For as long as most of us can recall the Lions Club has held their annual carnival. This week, they mark their 76th year. The carnival opens Wednesday, Sept. 30 and runs through Saturday, Oct. 3. The workers take a break and the carnival resumes on Wednesday, Oct. 7 and concludes Saturday, Oct. 10. The gate opens at 6:30 p.m. The Lions Club members are to be commended for their dedication towards keeping the carnival going. It’s a lot of work to assemble and most members are not getting any younger. Who will do this when they are gone? Visit the carnival, bring the kids, they will make lifelong memories.*****Sabine River Ford is going all out to keep the home folks from shopping out of town. Ross and his crew will meet any out of town deal, plus you get good hometown service. When you buy at home, the community benefits. Shop locally whenever you can.*****I have to move on. Please hop on board and come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Lawrence Peter Berra “Yogi,” age 90, died Tuesday evening, Sept. 22, at his New Jersey home. For most of my life as an adult,  Yogi was a  baseball legend and an American original. He was a ten-time World Series champion with the New York Yankees, a three- time American League MVP and a 18-time All Star catcher. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1972. A native of St. Louis, Berra signed with the Yankees in 1943 before serving in the Navy in WWII. He came to the major league in 1946. I recall listening to the game, with a friend at a small restaurant in Beaumont, when Yogi caught Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series. It’s the only perfect game in post season history. Berra played 18 years with the Yankees and retired in 1963. He spent one year as manager. He joined the New York Mets in 1965 as coach, player and served four years as their manager. Over the next 10 years he returned to the Yankees coaching them for eight seasons and managing two years. He was then a coach for the Houston Astros. Berra appeared in 21 World Series as a player and manager and won 13 of them. Berra, who quit school after the eighth grade, was also known for the quotes he made famous. Here are a few of Yogi one liners. “When you come to a fork in the road take it.”**“It’s like deja vu all over again.”**“You can observe a lot by just watching.”**“The future ain’t what it used to be.”**“It gets late early out here.”**“It was impossible to get a conversation going, every body was talking too much.”**“I’m not going to buy my kids an encyclopedia, let them walk to school like I did.”**“Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps parents off the streets.”**“Pair up in threes.”**“Never answer an anonymous letter.”**“Baseball is 98 percent mental and the other half is physical.”**“I knew the record would stand until it was broken,” is what he wrote Johnny Bench when he broke Yogi’s record for home runs by a catcher.


Sunday Pope Francis ended his United States trip with a Mass in Philadelphia. V.P. Joe Biden was among those at the airport to say goodbye. Francis thanked everyone for working so hard to make his visit possible and he asked Biden “to renew my gratitude to President Obama and to the members of Congress. My days with you have been brief but they have been days of grace for me and I pray for you too.” Millions of people got to see the Pope and  were touched by his presence. It was a whirlwind few days for the Pontiff as he crammed as many activities as possible in one day. Although he will be 79 years old in December, he kept up with the pace. Besides holding Mass for large crowds, he visited three cities, Washington, New York and Philadelphia. He met with the President, spoke to a joint meeting of Congress and addressed world leaders at the United Nations. Throughout his visit Pope Francis was treated like a star, drawing large crowds just to catch a glimpse of him. During his visit the Pope talked about the need for helping the poor, treating immigrants and refugees with respect and working towards solving the worlds environmental problems, including climate change. He told Congress to work for the common good. Before arriving in the U.S. Pope Francis spent a couple of days in Cuba.


