Richard Guillory, Sr., shows off his catch from a recent fishing trip. 

A family fishing trip for the “Guillory guys” proved to be successful over the weekend when Dr. Richard Guillory, his dad and his uncle took the boat out to the Jetty wall near Sabine Pass for a few bragging rights. Rick Guillory, Sr. caught two reds on this trip, a small one – 33 inches and the larger one being 42.5 inches. Dr. Guillory said a third red was hooked, but decided to keep the hook, leaving the men one short for the basket.

During the same fishing trip, David Guillory hooked a fourth red which was large enough to snap the rod, which gave the men a good laugh. But he was successful in reeling in a small 22 inch red and a small Atlantic stingray.

DGuillory stingray

David Guillory caught a small Atlantic stingray on a recent fishing trip.


Dr. Guillory said all this happened within 10 minutes and that he wasn’t even able to put a line in the water from helping the others with netting and pulling fish into the boat. He also said they released both reds back into the water.

Perhaps if the weather had cooperated that day, there would have been a better haul on fish. The Guillory’s took the weather to heart and retreated back to Sabine Lake to watch the storms all around them.