Labor Day, honoring the working force, rolls around next Monday. Back when unions were strong in this area, big celebrations were always held. One of the largest was the Sen. Carl Parker Labor Day Picnic held at the Fairgrounds in Beaumont. The all day affair offered a lot of entertainment and plenty of food. Often nationally know artist preformed. It wasn’t unusual for the governor and several state office holders to appear. One celebration that still exists is the Pinehurst Labor Day Picnic, honoring our senior citizens. This will be the 17th annual picnic. When he was mayor of Pinehurst Judge Pete Runnels proposed and worked hard to make that first outing a success. It was held at the City Park. Runnels worried that citizens may not show up, mostly because of the heat. They had no idea how much food to prepare. Today, the picnic has been moved to the old Bancroft School under a roof. Six to eight hundred senior citizens usually attend. There is always plenty of good food, door prizes and live entertainment. The oldest man and woman are recognized. Everyone always has a nice time and the opportunity to visit many old friends. We have known Mayor Runnels for a very long time. He has always had a soft spot for the elderly. The Labor Day Picnic is a pet project of his. Since Pete started the annual event, age has caught up with him; he is now one of those elderly citizens he chose to honor. Did you know Judge Runnels has served in Pinehurst government in each of the last five decades? I look forward to the picnic every year. Seeing friends of many years. *****Well, I have to move on. I’ve been out of pocket much of the past week but I’ll go with what I’ve got. Hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The State Department released another round of Hillary Clinton’s emails, 7,000 pages, and the largest batch to date. Last year the Democratic front-runner turned over 30,000 emails. A judge has ordered monthly releases. Of all the emails reviewed none have been designated classified at the time. The constant drumbeat of whether she sent and received classified material over her private server as Secretary of State has dropped her favorable rating. Much of the decline comes from people who would never vote for her anyway. What may matter most is how Clinton ranks relative to her Republican competitors. Clinton is no David Petraeus, the ex-CIA chief was prosecuted because he knowingly shared national secrets. Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey recently compared the two cases says, “I can say, based on the known facts, this comparison between Petraeus and Clinton has no merit. In sharp contrast Clinton is not being investigated for knowingly sending or receiving classified material improperly.” Her decision not to segregate her email accounts was regrettable but unlike Petraeus, there has been no evidence of criminal conduct. There is no “Smoking Gun.” the Justice Department is clear that this is an inquiry, not a criminal one, that involves Clinton. The Justice Department is following an established protocol. This protocol ensures that any classified information is properly handled going forward. Hillary is the only Democrat with a path to the White House. Bernie Sanders has been drawing big crowds however, none of his rallies has drawn any minorities, Blacks and Latinos have stayed away. A Democrat can’t win the White House without them. On the other hand, 98 percent of Sanders supporters say they could vote for Clinton. Bernie has some good programs that he’s pitching to the liberal citizens. In the long run he will help Hillary when his supporters march with her in the general election. Sanders who leans far to the left and Ted Cruz, who is far to the right, can never get to the White House. In Sanders case he will be just as happy that he got his message out around the country. Hillary is the Democrats only path to the White House.