10 Years Ago-2005  

The Penny and County Record published and distributed its last paper on Sept 21 before Hurricane Rita arrived Sept. 24. At that time The Record had a large group of writers, Darryl Brinson, Vicki Parfait, Margaret Toal, Robert Hankin, Kaz, Capt. Dickie and Capt. Chuck and other contributors. Stelly, who had been writing a column for several years was the only one who wrote about Rita coming our way. His headline was “Rita not invited to Orange County.” That week we had two homecoming games and also the biggest match up in the state, West Orange-Stark and Newton. The rest is history. By Friday afternoon, the winds were strong and howling at 50 mph. On Thursday Margaret was the first to call. She wanted to see if she could get paid so she could evacuate early. Then we heard from others including the carriers. By Friday morning at 10 a.m., we had everyone paid. We were naive, we told them we would see them next week. It would be three weeks before we would publish again. Most of our carriers didn’t return and the only feature writers we had were Mark Dunn and Margaret. The problem was no electricity, no water . The generators FEMA promised were diverted to a prison in Tennessee. Bobby Cormier and the Well Service came to the rescue. They loaned generators that provided Bridge City and Orangefield with a water supply. On the day after Rita passed leaving so much destruction, with true dedication Asst. Supt. Joe Chenella was back in town with gloves on working at the schools. By week two, C130 Air Force planes streaked by spraying for mosquitoes. Ironically, Rita was such a wet less storm that Commissioners Court extended the burn band. By the end of the second week, many residents wanted to start burning debris. Judge Thibodeaux said it was a real problem for those living off of public roads where debris was not getting picked up. All hospitals and nursing homes had been evacuated. Many of the elderly died, the move was too much. Bubba Hubbard was moved from a Beaumont hospital. Some who died were longtime residents. Capt. Bob Clary, 85, died Oct. 6; Bobby Kendrick, 54, of Bridge City, was killed in an auto accident in Terrel, Texas. He had returned to Bridge City to check on things and was heading back to the Dallas area when he lost control of his car to avoid hitting a dog. Everyone’s friend Mason Hebert, a colorful character known to most B.C. folks, died Oct. 3 of a heart attack while evacuated with his family in Spring, Texas. He was 54 years old. He was proud of he and Nola’s child Maggie. He was a true Bridge City Cardinal fan. If anyone ever traded at Dupuis Service Station, they knew the big, happy-go-lucky guy.

40 Years Ago-1975

The Bridge City Cardinals pulled out a heart-stopper 21-14 victory over the South Park Greenies. The game was scoreless in the first half. Tony Mulholland provided the rushing with over 100 yards. Safety Gary Worster came up with the big defensive plays.*****Stark High completely shut down West Orange in the first half and jumped to a 12-0 lead on a pair of Craig Couvillion to Mark Bennin scoring strikes. Tailback Lorrance Wills ignited a second half comeback for the West Orange Chiefs and tied the game 12-12. Couvillion, who had just gotten out of the hospital with a hip pointer, drove his Tigers 93 yards for the go ahead touchdown with a 43 yard bomb to Wendall Rhodes. Couvillion again connected with receiver Reggie Kelly for his fourth TD aerial of the night to win the game for the Tigers 27-12 after adding a safety.*****Jasper’s Oliver Hadnot trashed his way over, around and through the Bears defense for 260 yards, scoring three times.*****The Bridge City Cardinals travel to Jasper to take on Hadnot and the Bulldogs next Friday..*****Now that Jim Otto has retired, ageless George Blanda is the only player left of the original American Football League, which started in 1960


