Today, Wednesday, November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day. Orange County has many former vets and some who are now on active duty. It saddens me however that so many of our WWII heroes have passed away in the last couple of years. Its been 70 years since that war ended so the minimum age today of a WWII Veteran is 90 years old and most are older. I’m proud to have known so many of those fine men who went off to war as youngsters, most only teenagers, leaving home for the first time. Some volunteered but most had no choice, they were drafted. Many never came home. This country has paid a big price with the loss of so many young lives who went to battle to protect our freedom in all of the wars. I’ve lived long enough to have known men who fought in World War I. I recall when those great soldiers started leaving us until the last one was gone. Today we again face the time when those from the Greatest Generation of WWII soldiers will also have served their time here with us. War and the sacrifice made by our military throughout the generations is taken way too lightly by our younger generations. On this day, we should all take a moment and give thanks for the United States Veteran. Personally, I’m thankful for my WWII friends through the years and pray for those who are still with us. My friends know who they are and how much I care for them. *****I’ve gotta move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The Record is proud to announce that longtime reporter Tommy Mann has joined our two publications as a freelance reporter. Tommy is well known, liked and respected in our circulation area. He knows the entities very well the cities, school boards, port, county, as well as most service organizations. He also is very good at writing feature stories. If you know of any feature story let him know. We look forward to a long relationship with this talented young man. 


With deepest regret we were sorry to learn of the death of Florence Sonnier, 73, who died Nov. 5. “Ponke” was from the Julious and Inez Carpenter family, well known Orange pioneers. She had been married to our friend C.J. Sonnier for 45 years. “Ponke” and C.J. owned the Border Street News Stand when I first met them in 1970’s, in fact, they owned it when Elvis died. Both good, salt-of-the-earth people. Cremation will be under the direction of Claybar Funeral Home. I’m proud to have known this wonderful lady. Please see obituary.*****Long time Bridge City resident Jane Perry, age 89, died last week, Nov. 3, in Cleveland, Tennessee. She had been living with her son since the death of her husband Tom. The couple were very active members of the Bridge City community, both longtime members of First Baptist Church and served on many committees. They did a lot of Chamber work and Tom had served as city councilman and was a school board member. Bridge City has had few citizens who contributed more of their time. Jane was a wonderful lady who always had a smile and a kind word. She was a native of Vicksburg, Mississippi and always showed her southern personality. Bridge City is better off today because of Jane and Tom’s contributions. They are together again. Please see obituary.*****Our sympathy also goes out to the family of Mozelle Fancois, 95, of Bridge City, who passed away Nov. 3. I first met this nice lady in the mid 1950’s when she and her husband J.R. “Blackie” Francois were very active in the community. “Blackie”was a pioneer and former chief in the volunteer fire department. If my memory serves me right, I believe he was Bob Montagne’s brother-in-law. Ms. Mozelle was very active in the Lions Club, St. Paul United Methodist and other projects over the years. Funeral service for Mozelle Francois was held Friday, November 6. The Francois family and many others helped build the Bridge City community. We are fast losing too many of these early pioneers. Please see obituary. 


