The big deal on the tube this week will be Hillary Clinton and the special house committee investigating Benghazi. It’s a witch hunt. After $4.5 million spent andClinton exonerated seven times, the committee controlled by Republicans, has their tail in a crack after being exposed by Kevin McCarthy. Their main goal was to destroy Hillary but now they are put in a position to try to save face. Regardless of what the findings, they will never exonerate her fully. Some way they will spin it so it’s negative. By now, the American people see it for what it is. The hearings start Thursday.*****Vice-president Joe Biden is playing cat and mouse. I see it as a mistake for him because I don’t believe he can win. He’s quite capable and far more qualified than any in the Republican slate. His ego might win out. It’s not a good thing for Hillary or the Democratic Party. I don’t know where he will carve his notch. He can’t go to the left of Hillary, that’s where Bernie Sanders is. He can’t go to the right of Hillary, that’s where Republicans are. He can’t pull enough away from either one to give him a winning percentage. His best bet is to stay a respected statesman, make plenty of money, enjoy life and the family, otherwise it will get brutal.*****On another note, our former congressman, Kevin Brady, is in line to be the next chairman of the Ways and Means Committee if Paul Ryan accepts the speakership That will be a political mistake for him if he has other aspirations, the speakership is a grave yard. I think he’s too smart to do it.*****Well, I’d best get going. I’m going to watch some baseball then wait on the World Series. Hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.



Thursday, October 22, 6 p.m., at the Bridge City Community Center, Mayor Kirk Roccaforte will be in the oven. A good group of roasters are lined up to turn on the heat on Kirk. Former County Judge Carl Thibodeaux says he’s loading both barrels. Judge Don Burgess and Bobbie are coming down from Central Texas to cook the mayor. They both know plenty on him. Bobbie served with Kirk on the city council and she also served as mayor. You can bet Donnie won’t cut him any slack. Kevin Mott and David Ess are both nice guys but those are the kind you have to fear the most. They never show their cards so you never know what to expect. Now here is the real kicker, Mike Hatton is the MC. He’s a Bridge City native from a pioneer family. We first met Mike when he was a 15 year old waiter at the then famous Wayside Inn Restaurant. He’s a great guy who grew up to be one of Uncle Walter’s banking executives. He can’t get too excited or his stammering will kick in. Kirk best look out for this poison tongued- cold blooded banker. Roccaforte is no pansy. He’s been to the soap box many times and won’t miss the opportunity to pull a knife and stick it in anyone who attacks him. He’s from a Port Arthur, Italian family, and those folks go all the way back to Sicily where playing rough was born. Icing on the cake would be if they gave Shirley just  three minutes to make a guest appearance. Also added is a sports memorabilia silent auction. The food, prepared by Chef Van Choate and his Hush Puppy crew will be awesome. Van learned to cook from his Italian grandmother who barely spoke English. He is serious when it comes to food. It should be a great night. Tickets are still available at $50 each with all proceeds going to benefit the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce. Contact them for tickets. Only a few left for Thursday’s fun blood letting. I hear Donnie will stand tall. 


