A for-profit California company attempting to lure Texas law enforcement associations to conduct fundraising on their behalf is not currently registered to operate in Texas and has been cited by the California Attorney General’s Office for operating illegally in that state.

The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas is warning its local affiliates and all other Texas police groups to steer clear of the company, New Equity Productions. Not only has the company ignored the law requiring public safety-affiliated solicitation companies to register with the State of Texas, but its standard contract allows it to pocket as much as 64 cents for every dollar it raises for clients.

“Companies like this are only out to make an easy profit for themselves while tarnishing the good names of reputable police associations everywhere,” said Charley Wilkison, CLEAT’s executive director. “Don’t fall for their fast talk and slick presentations. They’ll scarf up the money while you’re stuck trying to restore your good name.”

In 2010, New Equity Partners was told by the California Attorney General’s Office that it was in violation of the law governing charitable fundraising because it was not properly registered with the state to solicit money.

CLEAT, the state’s largest police labor organization, is funded solely by its members and has led the fight to root out unscrupulous fundraising activities on behalf of law enforcement groups in Texas.

Texas toughened its telephone solicitation laws in 1997 with a  CLEAT-back initiative that imposes stiff penalties on organizations that use deceptive trade practices while conducting telephone solicitations.

“Texans do care about their law enforcement officers and keep a soft spot for the families of those who have fallen,” Wilkison said. “That’s an added responsibility for unions like ours to be above board in all of our actions. And state law reflects that responsibility.”