10 Years Ago-2005

With the horrors of Hurricane Katrina still very fresh in their minds, resident of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are still arriving in Orange County. The travel center has been busy as volunteers have been manning the center welcoming victims of Katrina with snack lunches, fresh water and open arms. Travel center volunteer Kay Bullock, of Bridge City, says that her heart is nearly bursting with the effort from our community. According to County Judge Carl Thibodeaux, “It’s volunteers like this that make the whole effort work. We are developing procedures to help the Red Cross and make sure the evacuees are as comfortable as we can make them. We are working with social workers from the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission.” The Judge continued, “We will have housing and gas vouchers available. All the school districts have taken in new students. Con. Kevin Brady has assured me the Federal government will reimburse the county 100 percent for providing aid. We are working day and night with local cities and schools in order to best do for these evacuees.”*****Margaret Toal, reporter for The Record Newspapers, contributed to a story that appeared in the Monday, Sept. 5, New York Times. *****V.J. Roberts’ dog “Shotgun” locked Wilson Roberts out of the truck with the key inside. Wilson called V.J. to come retrieve him with an extra key but before she could get there “Shotgun” rolled down the passenger side window. Wilson gave the dog a cussing. V.J. took up for “Shotgun.”*****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs, led by Deon Beasley and 21 other players, beat the Nederland Bulldogs 20-10 on the road. On  the final play of the first half,. WO-S made their first, first down, when junior Earl Thomas took the ball 13-yards. At half time, defensive coach Cornel Thompson made the decision to put Beasley in on defense. That proved to be the turning point. The senior quarterback intercepted a pass and drove the team down for their first score after being down 10-0.*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville coach Todd Moddy wins first game 12-7 against Pleasant Grove.*****The Bridge City Cardinals won season opened 28-0 against Liberty. Stars were Johnny Dishon, quarterback and safety Jadon Ellender. *****Pinehurst seventh annual Labor Day Picnic was held at Bancroft Elementary. City Manager, C.R. Nash said the crowd was smaller because many folks were working at shelters helping victims of Hurricane Katrina. Robert’s Restaurant provided the meals. D.J. Jim Dunaway played oldies, like Hank Williams and Jimmie Rogers. Congressman Kevin Brady stopped in for a visit. Vernon and Bessie Edwards won a pair of rocking chairs, donated by Robert Ramirez, for being the longest married, just shy of 70 years. Jay Blum, 95, was the oldest man and Gertrude Dotson, 94, was the oldest woman. *****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: (This week in 2005) Catherine Hicks Herring, 85, of Orange, died Aug. 30. She is survived by four children, 13 grandchildren, 31 great-grandchildren and six great-great grandchildren. She loved to travel and her favorite place was the mountains of Colorado. *****Dorothy Ann Morris, 69, of Orange, died Wednesday, Aug. 31. She was preceded in death by son Phillip Morris. She was survived by her husband Douglas and their children. *****Willie Dell Goodyear, 90, of Orange, died Aug. 31. She was a member of the Pentecostal Church in Orange. Her brother-in-law Rev. L.L. Stevens and Rev. Gary Wheeler conducted her service. *****Sue Pierce, 63, of Orange, died Sept. 1. She was the daughter of Vertis and Mae Berwick. Her siblings were Barbara Gillis, of Las Vegas, Jean Hillard of Beaumont, Christine Merrell and brother Al Berwick of Orange.*****Lawrence G. Moore, 85, of Orange, died Sept. 4, 2005. He was a WW II Air Force pilot and was a retired engineer from DuPont. He was a  Lions Club member. 

40 Years Ago-1975

Former Orange County deputy sheriff and songwriter/actor Bill Potter, 52, died of a heart attack he suffered at halftime of the Bridge City-Sulphur football game in Louisiana Sept. 5. Bill had recently returned to the area. In 1965-66, he led the B.C. team bus to all their games. He was an avid B.C. fan. On the day of his death, he visited Bill Godwin and other school personnel. He put on his red and white colors and he and photographer Tony Pavia drove to Sulphur. He was pronounced dead at midnight. He had appeared in several movies with stars Gale Storm, Johnny Mack Brown, Rod Cameron and others. In 1957, he won the Arthur Goodfrey Talent Scout Show on television. Bill had written a new song that he just knew would be a hit. Saturday morning he and Roy Dunn were to meet at 10 a.m. for Roy to listen to the song and give his opinion. It never happened and Roy doesn’t know what became of the song. By the way, BC won the game 19-14. *****Big bicentennial dance to be held at VFW, according to co-chairs Roy and Crystal Wingate. Dennis Hall is coordinator of the program. *****Lynn and Sue Ableson are the proud parents of a new baby boy. *****Flora Peveto is 85 this week. *****Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bernholdt are the parents of a new baby girl, Misty DeAnn. *****Mrs. Ovie Harmon is in Orange Memorial Hospital for a routine check up. *****Jackie Harmon received a letter addressed to him at P.O. Box 3300, Harmon, TX. The letter originated in Anna, Illinois. *****John Sanford reaches 11 years old in a few days. *****Ron’s House of Elegance is Bridge City’s largest and most modern salon. Besides Ron Moreau and his lovely wife Jean, Carolyn Osborn and Donna Bradley are the other beauty operators at 605 W. Roundbunch.*****Mark Messer, D.D.S., announces the opening of his office at 380 Texas Avenue in Bridge City for the practice of general dentistry, by appointment only, 735-3232.*****Miss Bridge City LuAnn Dumas and Indian Chief Fulton Baptise will lead Chamber parade for Bridge City Day Festival,Sept. 13.*****West Orange running back Earl Thomas shines in West Orange with a 26-7 defeat of Leon Godchaux.*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville Rick Smith shines in 27-0 defeat of Kelly.*****Keds sneakers champion oxfords are available at the Shoe Castle.


