to build another shelter for puppies, smaller dogs and pregnant dogs.

Pups in Peril was founded in Orange and they helped start the Pinehurst shelter four years ago.

“Pinehurst hasn’t have to kill in four years. They worked hand in hand with Pups In Peril. But you look at the Pinehurst facility and it needs to be renovated,” Mullins said. “It takes over your life. It’s a family effort. Our friends and volunteers are family. We like to have fun too.”

She added that you encounter some of the cruelest people to animals doing this kind of volunteer work but you also meet people who help.

Pups In Peril is a no kill, volunteer rescue organization, serving the Golden Triangle Area of Southeast Texas. It is their mission to rescue dogs left homeless and in danger for whatever reason.

“We place dogs in responsible, loving, committed forever homes, following an in depth adoption process, which includes finding the best match possible for our rescues as well as educating potential adopters about the responsibilities and costs associated with dog ownership,” their mission statement read.

“Dogs in our rescue receive any veterinary care necessary, as well as all vaccinations recommended. All rescues will be spayed or neutered. All rescues are placed in loving foster homes until adoption. We assist dogs of all ages or breeds regardless of ease of placement.”

They depend solely on donations received from the general public and they simply cannot take in an unlimited number of dogs. Dogs with the greatest need will be their first priority.

Furthermore, Pups In Peril remains interested and committed to the dog well beyond the adoption process.

To contact Pups In Peril, call 409-440-3747, or, or, or visit them on Facebook.