Judge Joe Parkhurst and wife Gayle have returned from a driving vacation that took them to several mid-western and western states. It‘s a good thing the Judge likes to drive because Ms. Gayle doesn‘t like to fly. They had a great time and the weather was perfect throughout the trip. They both have retired but I bet Joe won‘t stay that way.*****Just our luck, scientist say there is water on Mars but it‘s very salty.*****When Sharon Stakes bought a car from Orange Fire Department Captain Chad Hall she unknowingly overpaid him $300.  Capt. Hall located her and returned the money. Sharon said she never would have known it.*****Mauriceville Middle School PTO will be holding their annual garage sale this Saturday, Oct. 3. Lots of items such as furniture, kitchen goods, kitchen cabinets, lamps, TVs, toys, clothing, deer blind, washer/dryer, refrigerator, beds, even a three-foot standing safe will be offered. The sale will be held at the school‘s Round-Top Gym, 19952 FM 1130. All proceeds go to MMS scholarships and 8th grade banquet.*****The 1960 trade embargo of Cuba caused local rice farmers to diversify. The Golden Triangle had just over 300 rice growers before the embargo, today there are maybe 39. Orange County, which had a dozen rice farms, is down to none. Lifting the embargo might bring back more rice farms to the area.*****Congrats to Kelsey Roy on passing her national nursing exam. Another great nurse that people will be in great hands when they are ill.*****We send well wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery to Merri Nixon. We hear she’s been under the weather recently.*****Happy belated birthday to Orangefield’s Donna Gail Ford. She’s done a lot for the kids in the area for many years. Also belated wishes to Bobbie Nugent, who turned 84, Geneva Bourque Jaques. and Jace Colson. We hope they all had a great day.*****  A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days. On Sept. 30, our buddy, Peggy’s other half, the chief cook and bottle washer at Peggy’s on the Bayou, Richard Albair celebrates. Also Karen Jo’s other half, Robert Dale Vance, is a year older. Corky and Tommy’s brother-in-law Howard Fisher also celebrates as does law man Robert Strause, Brandon Taylor and Roberts widow Martha Harkins.  Celebrities enjoying their special day are singers Johnny Mathis, 79 and Marty Stuart, 56, actors Fran Drescher, 57, Angie Dickinson, 83.*****Oct. 1, Skylar Rowley, Jimmy Glover, Kenton James all celebrate. They are joined by former President Jimmy Carter, 90,  baseball player Mark McGwire, 51 and actress Julie Andrews, 79.*****On Oct. 2, Collin Stanley, Herb Spencer, Glenn Ray and Jo Bramhan celebrate. This is also the 67th anniversary of Millard “Neighbor” Cox and Virginia “Miss Ginny.” Congratulations to these fine people that we’re proud to call friends. Not a record but a darn good average. Celebrating today also are photographer Annie Leibovitz, 65, TV show host Kelly Ripa, 44 and singer Don McLean, 69.*****Oct. 3 finds Darlene and Johnny’s youngest, Jason “Tornado” Montagne, celebrating. Also on this day Jack-of-All-Trades Tony Fuslier and Skipper’s boy Eddie Free celebrate. They are joined by singers Chubby Checker, 73 and Gwen Stefani, 45, also TV host Rev. Al Sharpton, 60.*****On Oct. 4, former Bridge City mayor and Lamar Dean, Bobbie Burgess, is a year older. Also Sharon’s youngest Jason Menard, a career soldier, celebrates as does Ruth Scales, Ryan Dubose, Candy Hughes and John Cardner.  They join actors Susan Sarandon, 68 and Alicia Silverstone,38.*****On Oct. 5, Jared Dillon, one heck of a baseball player celebrates as does Elicia Dillon. It’s a big day for the Dillon family. Happy birthday to Darlene Stephens also. Celebrities having birthdays on this day are actress Kate Winslet, 39, basketball player Grant Hill, 42 and Hilton Hotels entrepreneur Nicky Hilton, 31.*****On Oct. 6 port commissioner, insurance man, Jimmy Smith, is a year older. Barbara Angelle, Charlie Dorman, Lori Harmon and Samuel Woodall also celebrate. They join actors Britt Ekland, 72 and Elisabeth Shue, 51 and coach/commentator Tony Dungy, 59.*****Oct. 7 finds longtime friend, longtime vet, Dr. Albert Pugh, celebrating. Also Connie Elkins, Mary Moore and Joby Brown. Celebrities having birthdays on this day are singer John Cougar Mellencamp, 64, and recording executive Simon Cowell, , 56.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch is not meeting this week. The lunch was canceled so that members of the group could attend an event by State Rep. Dade Phelan to be held at Robert’s Restaurant at noon. The Lunch Bunch will dine with Tammy at PK’s Grill next week.*****Mary Loyd, who recently lost her beloved husband, was seen out at the movies last week with her granddaughters. We are glad that she is doing well and enjoying her grandkids.*****Happy 8th birthday to Cowboy Church next week. Pastor Dale Lee and the congregation have come a long way since that first Sunday service. I heard from some people from Boston who stopped and took in a service. They had nothing but praise.***** Kim Peveto is a lucky gal!  Son Zane surprised her with some new earrings. We know Kim loves her two boys Zane and Kane so much. It’s nice to see they love her equally as much.***** Bill and Mary Dixon had a great time taking in the scenic views while attending a wedding in Oregon last week.*****The Orangefield High School gym was filled with lots of future Bobcats this past Saturday. Lots of fun was had by all that attended.*****Seth and Jessica Lacombe were seen enjoying lots of fun adventures while in Houston last week. This young couple were making many good memories.*****If you’re having back, neck or leg pains, a visit to Dr. Thrash at Thrash Chiropractic Clinic could be the best investment for relief. It worked for me. Try it.  