10 Years Ago-2005

Eight weeks since Hurricane Rita local congregations still stuck with various degrees of devastation, some churches are without steeples. Rita brought almost everyone some endings and some new beginnings.*****Chamber president and CEO Betty Harmon retires after 19 years. Vicki Scott takes over as new president.*****Heritage House complex was seriously damaged. Civil War guns were looted after the windows were blown out at Border Street museum. Police recovered the rare guns and they are now in the police evidence locker.*****Gary Stelly and Richard Corder to be marshals of the 31st. annual Bridge City holiday parade to be held Saturday, Nov. 19.*****Aaron Brannen, Bridge City distance runner, wins state cross-country championship. He beat last years champ, Ernesto Perales, of Pharr Valley, who ran out of gas. Branner kept going and ended up 50 meters ahead of the second place runner. The Bridge City team finished in second place over all. The Cards were the 3-A defending champions. Coach is Rick Miller. Team members are Brannen, Randy Becker, Garrett English, Brad Heath, Ryan Kelly, Scott Stephenson and Kevin Young.*****Bridge City pitcher Kevin Angelle signs a full ride scholarship with Texas A&M. More than 15 top name colleges and universities offered scholarships for Kevin’s abilities. Kevin credited his dad Lee, his late uncle Bobby Kendrick, who was killed in an auto accident while escaping Hurricane Rita, for helping to develop his skill. He also thanked his uncle Clint Landry, David Sparks and coach Billy Bryant. (Editor’s note: I don’t recall the details but I know Kevin rejected the A&M offer and attended school elsewhere. His friend Clayton Ehlert, of Little Cypress-Mauriceville, did sign with A&M. I don’t know if he stayed.)******Commissioner John Dubose has announced that he has arranged with the Texas Environmental Quality Board for disposal of household hazardous materials. A pick up station for paint, pesticides, etc., will be at 2502 Roundbunch.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: November 2005: Clora Beatrice Gautier, 79, of Orange, died Nov. 6.“Bea” was born in 1926 in Comanche, Texas. She was proceeded in death by her husband Rene.*****Kenneth “Red“ Wagner, 84, of Orange, died Nov. 7. He was a WWII veteran, a retired painter. He raised chickens and birds. He was preceded in death by wife Ruth.*****Janie Barrett, 60, of Orange, died Nov. 7. A native of Joplin, Missouri, she had lived in Orange most of her life.*****Adice Byrd, 96, of Orange, died Nov. 8. She was the mother of Darby Byrd, Orange banker..*****Allen Bendy, 72, of Bridge City, died Nov. 10. Service was held Sunday, Nov. 13. Butch Thurman and Roy Dunn officiated. He was a United States Army veteran. He is survived by daughter Tina, sisters Florine, Frances and Jerry, brothers Johnny and Roy, and grandchildren Allena and Destin.*****Lydia “Liz” Hogden,56, of Orange, died Nov. 11. Liz was a personal care giver and for the past nine years she cared and worked for Charmaine Runnels. She is survived by brothers Randall Morris, Nelson Morris, sisters Molly Smith and Patty James.*****Clara Laughlin, 90, of Orangefield, died Nov. 11. She worked in the school cafeteria for 23 years. She was preceded in death by husband Joe and son Gene Laughlin.*****Ronald W. Dement, 62, of Mauriceville, passed away Nov. 12. He was a United States Navy veteran. He was a construction operator and supervisor.*****Vera Browning Stephens, 87, died Nov. 12. A native of Munday, Texas, she and husband Cecil moved to Orange in 1942. They owned and operated Lerner’s Department store for 45 years.*****M. Lynette Bogoyas, 76, of Orange, died Nov. 13. She was a graduate of Orange High School. She was employed at Southwestern Bell Telephone in Orange for 29 years. She is survived by husband Andy, son and daughter-in-law Stephen and Julie Bogoyas.

40 Years Ago-1975

Andre Robertson, quarterbacked West Orange to a 42-6 win over Little Cypress-Mauriceville. Starting for W.O. Chiefs were; Earl Thomas, Lorrance Willis, Chris Ulery and Don Sargent. LC-M battlers Rick Smith, Oscar Coburn and Kevin Harmon fought the good fight and were given high marks.*****The Bridge City Cardinals lose 21-20 in a hard fought game against Silsbee. Quarterback Richard Slaydon rushed for 132 yards, putting him over the 1000 yard mark. Gary Gauthier added spark to the Big Red offense. The Tigers are state-ranked and go on to the playoffs.*****Orangefield Bobcats, coached by Ed Peveto, played a hard fought game only to be blanked 28-0 by Hull-Daisetts. The Bobcats, loaded with talent, just couldn’t put it together on this night. Getting high marks from coach Peveto were: Dudley Kraus, Billy Strong, Ronnie Huckaby, Mike Wiley, Ricky Fontenot, Ron Hutchinson, Jesse Edgerton and Greg Peveto.*****A large bunch of Orangeites attended the West Texas-McNeese football game. Former LC-M coach Jim Crossland is defensive coordinator at WTS. Orange County boys on the WTS team were: Larry Spears, who brought out dad and mom, the Johnny Spears and friends; a dozen others were spotted at the game. Former LC-M coach Gary Clark, Stark coach Don Dean, who was Crossland’s quarterback at LC-M,. Jim’s wife Diane flew in for the game and to visit local friends.*****First Savings Association of Orange holds grand opening at new building on 16th Street in Orange.*****Doyle Wayne Morse and Sherry will celebrate their third anniversary on Nov. 21.*****Uncle Jim McKay took Dennis Hall treasure hunting in the Sabine River bottom. Results; six fire grates from old steam engines, two larger fire grates, bullets and a bag of historical stuff.*****Congressman Charlie Wilson’s $25 a plate dinner, hosted by Houston Baker, draws a large crowd, including the main speaker, John Henry Faulk, television and radio personality. Also speaking were State Comptroller Bob Bullock and Justice Martin Dies.

