The following marriage licenses were issued by the office of Brandy Robertson, Orange County Clerk, for the week of Sept. 14-28:

James C. Galloway, II. and Hilda M. Williams

Jordan W. LeBlanc and Courtney S. Burke

Cody A. Burns and Bridget M. Willey

Khanh T. Tran and Huynh T. Ly

Matthew D. Tompkins and Carla D. Guillory

Trent W. Parry and Elizabeth K. Bergeron

Carl A. Johnson and Lisa C. Johnson

Nancy L. Warncke and Myranda C. Couch

Albert J. Daugherty and Vanessa L. Atkinson

Scott A. James and Dee A. Yancey

Carroll S. Hennigan and Andrea B. Franklin

Marcus E. Bourque and Amy E. Wade

Jonathan B. Denham and Whitney P. DeLoach

Cory B. Stewart and Talissa R. Racca

Paul B. Brady Jr. and Lacy D. Richard

Colton E. Curtice and Sarah D. Middlebrooks

Judy K. Hughes and Linda G. Rodriguez

Christopher A. Williams and Jessica A. Reed

Martial C. Bienvenu IV. and Carissa L LeBouef

Susan K. Clark and Julie K. Broussard