The following marriage licenses were issued by the office of Brandy Robertson, Orange County Clerk, for the week of Oct. 12-16:

Drew M. Lambright and Heidi N. Butaud

David S. Pachuca and Valerie F. Guice

Reese C. Mize and Colorado L. Argo

Jakendrick L. Clevenger and Latanya D. Jackson

Marvin W. Kibodeaux Jr. and Kimberly Haymon

William P. Burch and Raul Aguinaga

Daniel B. Rondomanski and Ellen G. Dacy

Micha T. Muller and Hope M. Harris

Rowdy J. Risinger and Tiffany M. Trahan

Kenneth R. White and Brittany M. Braneff

Matthew A. Edwards and Alysha F. Hawkins

Billy A. Brumbalow Jr. and Sheila J. Sanders

Robert Ortiz and Edward L. Faubel

Benjiman C. Harris and Kira C. Sawyer