65 Years Ago-1950

Members of the Orange Police Department get new uniforms. Members of the department are Chief Raymond Sanders, Asst. Chief Hanry Stanfield, Captains Alton Williams, Frank Swanzy, O.A. “Slim” Folsom, T. Tinsley and Morris Collier , Officers are W.O. Morris, P. Barras, Raymond Harper Joe Lippeatte, B. Tinsley, C. Lindsey, C. Akin, Bob Henderson, Joe Peveto, E. Cooper, E. Sparks and A. Barron.*****Members of the Colburn School third grade ‘Western Orchestra” under the direction of Gladys Hall were William Attebury, Sidney Mercer, Charles Robinson, Buddy Faries, Arlon Barnett, Wayne Coleman, Anthony Jeanise, Brenda Greer, Patricia Ellis, Melba Meyers, Ann Parish, Darlene Harrell, Dale Kelly, Jo Ann Toucheck, Barry Murphy, Elizabeth Gulley, Arlene Palmer and Carol Jo Sheffield.*****Mrs. Sam Hattman played the lead in the Town Theater production of “George Washington Slept Here.”


Last year, our friend Earl Duhon, the top brass at Dupuis Tire and Service, was handed what could amount to a death sentence– colon cancer. He fought the good fight, beat the cancer and last week had his last operation. The doctors put his plumbing back together.. Last Friday they checked the blow-out valve, the whistle blew and they turned him loose and declared him cured. Thank God.*****John Lennon’s acoustic guitar, a Gibson J 160E that the Beatle used to write hit songs, sold for $2.4 million. John McCaw had bought it in the 1960’s for $275. The drum head the Beatles used on the Ed Sullivan show sold for $2.1 million.*****The United States economy added 271,000 jobs last month. Unemployment dropped to 5 percent. The Obama Administration has added 13 million jobs, 8 million were lost under theBush/Cheney era. The best news is the Bush $4 a gallon gasoline was down to $1.85 this morning. It was terrible just getting five gallons for a $20 bill.*****Right now is the time to call Pete at Coastal Landscaping, 738-2070 to get your fall trimming, pruning and especially re-mulching. He just did nine. It looks great and ready for winter.*****We had predicted that with Paul Ryan picked as Speaker of the House, that our former congressman Kevin Brady, from the Woodlands, would be the new chairman of the Way and Means committee. Brady had been passed up before when the post went to Ryan. Brady became the seventh chairman from the Texas delegation. Brady’s post is the most powerful and the oldest panel in congress.*****It seems to be the year of Taylor Swift, however, it was Katy Perry, who came out on top of the Forbes’ list of the “World’s Highest Paid Women.”  Perry, 31, raked in $135 million from June, 2014 to June, 2015, putting her $55 million ahead of Taylor Swift, 25, who came in second with $80 million. In both cases it almost sounds vulgar.*****Now here’s a guy who’s been busy. Eddie Murphy, 54, is going to be a father for the ninth time. Paige Butcher, 36, and Murphy are expecting her first child.*****Last week,  the “Top Ten County Songs of the Week,” had only one female artist, Carrie Underwood, who came in at #5, with “Smoke Break.”*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day during the next few days. On Nov. 11,  it’s Veterans Day in the USA, those celebrating are the “Iceman” Greg LeBlanc, Michael Fisette, Cynthia Dupuis, Janelle Cochran and Pattie Hank’s pretty daughter Bree Hanks. They join celebrity actors Leonardo DiCaprio, 41, Demi Moore, 53 and golfer Fuzzy Zoeller.*****Nov. 12 finds Karen’s middle son, Sean Cade Gros, U.S. Coast Guardsman, stationed in New York, celebrating. Also having a big day are Jeannie Blacksher, Bridge City Elementary teacher Pat Stanton, Liz Briggs, Tina Duncan and Sharon Sims. They are joined by Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci, 54, singer Neil Young, 70 and baseball player Sammy Sosa, 47.