Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses from July 16-31:

Pizza Hut #2716, 1720 Lutcher Dr., Orange – Gasket on front cooler needs to be repaired;  shelves; thermometers needed inside cooler and freezers; storage shelves, walls and ceilings need to be cleaned of old food/dust; paint coming off ceiling and corner of wall needs to be repaired and vents above fryers need to be cleaned of old grease. Score – 91

Get N Go #2, 2419 16th St., Orange – Need to date all sandwiches inside cooler/freezer; pulled several expired foods from shelves and slushi machine needs to be cleaned of old foods. Score – 89

Shiver Shack, 6928-B N. Hwy. 87, Orange – Pre-opening inspection, no score

Sonic Drive Inn, 1265 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Front plate on floor in walk-in cooler and freezer needs to be repaired; floors, equipment and area around fryers needs to be cleaned of old food/grease; light shields need to be cleaned and need to repair missing floor grout. Score – 94

Pilot Travel Center #431, 2205 Hwy. 62, Orange – Inside of walk-in cooler needs to be cleaned of trash under storage shelves. Score – 97

Snappy’s Exxpress Mart, 3145 Hwy. 87, Bridge City – Need to clean and repair ceiling inside walk-in cooler. Score – 97

Gator’s Nest, 3145 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Area under grill and vents need to be cleaned of old grease. Score – 97

What-A-Burger #478, 540 N. Main St., Vidor – Gaskets need to be replaced on reach-in coolers; baseboard tiles found to be missing/broken and need repair and motor inside walk-in freezer has buildup of ice from motor, need repair. Score – 97

Little Caesar’s Pizza, 866 N. Main St., Vidor – Hair restraints needed; employee drinks and pizza found on prep table and inside freezers; several flies found on top of raw breadsticks – management destroyed product; no certified food manager on staff; several flies found throughout the restaurant; floors, equipment, oven inside walk-in cooler and inside reach-in coolers and freezers need to be cleaned of old foods; air vent in back storage room found to have black-mold – need to be cleaned, along with more cleaning at this location. Score – 83

Speedy Stop Food Mart #32, 690 N. Main St., Vidor – Gaskets need to be repaired/replaced on freezer door; area under milk needs to be cleaned of old milk inside walk-in cooler; need to make sure all drinks are stored 6 inches off the floor. Score – 94

Shipley Donuts, 2913 MacArthur Dr., Orange – Containers of foods being stored on the floor; found open bags of flour inside dry storage area and several gnats founding back storage area.  Score – 93

Veteran’s Grocery, 1900 Dupont Dr., Orange – No water found inside store; no handwashing sink available. Score – 93

Kwik Stop Valero, 2210 S. Main St., Vidor – Burrito and fried chicken found at unsafe temperatures; store name and address are needed on all bags of ice sold from store; gaskets need to be replaced on all coolers; chemical being stored on top shelf in prep area; slime found inside ice machine; entire store and kitchen needs to be cleaned of old dirt/grease; store in very poor condition; follow up required. Score – 82

Domino’s Pizza, 970 N. Main St., Vidor –  Employee with improper jewelry; storing chicken on top shelf inside walk-in cooler; oven needs to be cleaned of old foods; storage shelves and baseboards need to be cleaned of old foods. Score – 89

Fastlane #4, 2598 N. Main St., Vidor – Ice scoop found laying on top of shelves. Score – 97

Simply Sweet Treats, 2494 MLK Dr., Orange – Score 100

LCM Mart, 8270 N. Hwy. 87, Orange – Pulled several expired foods from shelves; storing drinks on floor in walk-in cooler; hot water at three compartment sink needs to be repaired – stops working when hand washing sink is turned on at same time; door to walk-in cooler not closing completely – needs repair; several gnats found in back storage area; no certified food manager on staff; floors in back storage room  and inside walk-in cooler need to be cleaned of old foods; light shields needed; repair damaged ceiling tiles; air conditioner needs repair. Score – 80

Novrozsky’s Restaurant, 501 N. 16th St., Orange – Post fire inspection. new fryers and clean up is being done; all plates, utensils, floors, food contact surfaces have been cleaned. No score

Walmart Deli #777, 3115 Edgar Brown Dr., Orange – Plumbing at hand-washing station needs to be repaired – not draining properly; floors throughout need to be re-grouted. Score – 97

Sunset Grove COuntry Club, 2900 W. Sunset Dr., Orange – Several gnats found throughout; area around fryers/grill need to be cleaned of old foods/grease; need to replace holes in wall and outside of coolers; only kitchen staff is allowed in kitchen/prep areas. Score – 94

Dollar General Store #14785, 5725 16th St., Orange – Pulled several expired foods from shelves; no water connected to restroom toilet – need to repair immediately; shelved and doors inside milk cooler need to be cleaned of old milk. Score – 89