David Ball – For The Record

Hot weather and no rainfall led to the Orange County Commissioners Court declaring a countywide burn ban at their meeting on the afternoon of August 10.

Ryan Peabody, emergency management coordinator, said as of last Friday the KBDI Index map indicated Orange County was in the red category which is a high danger situation with the possibility of fires. Orange County is projected to be in the red category for the next two weeks.

The burn ban will be in effect until further notice.

The commissioners were going to deliberate on the county’s agreement with the Orange County Economic Development Corporation since the court voted not to fund the OCEDC at last week’s meeting. The point was moot since the Port of Orange Board of Commissioners voted not to fund the OCEDC at their meeting earlier that day.

Barry Burton, Precinct 2 commissioner, said the OCEDC’s structure, personnel and finances will be looked at and the court could had refunded the OCEDC but Burton said if wouldn’t be productive to do so now.

After a lengthy discussion, the commissioners court voted to hire a deputy emergency management coordinator. The six weeks waiting period for new hires was not waived, however, and go according to the county’s pay matrix in place as someone with zero years experience.

The candidate is a veteran of the US Coast Guard. He was with the Incident Command Structure in Port Arthur and he worked Hurricanes Rita and Ike.

A Community Development Block Grant was accepted for applicants in the on-site sewer facility project as recommended by the Selection Committee.

Joel Ardoin, environmental health and code compliance officer, said there are 22 applicants on his current list and he still has room for up to 28.

An agenda item from last week was clarified.

Commissioners approved a $250 deductible for each employee when in actuality it’s a $250 deductible for each family member covered under the insurance plan.