*****On Nov. 13, Michele Fontenot, Karen Schrieber, Sidney LeBlanc, Daniel Chesson, Darla Murphy and Katie Hoffpauir all celebrated. Also this is the 40th wedding anniversary of Debbie and David Fusilier. We were there. Deb worked for the newspaper 37 years. They are grandparents now. They are joined by The View’s Whoopi Goldberg, 60, and TV show host Jimmy Kimmel, 48.*****On Nov. 14, a wonderful lady, widow of Chief Jerry Wimberly, former bank executive Ruby Wimberly celebrates. Also celebrating are former Bridge City council person Pat Kibbe Gifford, Susie Riedel, Lauren Peet, Mary Dixon, Dana Perkins and Casey Smith. Celebrities celebrating on this day, actors Maggie Gyllenhaal, 38, Marg Helgenberger, 57 and Lisa Bonet, 48.*****On Nov. 15, a good guy, Julian Oceguera celebrates. Also Glenda Dixon, Nikki Courtney, Julie Smith, Travis Sheppard, Chris Ford, Cynthia Graham and Jaycelyn Sonnier, Harry and Margie Stephens grandchild, Stephanie’s daughter turns 11 years old on this day. Just the other day she was crawling on the floor at Harry’s Appliance. Soon she’ll be a teenager. They join director Martin Scorsese, 73, actor Danny DeVito and Saturday Nigh Live producer Lorne Michaels, 71.*****This Saturday, Nov. 14, sign up begins for the March 2016 Primary Elections. Locally, we might see some surprises. I’m expecting a couple. Sheriff Keith Merritt is an on hands administrator who runs a good department, lately however he has been disappointed with the big cuts in his budget and the overall treatment of the Sheriff’s Department by the court and accounting department. It’s awfully frustrating but instead of throwing up his hands, I look for Sheriff Merritt to find the department needs his experience and leadership. There were rumors he would  not fight it anymore but I believe he will announce for re-election but for the first time under the Republican banner. Recent Orange County history has proven that the best route to take even though I believe next November a Democrat can get elected in Pct. 1. Some people have suggested what Commissioners Court needs is a woman. They cite how Marcel Adams and Sue Bearden kept the back room deals by the good ole’ boys from going unpublished. I’ll have plenty more to say in the coming weeks.*****The long awaited movie, “My All American” the story of Freddie Steinmark and the 1969 Texas Longhorns, opens this weekend at most theaters.  It tells about Freddie’s struggles with cancer in his left leg and how it took his life. Bridge City’s Steve Worster was an All American on that team. President Richard Nixon attended the game and saw Texas come from behind to win 15-14 over Arkansas. It’s not your typical football movie. It’s more of a story about life and a Colorado boy and his girl friend facing an illness that would lead to his death. Most of us who followed Steve and his Texas Longhorns remember almost every incident during those times 46 years ago.*****We were sorry to hear that our friend Marv Howland isn’t doing very well. He is in the Lake Arthur Convalescent Center. Our prayers are with this great soldier and his wife Arlene.*****The Republican candidates for president debated Tuesday night. I don’t imagine we learned much we didn’t know.*****Just think about all the money Trump will make if his son and daughter run the business in receivership worldwide. Cheney’s earnings would be peanuts. The rumor is “The Donald” is coming to Ford Park. He’ll draw a large crowd of onlookers, not necessarily voters. Other candidates will come later.*****Saturday is the Democratic debate. Not much to learn there either.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and Luigi’s next. Everyone welcome.


