Evelyn Brandon – For The Record

Every year at Thanksgiving, my fiance, Kelly Sharpton tells me how his mom used to make a turkey hash with left over turkey. I have asked him how she made it, and all he can remember is that she would shred the turkey off the bones and smother it down in a skillet with a brown gravy. His mom passed away in September of 2007, so it’s impossible to ask her for her recipe. But even if she were here, I feel confident that she wouldn’t have a recipe. Most of the older women who cooked like she did rarely used recipes.

This year, I started a search for turkey hash. I came across lots of recipes for it, but none were the way he described it. I found this one on Food.com that sounded a lot like the way Kelly described it to me. Only thing is it wasn’t labeled as hash, but as Turkey SOS.

Since we didn’t have a turkey at Thanksgiving this year, I’m going to make it for Christmas. If you have a recipe for turkey hash/turkey SOS, please share it with me so I can try yours and see if any match the dish Mrs. Sharpton made. Send recipes to news@therecordlive.com attn: Evelyn.

Bon appétit!!

Turkey SOS

20 ounces shredded turkey

4 ounces mushrooms finely chopped (stems and pieces)

1/4 cup all purpose flour

Salt, black pepper, garlic powder and onion powder to taste

2 1/4 cups milk or heavy whipping cream

1 1/2 Tablespoon worcestershire sauce


Brown turkey.

Add mushrooms, drained.

Sprinkle mixture with flour and seasonings.

Add milk or cream and whisk until smooth and thickened.

Add worcestershire sauce.

Serve over toast or biscuits.