O’Shanique Foster of Orange won his fight on September 19 in Long Beach, N.J. with a first round knockout. He KO’d Darius Jackson 63 seconds into the bout. RECORD PHOTO: Lawrence Trimm

David Ball – For The Record

If Orange boxer O’Shanique “Ice Water” Foster keeps this up he will become know as as a first round knockout artist.

Just as he made quick work of his opponent, Frank Jordan of New Jersey, on August 22 in a boxing match in Washington, D.C., he also scored a knockout against opponent Darius Jackson 63 seconds into the 1st round in a match on September 19 at Long Beach, N.J. according to  Craig Stilley.

Stilley said Foster connected on a double shot to Jackson’s head and body to score the win. Foster is now 8-0 with 5 KOs.

Foster’s next fight is on November 6 in Las Vegas and it will be his first televised fight, airing on Showbox. His next bout is on December 12 in New Jersey and that fight will also be televised on the East Coast.

Stilley hopes Foster will box for some regional title by Spring.

“He’ll just get better and better,” Stilley said. “Training is the hard part. Fighting is easy.”

Foster managed to enjoy a little time in New York City after the fight before catching an early morning flight back home.

“He was really enjoying it,” Stilley said.

In a prior Record article, Foster has the announcer say he’s from Orange, Texas at a fight rather than he’s from Beaumont or Houston.

“He’s the best fighter to come out of this area. He can fight left-handed or right-handed. He has power from both sides. The transition is so smooth. Promoters wanted him badly.”

Stilley has trained Foster for nine months.

Foster then compiled a 6-0 record as a professional with three knockouts, fighting his way to a title bout, Stilley said. He’ll also get ranked as he goes along.

Foster has been boxing since he was eight years old.

He has more than 100 amateur bouts. He tried out for the 2012 U.S. Olympic trial in the 123-pound class and was a runner-up and an alternate.

He was the 2011 Houston Golden Gloves Champion, the 2010 PAL National Champion in the 123 pound class, a five-time Ringside National Champion and a two-time National Junior Golden Glove Champion.

“He has a lot of experience,” said Stilley. “I’ve been working with fighters for 21 years and I’ve never come across someone with his talent.”

Foster is training at King’s Gym in West Orange where he focuses on cross fit, strength and conditioning, and show boxing. The boxing gym is set aside strictly for Foster to train in.

They’re focusing on the basics and sticking to the fundamentals of boxing before the advanced stuff.

“He has so much talent anyway,” he said.   

He also works at a job and trains around his schedule. He likes to play basketball too.

Between a busy work and training schedule, Foster doesn’t have much spare time.

“He’s an incredible athlete,” Stilley said.  “He does lots of sprints to work on his explosiveness. We go to Houston for sparring three days a week. He has a great wok ethic and high energy.”

Foster spars in Houston with Eric De Leon from the famous Kronk Gym in Detroit. All of his sparring partners have at least a 16-0 record.

Stilley believes the sport of boxing is experiencing a huge comeback and it’s just a matter of time until Foster will be televised boxing.

He’s boxing under GH3 Promotions out of New Jersey. Stilley said it’s a whole other level in boxing promoters.

Stilley grew up with Foster’s father. Stilley started a boxing facility on Pier Road in Orange. He soon quit working with amateurs and only trains professionals now.

“We’re all like a family (the people in Orange and Houston). We operate as a team,” he said.

Foster and Stilley wanted to thank sponsors King’s Gym, Stilley Enterprises, Nolan Leblanc Law Firm, Bearden and Bearden Law Firm, Orange Trade Days and Ritter Lumber for their support. The team is also looking for other sponsors. Those interested may contact Craig Stilley at either 409-313-2038 or CS0907@netzero.com