Greg LeBlanc, Michael Fisette, Cynthia Dupuis, Michelle Brown, Ryan Pickering, Allison Ball, Bree Hanks, Edee Risher, Gerald DeLeon, Jeanelle Cochran, Jeanne Blacksher, Tina Duncan, Kathy Reeves, Larry Gunter, Liz Briggs, Matthew Ethredge, Norma Rampmaier, Phillip Kimbrow, Sharon Sims, Shelby Newton, Cyndi Longlois, Steve Fisher, Carol Ware, Charmaine Faircloth, Clara Edwards, Crystal Jones, Danielle Graffagnino, Karla Holden, Kimberly Ray, Mary Cassidy, Michele Fontenot, Karen Schrieber, Carol Lopez, Sidney LeBlanc, Tim Johnson, Cecilia Broussard, Daniel Chesson, Darla Murphy, Donald Miller, Cody Edgerton, Paul Smith, Katie Hoffpauir, Ruby Wimberley, Kristina Schisler, Lauren Fruge, Ella Jo Gosset, Lauren Peet, Traci Birmingham, Mary Dixon, Pat Gifford, Susie Riedel, Vicci Milligan, Anna Cappandona, Casey Smith, Dana Perkins, Fred Fuselier, Hattie Arnold, Judie Wilson, Julian Oceguera, Cynthia Graham, Julie Smith, Glenda Dixon, Stuart Bertles, Kelli Peery, Lindsey Franklin, Nikki Courtney, Shane Preston, Travis Sheppard, Wade Barron, Wally Sieck, Carol Izer, Chris Ford, Cora Betzen, Elton Myers, Madison Miller, Marie Richard, Clarissa Cortez, Amaris Brown, Allene Manuel, Servet Satir, Mary Loyd, Pete Gresham, Rebecca Collins, Thad Angelle, Bryson McFarland, Chris Byers, RaeAnna Todora, Dwayne Duncan, Dyanna Sandlin, Martha Foley, Laurie Kosh, Nancy Aycock, Patsy Brister, Reba Eddins, Barbara Briggs, Barbara Musser, Chuck Kirby, Katy Taylor and Kenneth Haas.


Joe and Agnes Broudreaux were on dere way to Galveston from Morgan City when dey stop at Kee Kee Dupuis’ service station in Bridge City for gas.

Dey axed if dere was a seafood restaurant wit good food at a good price.

David, da attendant, give dem directions to Peggy and Richard Albair’s Cow Bayou restaurant and boat dock.

Nailed on da front of da restaurant is a sign dat reads, “Boat Launch for $3.”

Joe said, “Look Agnes, we can boat eat here for tree dollars us.”


As it turns out all the county workshops that were held were a waste of time. The elected officials and department heads put in a lot of work pruning their budgets to what they absolutely needed. They apparently were totally ignored. The haste to have the county report a balanced budget led to cuts at random. I had never heard of the county’s chief financial officer, the judge, not being responsible for putting together the budget. I spoke with three former county judges who said they had never heard of the auditor being responsible for the budget. That’s an unelected position. Also the Commissioners were kept in the dark about what cuts were made without their impute. Commissioners John Banken and David Dubose expressed their resentment. Banken was upset and has a right to be. He was led to believe the cuts, like $200,000 cut in the last hour from the sheriff’s budget, would be reinstated after the budget was approved. Line items were unlawfully cut etc. Banken is working hard to be a good commissioner. He’s embarrassed about the way the budget was handled.  For example, the sheriff’s office, which badly needs new cars, was not allowed one. I’ve never seen the morale among elected officials, department heads and employees so low. A true “balanced budget” is one thing but stripping services strictly for bragging rights is no way to run the government. There’s a lot more to this picture than the public realizes.*****Thanks for your time. I’ve gotta go. Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.