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The West Orange-Stark Mustangs rolled over the Caldwell Hornets 69-13 in the class AA-Regional III Division II Regional semi-finals last Friday in New Chaney. The Mustangs move on to the region finals against Bellville, the team that defeated New Caney. Jeremiah  Shaw, 12-108; Melech Edwards, 8-96; Keion Hancock, 5-86 were the top ground gainers for WO-S. Quarterback Jack Dallas completed 4 of 10 passes for 90 yards. The “Chain Gang” defense allowed only 37 yards rushing and 239 through the air. A win by the Mustangs will put them in the state quarter finals. Roll on Mustangs.*****I have a long way to go and a little time to get there. I best get started. I’ll have to take some short cuts. The holidays have prevented me from gathering much news from the natives anyway. Hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Just to give you an idea of what Orange youngsters asked for in their letters to Santa 80 years ago in 1935. 

Dear Santa,

Will you please bring me some books, fireworks, and a monkey. Bring Margaret Ann a Shirley Temple doll. Bring my mother some gold earrings and daddy a nice pair of socks. Look by the fireplace for poor-boy sandwich and a bottle of milk. Zeola wants a rain coat.

I love you Santa,

From Wynn Pearce, Jr.

Dear Santa,

I live at 1102 Cherry Ave. and am a little girl, 3-years-old. Please bring me a Shirley Temple doll, a little bed, two books.

I love you,

Elaine Seastrunk

Dear Santa,

Please bring me and my little brother a train, football, pistol and a wagon.

Your Friend,

Hara Gunstream

Dear Santa Clause,

I have tried my best to be good this year so want you please bring me a train, cars, gun, candy and nuts.


Larry Gunter

Dear Santa,

These are the things I want for Christmas. A tea set, telephone and doll. Please bring them to me.

Thank You,

Edith Toney

Dear Santa,

I want you to bring some of the poor people things because they need it very much. One of them told me to ask you to bring her a doll. The little boy said he would like to have a scooter.

Your Friend,

Gerald Lee Bridges.


We were sorry  to learn about the death of Reba Dickerson, 75, who died Nov. 24. Service was held at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange on Saturday, Nov. 28. Reba taught school in Orange before she and her late husband Bobby Ray Dickerson opened the Old Wood Shop. She also was the founder of the Painted Daisy chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters. She hosted artist Tom Windham and his art class at the Wood Shop and the Thrift and Gift Shop. She is survived by son Donald and daughter Shirlyn Findlay and her family. Please see obituary.


This Saturday, Dec. 5, at 5 p.m. Mauriceville will host its annual Senior Citizen (55 and older) Christmas Dinner. Judge Derry Dunn will serve as master of ceremonies, music will be provided by “The Martin Family” gospel group. The annual supper started in 1976, as a dream of the late ChaCha Holsomback. The event is sponsored by donations from the community. All the great food is prepared by volunteers. Prizes are awarded to the oldest man and woman, also to the person who came the farthest, and to the oldest graduate of Mauriceville. A special good Samaritan award will be given. Volunteers like Patsy Viator, Mary Jane Johnson, Nelda Burton, Roger Holsomback and other volunteers have kept ChaCha’s dream alive. The event will be held at Mauriceville Elementary School. This is one of those great annual events where old stories are told about the historical good old days in and around the Mauriceville area.


10 Years Ago-2005

The West Orange-Stark Mustangs had a bad day in the semi-final round of the football state playoffs. The Mustangs lost to Wimberley 52-29, ending a great year at 12-1.

The Record Newspapers announces the 2005 All-Orange County Football Team.

Coach of the Year–Claude Tarver–BC

MVP–Kenneth Beasley–WO-S

Offensive MVP–John Dishon–BC

Defensive MVP–Cody Sparks–BC

Newcomer–DePauldrick Garrett–WO-S

First Team Offense: QB-Andy Haegguist-Vidor; RB-Dale Armand-BC; RB-Aaron Arceneaux-Orangefield; RB-Earl Thomas-WO-S: WR-LaDarious White-WO-S; WR-Jacoby Franks-WO-S; WR-Brad Croak-Vidor; TE-Seth Harley-LC-M; C-Tyler Tibbitts-BC; L-Andrew Havens-BC; L-Jonathan Sturiese-WO-S; L-Jarrod Gooch-Vidor; L-Scott Haggard-Orangefield; L-David Morgan-LC-M.

