Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between Nov. 25-29:

Miscellaneous incidents, 2419 16th St.

Traffic/Controlled substance, 800 Green Ave.

Theft, 811 Strickland Dr.

Traffic accident, Hwy. 62 and IH-10

Warrant service, 900 Park Ave.

Theft, Gladys Ave.

Damaged property, 1467 Bassett St.

Traffic accident, 3400 MLK Jr. Dr.

Theft, 2220 S. Hwy. 62

Forgery, 1104 Burton Ave.

Traffic accident, 16th St. and IH-10

Traffic accident, MLK and FM 1130

Controlled substance, 1114 9th St.

Robbery, 10th St. and Cooper

Follow-up investigation, 801 Cordrey Ave.

Public intoxication, Cordrey and 5th St.

Burglary, 1307 4th St.

Theft, 7112 I H-10

Warrant service, 1406 Main Ave.

Arson/endangering life, 2930 17th St.

Assault, 201 8th St.

Assault, 1010 S. Hwy. 87

Warrant service, 600 W. Division

Burglary, 1833 Robin Ave.

Burglary, 2201 Rio Grande Pl.

Suspicious person, 1208 W. Hart Ave.

Stolen vehicle, 2080 IH-10

Damaged property, 111 Pine Ave.

Stolen vehicle, 3819 Meeks Dr.

Found property, 1000 5th St.

Damaged property, 602 Border St.

Public intoxication, 1703 16th St.

Burglary, 1823 Wilson St.

Damaged property, 4301 27th St.

Traffic accident, 102 N. Farragut Ave.

Assault, 2424 16th St.

Traffic accident, 3118 Edgar Brown Dr.

Larceny from yard/land, 1202 Hickory Trails

Damaged property, 1005 Dawnwood

Public intoxication, Navy and Green

Damaged property, 6213 Rosewood Dr.

Damaged property, 1168 Huntsman St.

Larceny from vehicle, 505 Pier Rd.

Damaged property, 4707 Oak Valley Dr.

Larceny from vehicle, 510 3rd St.

Larceny from yard/land, 1728 Huntsman St.

Assault, 201 8th St.

Damaged property, 1933 Huntsman St.

Theft, 507 W. Orange Ave.

Sexual offense/unlawful restraint, 1601 Georgia St.

Burglary, #4 Colburn

Theft, 1312 Cherry Ave.

Robbery, 305 Burton Ave.