10 Years Ago-2005

Rita arrived just over a month ago and devastation is still everywhere. Because of the drought the burn ban in effect hasn’t helped home owners clean property. Many businesses have been destroyed. The destruction is countywide. Dr. Albert Pugh’s Bridge City animal hospital, where he has practiced since 1976, was totally destroyed. Damages will be near $400,000. He had moved all the animals to Mauriceville where he has a stable. He stayed with the horses and small animals throughout the storm. Pugh will have to rebuild. He has rented portable buildings and hopes to provide veterinary service by the end of October. The Frame and Art Co., owned by Barry and Anita Murchison and her mother Shirley Cone, was destroyed. They are waiting for insurance adjusters. Mrs. Cone suffered a heart attack during evacuation. Meanwhile, they wait to see what their next move will be. Bridge City Chamber president Julia Myers says, “All of the businesses in the B.C. and Orangefield area suffered various forms of damage from Rita.” Orange County has about completed clean up while some of the other counties are just getting started. Judge Thibodeaux said that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson was a big help. (Editor’s note: Because of Ike that arrived three years later and brought all the water, our minds are dulled to the vast destruction left by Rita. It was far more reaching then Ike.) Attorney Sharon Bearden opened his practice out of a mobile home. Wilson and V.J. Roberts are looking for a place to relocate. Rev. Leo’s church, as well as most churches, took a bad blow. Meanwhile, Allen Bendy is in St. Mary Hospital. He had to have hip surgery. Jarvis Buckley was hit hard at the family fabrication shop on Green Ave. in Orange.*****Tony Houseman underwent 11-hours of surgery. He says that’s his last rodeo, it’s just too hard on Gislea.*****Two homecomings to be held this week. Bridge City meets Hamshire-Fannette and Orangefield will host West Orange-Stark. Both games will be played at 2 p.m.*****Time Warner Cable and KUIL Fox 64 invite citizens to come watch the Astros Tuesday and Wednesday night at the Lutcher Theater. Grab a hot dog and drink free of charge. We’re not going to let Rita keep us from watching the Astros play in the World Series. Many folks are still homeless while others don’t have a way to watch the games.*****Johnny Dishon and the Bridge City Cardinals defeated Orangefield 28-0 in last weeks Bayou Bowl. This week the Cards beat Anahuac 28-10. Bobcats beat Hardin Jefferson 26-13. Little Cypress-Mauriceville won the first half but lost the game 35-24 to Port Neches-Groves. All day time games.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Nadine Mildred Kelly, 84, of Orange, died Sept. 23, in Hillister where she had evacuated from Hurricane Rita.*****Sam Carpenter, 72, died Oct. 17, at his home. A native of Orange, he was a football star at Lamar. He was retired from Dupont. He is survived by his wife Melissa, sons Tommy, Gordon, Frank, Jay, Sam, Jr., daughter Sheena Nicole and their families, several brothers and sisters. He was a great friend to this writer.*****Christine Yocum Wooley, 86, of Orange, died Oct. 18. She was owner of Yocum‘s Photos.*****Richard E. “Dick“ Underwood, 73, of Orange, died Oct. 19. A Korean veteran, he was retired from Firestone.*****Micki Ann, 35 and Kyle Allan Ener, 7, died Wednesday, Oct. 19 in a tragic auto accident. Services were held Oct. 23 at First Baptist Church in Bridge City. She was a secretary for Sims Elementary. Kyle was a first grader.*****Donna Marie Chesson, 53, of Sulphur, died Oct. 20. She lived in Orange County most of her life.*****Barry Edward Bean, 52, of Orange, died Oct. 18. Service was held Oct. 21.*****Paulette Norsworthy Barclay, 62, of Bridge City, died Oct. 22. Those left to cherish her memory are husband Don Barclay, daughter Stacy Richardson, son Dr. Scott Wade Barclay.

40 Years Ago-1975

Tim Hughes messed up an ankle on the tennis court but that hasn’t stopped him from putting all his efforts into the Salvation Army Christmas drive.*****Betty Harmon celebrates a birthday and she got a new home for her special day. She, Corky and the younguns’ moved over the weekend.*****W.T. Oliver, 49, a former State Rep. has announced that he will be a candidate for state senator. The Bridge City resident is seeking the position held by Sen. D. Roy Harrington,who is stepping down at the end of his term. Others expected to run are State Rep. Carl Parker of Port Arthur and Chester Slay of Beaumont.*****Gordon Baxter and state comptroller Bob Bullock got in a shouting match at Archie Fulligm’s day in Kountz. Other big shots attending were former U.S. Sen. Ralph Yarbrough, Cong. Charlie Wilson, Sen. Harrington and Land Commissioner Bob Armstrong. Professor Roy Hamric, of UTA, has published a book onArchie, the famous publisher of the Kountz News.*****Police officer O.D. Brown’s teeth ended up at Bridge City Cleaners. Segura cleans everything. After the teeth were returned, O.D.’s poodle got hold of the upper plate and did $150 worth of damage to the teeth. That wasn’t the first time Brown left stuff in his pockets. Jimmy, not too long ago, washed O.D.’s entire payroll after his check was cashed. Cleanest money in town. Meanwhile, the teeth are in the shop for repair.*****Jack Luther gets the fire knocked from his backside after grabbing a 220 wire.*****Bridge City councilman Shirley Marks is the only male councilman invited by mail to a meeting hosted by Lady Bird Johnson, who is speaking on women in politics. It’s a two-day seminar in Austin. Shirley, turned lose with all those women, is like turning the fox loose in the hen house. They just thought he was a girl.