Brandon Taylor, Debbie Tutt, Denna Elizondo, Martha Hankins, Robert Dale Vance, Richard Albair, Howard Fisher, Rob Strause, Jamie Freeman, Eric Covington, Jimmy Glover, Keely Guidry, Kimberly Cooper, Meg Clark, Skylar Rowley, Brandon Gerrald, Gerald Brignac, Grace Corkran, Kenton James, Tony Lummus, Glenn Ray, Jason Ray, Ann Wilkinson, Collin Stanley, Herb Spencer, J.V. Chauvin, Jo Bramhan, Regina Pounders, Logan Bonds, Sherry  Baker, Alexandra Bates, Betty Roden, Bobby Romero, Eddie Free, Judy Craig, Bonnie Swanson, Ruth Scales, Carol Kennedy, Beverly Gill, Ryan Dubose, Kyle Ezell, Lori Ess, Sarah Armand, Tricia Prosperie, Candy Hughes, Dakota Rowley, Jami Anderson, Jessica Evans, John Cardner, Kevin Staudenmier, Tyler Miller, Brad Lanthier, Darlene Stephens, Elicia Dillon, Glenn Heil, Jared Dillon, Kay Bilbo, Jerald Ziller, Jimmy Smith, Mildred Gammage, Samual Woodall, Lori Harmon, Barbara Angelle, Cathye Liepy, Charlie Dorman, Inell Lingan, Connie Elkins, Mary Moore and Joby Brown.


Alcee Trahan ran into Joe Boudreaux and aks him to ride wit’ him to Crowley to apply fo’ dat mailman job.

“Dey have an opening and me, I go get dat job carrying de mail,” Trahan said.

Arriving at de Post Office, Boudreaux said, “Me, I won’t go in. I’ll wait fo’ you in de lobby.”

It seem like hours befo’ Trahan reappeared.

“You got dat job, you?” asked Boudreaux.

“No, I don’t want dat job, me,” answered Trahan.

“Mais, why?” questioned Boudreaux.

“It’s like dis,” Trahan said, “Me, I fill out dis long questionnaire, 400 questions. I answer dem all. Den I get to de las’ one. It aks, how far it  is to de moon? I say I don’t know, but if dat is de route, me, I sho don’t want de job.”


Last week I wrote that the Republican Party was unraveling. Two days later, on Friday, House Speaker John Boehner announced he was quitting congress on Oct. 30. He just didn’t want to continue fighting a battle with the extremist in his Party. They are not interested in governing, they want to rule. They don’t want to compromise to make government work, they want to be disruptive. Boehner presided over the worst congress last session and this session is not far behind. Boehner said there were some false prophets that have made the job of governing very difficult. No doubt he was speaking of Ted Cruz and other radicals. They will champion a dead horse over and over again, knowing it ain’t going anywhere. They would like to again shut the government down just to make a statement. That’s not governing. Boehner just said enough already. He could leave on a high note if he would bring the senate immigration bill to the floor for a vote. For six years a highway jobs bill has waited to be voted on. In both bills he could get  even with the radicals who have made his life difficult and do the country and his successor a big favor. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, of California, will probably become the next speaker, but not until a lot of blood letting. He inherits the same problem with the 30 or 40 extremist in his party. Politics for him will be real tricky. As for John Boehner, he walks away from a 25 year career in congress. One of 12 children, raised by a bar owner, John hasn’t done bad. The highlight of his career was last week when Pope Francis, who he invited, addressed the Joint Congress. Boehner, 65, will most likely end up a very wealthy man. He’s got a lot of friends and allies in congress. He will leave as a respected speaker who tried his best. He has strong ties to the business establishment and will probably get seven figures as a lobbyist. He must wait a year by law but he can work behind the scenes while he’s on the golf course. The body he headed will still be dysfunctional but it will be someone else’s problem and the American people will continue to pay the price.*****Gotta go. Thanks for your time. Please read us cover to cover and check us out 24-7 on the web,  Take care and God bless.