Pattie Hanks‘ nephew, Taylor Doiron, is home visiting the family after completing training at Fort Benning, Georgia. Taylor got home just in time to be a pallbearer at his cousin‘s funeral. Jody Barlow was murdered a few days ago in Starks. *****World War II started 76 years ago this week, in 1939. The war started when Nazi Germany invaded Poland. *****Our close friend of many, many years, Betty Harmon, had gallbladder surgery last Friday. Betty had lived with pain for a long time and since removing the gallbladder, she has no pain and feels like a new person. The only pain she has left is Corky, and that is a good thing. *****Along the same line, Port Director Gene Bouillion had suffered a long time with his back. After having surgery he was back at work in two weeks. He had become immobile so he feels blessed today. Gene is such a good guy and it‘s not just because he‘s Cajun, he‘s just a plain nice guy with a lot of class. *****Charlotte Chaisson and a big crew from Bridge City were spotted at NGR Stadium, home of the Houston Texans. They were there supporting granddaughter Ashlee, who plays in the band for Cy Woods High School*****Happy birthday to Avery Myers. Papa and Nanny Myers (Archie and Julia) celebrated with love and gifts. *****We hear Tiffany Landry baked a cake for her coworkers. They are expecting a cake every week now Tiffany. They say it was yummy. *****Huey “Kingfish” Long was shot this week in 1936 and died on Sept. 10. He was shot in Baton Rouge at the new state capital by the son-in-law of a political opponent. He was born Aug. 30, 1893, in Winnfield, Louisiana. He served as the 40th governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932. He was also a U.S. senator, 1932 to 1935. He was a colorful and outrageous politician. I met his brother Earl once, who also was governor. Ken Rainwater, when in prison, was one of Earl’s trustees who cared for his horses. Ken died in Orange a few years ago. *****We wish a speedy recovery to Pam Milligan. Hope you are feeling much better Pam. *****Former Orange County employee Cheryl English and husband Mike have completed their beach cabin at Crystal Beach. Mike says Cheryl did a great job decorating. *****We are hoping to get a Blue Bell invite from Jack and Janice James. We hear they have a stash. *****Marci Anderson plans to ride 47 miles in the Tour de Pink bike ride on Sept. 20. She will be riding for Breast Cancer awareness. ***** Former Orange County Emergency Director Chuck Frazier and wife Marnie are doing great in Chicago. Chuck’s mom Mary, also a former Orange County employee, visits them often. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day this week. On Sept. 2, Coach Cody Knight celebrates as does Christy King, Mary Ann Leblanc, Peyton Choate, Ernest Procella and Vernon Dixon. On this day actor Keanu Reeves turns 50, football commentator Terry Bradshaw will be 66. This is also the date that Roy’s mom, Marie, passed away in 2004 and P.T. Thompson in 2007.*****On Sept. 3, former mayor T.W. Permenter celebrates as does Record reporter Debby Schamber, Rachel Briggs, Barbara Daigle, Ryan Fisette and Tammy Stevens. They are joined by celebrities Charlie Sheen, 49, and Olympic gold medal winner Shaun White, 28. *****Sept. 4 finds Candi Cannon celebrating. Also celebrating are Ginger Forse, Shirley Choate and Jamie Forse. They join singer Beyonce Knowles, 33 and actor Damon Wayans, 54. On this day also Judge Claude and Pauline Wimberly celebrate their 61st. Wedding anniversary. *****On Sept. 5, Jason Toal is a year older as is Cindy Myers and Carolyn Ann Henry. Celebrities celebrating this day are actors Michael Keaton, 63, Raquel Welch, 74 and Bob Newhart, 85. Football player Colt McCoy turns 28.*****On Sept. 6, Sheriff Keith Merritt celebrates as does Stephanie McNeil, Gary LaRose, Randy Godsy, Gerald LeLeux, Paul Rhodes and Judge Joy’s mother-in-law Quida Simonton. They join comedian Jeff Foxworthy, 56, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, 52 and country singer David Allen Coe, 75.*****On Sept. 7, Ron Sherman, Eric Cox, Laina Sparks, Karen Morse and Terri Childs all celebrate. Also this is the 77th birthday of the Rainbow Bridge. There are still some people around who remember its birth. Celebrity birthdays on this day are actor Corbin Bernsen, 60 and Disco singer Gloria Gaynor, 65. *****Sept. 8 finds Janet LeLeux, Janice James, and Darla Cricchio celebrating. They join politician Sen. Bernie Sanders, 73 and actor David Arquette, 43. *****Bridge City Public Library encourages citizens to “kick off the season with a good book.” Stop by and take advantage of all the library has to offer to all ages.*****I’ve seen and watched many public officials in my long lifetime but no doubt, VP Dick Cheney is the most evil senior official to ever serve. He makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy. He made a lot of blood money at the expense of our young soldiers. He lied to the American people and also his president.George W. never would have been a great president but he could have been a good one if he had never met Cheney, who ruined his presidency and the Bush name. *****Happy first birthday to Chandler Sanchez, son of Morgan and Jeff Sanchez and Jason Chandler, who celebrated his big day at Minute Maid Park watching the Astors.*****Chester Moore, an avid outdoorsman, gives endless time and effort in protecting our wildlife. Be sure to let him know you appreciate his efforts. *****The 2016 Guinness book of world records comes out Sept. 10. *****Our prayers go out to Olivia Dillon, who recently moved back to Bridge City with her family. Keep fighting Olivia. *****Someone spotted Brittany Sauer doing some weight training at Body Workz. Keep up the good work Brit. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch honored Parks Director Donna Scales last week with a surprise birthday party at Robert’s. Donna is a fun person and it was a great gathering. The Bunch will dine at Robert’s again this week and will meet at PK’s Grill next week. Everyone is always welcome. *****The Stark Museum’s “Wicked Plants” exhibit opens Oct. 3. It’s based on Amy Stewart’s book by the same name. The weed that killed Lincoln’s mother. Also the Scare Crow Festival at Shangri La will begin Oct. 14. It’s a good time to invite out of town guest. It is good entertainment. *****Gov. Rick Perry has sunk to the bottom of the heap in his presidential bid. His one percent showing is not helpful in raising money. He had raised only $1 million through June. If his hope was to rise a few retirement millions he won’t get there but he’ll keep trying a little longer. *****Nobody likes paying taxes but you have to consider what this money goes to. These services aren’t free. For instance, we’ve heard through the grapevine that ESD #3 and #4 are having funding issues and they may soon need the public’s help. The ESDs are lifesaving organizations.