Congrats to Delaney Voegell, chosen 2016 Bridge City High homecoming queen. Also congratulations to West Orange-Stark beauty Eriel Jordan, selected to be the Mustang queen.*****Saturday, Oct. 24, is a big day in downtown Orange. A free music festival will be held at the Riverfront Pavilion. Kree Harrison is set to perform. Last time she was scheduled to perform in Orange it was a rainout. Several regional bands will perform from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.. You can’t beat the price for such good entertainment thanks to the Orange EDC. Come out for this fun community happening.*****We ran into Shirley Vicknair while out shopping. She is always so pleasant. She has kept herself busy and said she always looks forward to “The Record.”*****Another of our friends, Gene Brown, is a loyal reader and each week he can almost tell you what‘s in “The Record.” Gene is from a family of early Orange County pioneers and knows a lot of its history. He‘s a good guy.*****Speaking of good folks, we were glad to see Bill Hare from College Station who came to Bealls Department store as manager in 1965. He retired a few years ago. He and Tommy Locke had that store buzzing when Beall‘s used this publication as their local advertising media.*****Jody Raymer stopped in and brought us a box of historical newspapers collected by Ms. Pearl. She says, about her son-in-law, “Jody is such a good boy,” and that he is.*****John Grisham has a new book out, “Rogue Lawyer.” His hero is a defense lawyer named Sebastian Rudd. He works out of a motor vehicle instead of an office. The reviews sound a lot like our late friend Kelly.*****A bevy of Grammy winners will salute Ol‘ Blue Eyes for what would have been his 100th birthday. “Sinatra, All Star Grammy Concert,” is now being taped for broadcast Dec. 6 on CBS. The concert will star Tony Bennett, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Usher, Carrie Underwood and Garth Brooks. I bet Frank was one of 95-year- old Ms. Pearl‘s idols back in the 1940‘s.*****Speaking of music, don‘t forget to get your tickets to the Boogie Kings Bash Friday, Oct. 20, at the VFW Hall. I assure you that it will be a good show and dance. Tickets can be purchased at Swamp Pop Audio and the VFW Hall.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. On Oct. 21, One of the prettiest and nicest people I’ve ever known, the late  Betty and Earl Drake’s daughter, Vickie Brown, who has made Kansas home for many years, celebrates another year. Also celebrating are Brad Childs, George Fleming, John Cecil Beeson, Cory Moreau and Jennie Hutchison. They share birthdays with Kim Kardashian, 34, actress Carrie Fisher, 58, Judge Judy Sheindlin, 72 and Israel leader Benjamin Netanyahu, 65.*****On Oct. 22, celebrating are Roy Farias, Bryan Chauvin, Bob Frank, Kyle Morrell and Becky Carter. They are joined by actors Christopher Lloyd, 76 and Jeff Goldblum, 62 and country Singer Shelby Lynne, 46.*****Oct. 23 finds our longtime buddy Judge Claude Wimberly celebrating his 81st. today, Also one of Darryl and Greta’s boys, Eric Brinson, is celebrating his big day, along with Thomas Fleming, Sara Ethredge, Larry Myers and John Clark. Celebrities celebrating on this day are soccer player Pele,74, TV host Nancy Grace, 55 and country singer Dwight Yoakam, 58.*****On Oct. 24, longtime Record employee who is like a member of the family, Debbie Fusilier, is a year older. She first came to the OVN at age 15 back in early 1970’s and stayed for over 30 years. Best wishes Deb, we miss you. Also celebrating is a great friend, Don’s better half, Mary Stanton. She’s one of those who gets better with age. Dale Morris and Tammy Scales, also are celebrating on this day. Joining them are actor Kevin Kline, 67 and Rolling Stones guitarist Bill Wyman, 78.*****Oct. 25 finds one of the OVN pioneers, Sandi Mobley Huckabay, having a birthday. Also Mary Chamblee, Roy Lee Helton and Rachel Sanders. Celebrities celebrating on this day are singers Katy Perry, 30, and Helen Reddy, 73. This is also the day Doug Harrington passed away in 2013. *****On Oct. 26, celebrating are Toni Dyer, Evan Swenson and Hunter Smith. They are joined by country singer Keith Urban, 47, politician Hillary Clinton, 67 and game show host Pat Sajak, 68 and actress Julia Roberts, 48. Also Clay Dunn was born on this day in 1893 in Rising Star, Texas.*****On Oct. 27, A very special lady, Pearl Myers Burgess, turns 95. We’re happy to report the poet is doing quite well. Her mind is sharp and its just her wheels that are not as good since breaking a hip. However she can do most anything that any youngster can do. She reports she got a nice card and note from Sen. Nichols this week. Also celebrating Tuesday is a special friend of many years, a person who dedicated her life to civic endeavors and caring for Corky,  We wish Betty Harmon a very special happy birthday. Joining them on this day are country singer Lee Greenwood, 72 and actor John Cleese, 75. Happy birthday to all.*****We visited with Bobby Vincent and Brandy Slaughter also came by. Brandy was kidding Bobby, something about a motorcycle. I had forgotten about he and Pam’s famous motorcycle ride. Bobby pirated a lot of our Cajun stories and folks brag on him for knowing so many Cajun jokes.*****A big expansion is taking place at La Cantina Mexican Grill on MacArthur Dr. A large veranda has been added on the front and several large palm trees planted. Now the parking area is being doubled. Construction on the lot behind Shipley’s Do-nut and other businesses is now in progress. *****If bull rider J.B. Mauney can win the PBR world finals this week in Vegas, held Wednesday through Sunday, he will make $6 million in career earnings. I bet he’s earned every penny,*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Luigi’s this week and Robert’s next. Everyone always welcome.


