Kaelan Long, an eighth-grader at Community Christian School in Orange, has invented more than 10 board games. Pictured, from left, his mother, Haylee Long; Kaelan; and his science teacher, Sallie Haynes. RECORD PHOTO: David Ball

Kaelan Long just completed his 10th board game in two years.

This game is called HOME-osphere, a science game involving three layers of the atmosphere and the object is to go around the board and get back home to earth. He also made the coins, the dices and the game pieces. He also made game cards for ozone protection before reaching the next level.

“This is my first science game,” he said.

What’s so impressive, however, is that Kaelan is an eighth-grader at Community Christian School.

“One day he just thought of it,” said Haylee Long, his mother. “He’s very creative and very analytical. Art is his favorite subject. He went to his room and it took him like seven to eight hours to do it. He did this all on his own He pulled it all together. His room is one big art studio.”

Kaelan used pastels and an acrylic to bake the game pieces.

She added both she and her husband are artistic and Kaelan is very artistic.

His science teacher, Sallie Haynes, said Kaelan is “extremely talented in so many ways.”

This game started as an extra credit project and grew from there.

“He makes use of his talents. This is his hobby. The components he made are the things we learned,” she said.

Haylee said they may try to market HOME-osphere as something science teachers could use.

Kaelan’s first game was in the fifth-grade. His second to the last game made in July 2014 was called Pizza Pond with pizza lilly ponds, pizza topping frog characters, and the dice.

Another game is called Rabbit Race where you can grow a garden square for your rabbit. Haylee thinks this also could be used as a scientific game since it involves planting and growing.

He and his cousin also collaborated and made a game together last summer.

“It takes me a week or two to make a game (on average),” he said. “It’s like a puzzle I have to put together.

“I like the games Monopoly, Sorry and Candy Land.”

Kaelan also likes video games, he particularly finds Mario Brothers games inspiring. Even in his board games, he uses special power-ups as found in video games.

He already has a good start since he would like to either design board games or video games after gaining an art degree when he grows up.

In fact, his mom said he may get a Mario Maker for Christmas so he can start making his own games.

Kaelan Long is seeking sponsors to get his games marketed and launched. Those interested may contact him at kaelandlong@gmail.com