David Ball – For The Record

This agenda has several items related to Human Resources when the Commissioners Court of Orange County meet at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, October 13 in the Commissioners’ Courtroom of the Orange County Administration Building, 123 South 6th Street in Orange.
Commissioners will deliberate on the following:
To increase the Road and Bridge Department’s budget line item for overtime. Road and Bridge operates the East Roundbunch Road Swing Bridge. Vessels frequently require the opening of the bridge outside normal working hours and on weekends.
Road and Bridge personnel also respond to call-outs after hours from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to clear the roadways of trees and other debris.
During the summer, the Road and Bridge crew can work more effectively by utilizing 10-hour days on road construction.
They are asking the court to consider increasing the overtime amount by $20,000.
Road and Bridge is also requesting funds out of contingency capital outlay to purchase a chip spreader.
The Records Management Department is seeking approval to waive the six-week waiting period in order to fill the position of Clerk II in the department that became vacant Friday, October 2. The Clerk II would be replacing the part-time position within the office.
Discussion and possible action regarding entering into the minutes the exit inventory for Minnie Hightower, Human Resource Director.
Approval to move the Assistant Department Head of the Collections Department (NE5) to a Department Head (E1).
Issuing a resolution to vacate, abandon, cancel and nullify the dormant subdivision called Howth Wilder Industrial Tracts.
As of the date of this resolution, no lots, tracts or parcels have ever  been sold or conveyed out of this Subdivision after the subdivision’s official creation on June 26, 1971.
The Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace office is requesting funds out of contingency capital outlay for the purchase and installation of a projector system for the JP 3 courtroom. The system and costs would be paid in full out of the Technology Fund.