Jennie Hutchison, Earnest Barnes, Mary Tallant, George Fleming, Tammy Ballard, Marilyn Ponthieu, Vicki Brown, Treva Hodge, Anita Green, Brad Childs, Cory Moreau, John-Cecil Beeson, Marguerite Mahfouz, Kyle Murrell, Roy Farias, Becky Carter, Bob Frank, Bill Butler, Brian Prevost, Bryan Chauvin, Eldon Pendergast, Mittie Ledoux, Eric Brinson, Jewel Merchant, Jimmy Byrd, Laqueta McLellan, Lisa Stewart, Pat New, Sara Etheredge,  Sarah Halliburton, Shery Martz, Thomas Fleming, Brandy Cardner, Danny Jennings, Lainey Zenos, Beth Wilson, John Clark, Larry Myers, Debbie Fusilier, Cheyenne Sweet, Bailey Berry, Ron Batchelor, Tammy Scales, Victoria Brown, Dale Morris, Darren Wilson, Marilyn Fonthieu, Ramona Scott, Ramona Valentine, Connie Curphey, Mary Chamblee, Roy Lee Helm, Ken Soileau, Rachel Sanders, Tanner George, Connor Ziller, Evan Swenson, Phyllis Yeats, Deedra Wilson, Toni Dyer, Don Cummings, Geneva Buker, Hunter Smith, Rene Marsolan, Dan Sanders, Brent Burch, David Dupuis, John Lumpkin, Nathan Coffey, Pierce Butler, Pearl Burgess, Betty Trantham and Becky Cooper.


Joe Comeaux had been working for weeks without a day off. He knew wit da seasonal workload, his boss Sostan, would not allow him to take time off. Finally he figure if he act crazy him, Sostan would give him a few days off.

Joe him, he hang upside down on da ceiling and made funny noises. Marie Boudreaux, a co-worker, not too bright her, but she’s Sostan’s sister-in-law and his wife made him give her a job.

Marie axe Joe, “Wat he was doing hanging dere?”

He said, “I’m pretending to be a light bulb me.”

Sostan walked in and axe, “Joe, wat you doing hanh?”

“Me, I’m a light bulb,” Joe answer.

Sostan say, “Joe, you stressed out, go home and rest up for a couple days.”

Joe jumped down and walked out of da office and Marie, her, followed Joe out.

Sostan yell at her,” Where you tink you going you?”

Marie answer, “I’m going home me, how you expect me to work in da dark, hanh?”


There are 766,000 Texans who fall into the so called Medicaid coverage gap. The highest in the nation. They earn too much to qualify for the state’s strict Medicaid threshold but not enough to meet the criteria for financial assistance through the Affordable Care Act. market place. In all, more than 4.4 million Texans are without health care, the highest number and rate in the nation. With only weeks to go until the new enrollment period opens nationwide nearly half of the uninsured are eligible for Medicaid or subsidized coverage. Not in Texas. In Texas only 11 percent of the uninsured, just under 500,000, mostly children, could be getting Medicaid under Obama Care. Billions of dollars would come to Texas under Medicaid’ expansion. However, Texas and 20 other Republican controlled states chose not to expand Medicaid, turning down the money that would be returned to their state. Now that leaves a large gap of uninsured caught between the two income eligibility lines. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has refused to expand Medicaid. The program would also offer a savings to counties for indigent care. Orange County last year, spent nearly $500,000 but the cost could go as high as a million. Small hospitals in rural communities could be saved. It just doesn’t make any sense to intentionally hurt the poor by not offering health insurance, on principle, just because a Democratic Administration came up with a health plan to help poor families and children. It seems to me that the less fortunate among us are always the ones who get screwed in the end.*****I’ve got to get out of here. I thank you for your time. Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers when you can. They support your local hometown newspaper, brought to you free of charge. We cover the local happenings. Think about if we were not around, many events, such as schools, churches and civic endeavors would go without coverage and publicity. Be sure to check us out on the web at for up to date, 24/7 news. Take care and God bless.