Orange County Sheriff’s Office Investigator, Janois Strause, (right) is enjoying some time with her two children. Ashlyn is 22 years old and a recent graduate of the University of Texas. Cody is 11 years old and is into computers and football. 

Editors note; this is part of an ongoing series into the lives of local police officers. The intention is to build a good line of communication between the officers and the public in light of recent headlines in cities across the nation. 

By Debby Schamber – For the Record

For 25 years Janois Strause has been a devoted employee of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and still finds her adrenaline pumping when going to a crime scene. It is her goal to put the pieces of the puzzle together, to find the truth and see justice served.

“i am not on the downside of my career,” she said. “I am on the best side of my career.”

During her career, Strause has done little bit of everything. The petite redhead has worked undercover in more ways than one. She has been involved in investigations where she portrayed a victim. But, the one that brings a smile to her face is when she had to put on a unusual costume. Strause literally had big shoes to fill, and furry too, when she wore the costume as McGruff the crime fighting dog. She said she did it because of the importance of the program.

Stause has always been passionate about her job and nothing has changed. She currently works as an investigator in the forensics and identification unit. At the forensics unit she is in charge of the intake, processing and storage of all evidence submitted by the sheriff’s office. Part of the duties include cell phone examinations. She also does fingerprint examinations. Strause is part of the HIT team which is the Homicide Investigation Team and the Hostage Negotiation Team

During her career she taught the DARE program. Over years she has had the first kids she taught bring their kids to the program.

In addition, she has been a range officer. Strause also worked drug interdiction.

“i have had a fun and rewarding career,” she said. “For the most part I have enjoyed it.”

Strause has devoted her life to her job and her children. Ashlyn is 22 years old and a recent graduate of the University of Texas. Cody is 11 years old and is into computers and football. Over the years, the single mother has noticed a shift in her focus.  Her job is still very important, but as the children have grown and her day ends she is ready to go home to be with her family.

“i see my job as my job and I still take pride in it but my focus has shifted to my kids,” Strause said. “I think more of what I need to instill in them and what will direct them in the path of life.”

She shares custody of Cody with his father who is also a police officer. Her boyfriend of nearly two years, Mark,  has two children which are very important to her.

Over the years, Strause finds herself relying more on her faith. Her faith has helped carry her through some tough times in her personal life. She is a member of the Bridgepoint Fellowship Church. Her daughter, Ashlyn has followed in her footsteps in more than one way.

Ashlyn hosts a weekly Bible study with a group. Plus, Ashlyn is currently an investigations assistant at the Jefferson County District Attorneys Office. Like her mother she loves a challenge. Ashlyn has plans to follow her mother’s career path and become an investigator.

“She’s a female in a male dominated field and she rocks it,” Ashlyn said.

However, she added the most influential thing she has gained from her mother is her faith.

“She always told me to have faith and it would all work out,” Ashlyn said.

It won’t be long until Cody will follow in his parent’s footsteps. He has already tried his hand at investigating issues involving his friends.