Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses from Aug. 1-15:

Fresh Prep, 2467 W. Roundbunch Rd., Suite A, Bridge City. Score – 100

Dairy Queen, 1780 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Area behind grill needs to be cleaned of old grease. Score – 97

Texas Country Store #3, 1805 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Need to date all foods (sandwiches) inside coolers; pulled several  expired foods and dented cans from shelves. Score – 92

Popeye’s Chicken #2873, 1604 W. Link St., Orange – Employee shirts found laying on top of bags of flour; door to walk-in cooler still not closing completely, need to repair; floors vents, storage equipment and cleaned dishes need to be cleared of old foods’ need to repair/discard all broken or unused equipment in back storage area; need to regret floors throughout – several areas of kitchen have no grout; need to clean back storage area of old equipment and trash. Score – 90

Pinehurst BBQ and Steak, 100 Strickland Dr., Orange –  Need to label/date all foods inside coolers/freezers;  door panel on food warmer is coming apart and exposing insulation – needs repair; air returns and floors/storage shelves inside walk-in cooler needs to be cleaned of old foods; gasket on reach-in cooler needs to be repaired/replaced; need to replace vents above grill/fryers. Score – 90

Exxon Food Mart #1, 7120 IH-10 W., McLewis, Need to date all foods (sandwiches) inside coolers; storing raw beef above vegetables inside walk-in cooler; need to discard/repair all broken/unused equipment in back storage areas. Score – 89

Chef Leo’s China Bistro, 345 N. Main St., Vidor – Door to reach-in freezer taped together, need to repair; vents above wok need to be cleaned of old grease and inside of walk-in cooler needs to be cleaned of old foods. Score – 94

French Quarter Bar Grill, 500 South St., #1000, Vidor – Hair restraints needed; need to label/date all foods inside coolers/freezers; restaurant found defrosting boudin balls/red meats/seafood on top of oven and inside sink; floors, inside walk-in cooler, inside reach-in freezer, storage equipment and walls need to be cleaned of old foods; several ceiling tiles in the kitchen found to be damaged, need to replace. Will follow up on cleaning. Score – 85

Dollar General #6726, 320 S. Main St., Vidor – Several dead insects found in back storage are of store; need to reseal back storage door and need to repair broken restroom. Score – 97

Mutt and Jeff’s, IH-10 at S. Main St., Vidor – Raw meats stored above raw potatoes; several gnats found throughout; restaurant floors throughout and storage shelves need to be cleaned of old foods; need to discard/repair all broken/unused equipment in kitchen and light shields needed above fryers. Score – 90

On Your Way Valero, 3030 Hwy. 12, Vidor – BBQ sandwich and sausage link found at unsafe temperatures; storing raw beef on top shelf inside reach-in cooler; no certified food manager on staff; deli department needs to be cleaned (floors and equipment); ice scoop laying on top of storage shelves and dust needs to be cleaned around all air vents. Will follow up on cleaning of deli department. Score – 81