Amos Comeaux, for years and years, month after month, has been making high child support payments. On da dey of his baby daughter Angie’s 18th birthday, Amos called her to come to his house.

Wen Angie came, Amos say, “Baby girl, me, I want you to take dis check to you momma’s house and tell her for me dat dis is da last damn penny she will ever get from me. I want you to come back and tell me da expression on her face.

Angie say, “Okay, PaPa, I do dat me.”

Amos him he wait patiently, anxious to know bout da expression on his long ago wife’s face.

When Angie walk through da door, Amos say, “Baby girl, wat you momma have to say bout dat, hunh?”

Angie anser, “Well PaPa, she say to tell you dat you ain’t my daddy and to watch da expression on you face.”


High school football started with a bang last week for local teams. The teams all seemed to be further along than usual. The first game of the season usually brings a lot of mistakes and penalties. I told you sometime back that you were going to see a different type of football at Bridge City like not seen since the late 1990s. The Cardinals were very aggressive on defense. The offense in the Slot-T was quick and surprised state ranked Kirbyville. The Cardinals may not win them all but whoever they play will know they have been in a battle. That’s the kind of football DuBois coaches. Coach Josh Smalley seems to have Orangefield ready to do damage. The Bobcats and Cardinals are very similar. Little Cypress-Mauriceville is going to be a good football team. They played West Orange-Stark, who again is going to make a run at it, very well and showed a lot of promise. We will all be treated to the best in high school football right here at home. Best of luck. There is nothing like high school football, the bands and the cheerleaders. Every week we will bring you great photos both in our papers and on our web site. Read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers. Check us out on the web at Take care and God bless.