Kicker-A.J. Hecker-BC.

First Team Defense: NG-Israel Rodriguez-BC; DT-Jacoby Arline-WO-S; DT: Marcos Krummel-LC-M; DE-Justin Alexander-WO-S; DE-JeiPaul Sinclair-WO-S; OLB-Renaldo Rine-WO-S; OLB/DE-Austin Ponthiue-BC; ILB-Jeremy Lynch-WO-S; ILB-Sam Elmore-BC; Sec-Jerrod Lewis-WO-S; Sec-Jadon Ellender-BC; Sec-Jeff Huebel-Orangefield; Sec-Kyle Hughes-LC-M.

Punter-Jeff Stringer-BC; Punt Returner-Derrick Coleman-BC.

40 Years Ago-1975

Jim Bachus, art teacher of West Orange High School, has a one man show at Scofield’s of Orange, 910-10th Street.*****Bridge City Chamber elects officers . President Tim Lieby; vice-president Dr. Mark Messer; secretary treasurer Dorothy Alford.*****A state grant allows for an additional investigator in the district attorney’s office. Jack McLeland, with OPD, will fill that position. Art Hughes, deputy sheriff will replace Linnes Hubbard.*****Louis Dugas and Doug Harrington celebrated birthdays next week. Lou on the 12th and Doug on the 15th. Doug, 35,  was caught by surprise with a birthday party. Among the gifts was a framed photo of H.D. Pate, given to Doug by Pate.*****Three Orange County lawyers were designated by the state bar as specialist in their fields. They were Louis Dugas, criminal law; Marlin Thompson, labor law and Buddie Hahn, family law and criminal law.*****One pound of Folger’s coffee, all grinds, is 79 cents at Kroger.*****Bridge City linebacker Randy Feverjean, has signed to play football for the McNeese Cowboys.*****David Claybar, of the Medical Services committee of the Greater Orange Chamber, noted that two Orange physicians were awarded special recognition by their professional associates. Dr. Sudha K. Sur, a fellow in the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Dr. Howard Williams, named a fellow in the American Academy of Family Practice located on Park Avenue.


The Kiwanis Club’s 57th annual Christmas parade will be held this Friday, Dec. 4. A laser show will follow the parade at Stark Park in downtown Orange.*****On Saturday, Dec. 5, the Bridge City Chamber Christmas light parade will start at 7 p.m. After the parade, a movie “Frozen” will be shown on the lawn of Bridge City Bank. Everyone loves a parade and these two promise to be good ones.*****Christmas tree lighting at West Orange will be Sunday Dec. 6. On Thursday, Dec. 3, the annual can drive to benefit the Christian Services and Salvation Army will be held at Granger Chevrolet.*****Kobe Bryant will end a 20 year career with the Los Angeles Lakers after this season. Kobe came right out of high school to join the Lakers in 1996. He earned five championship rings and 17 All Star selections. Kobe has the longest tenure with one team in NBA history. He also won two Olympic Gold Medals. He had often been compared to the great Michael Jordan and was something to watch, especially during the Shaquille O’Neal years in the early 2000’s. They had the perfect chemistry until their fall out.*****We are glad to report that our friend Marv Howland is home. He broke his back in August and had surgery. He was in rehab for several months. Marv is making slow but steady progress. He is such a good man, a very giving person who has helped so many. Our prayers for a full recovery.*****”The Drummer Boy,” our longtime friend Gene Edgerly celebrated a birthday Dec. 1. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. On Dec. 2, Eddie Robertson, Beverly Blalack, Edd Brown and Lisa Walker all celebrate. Celebrities celebrating this day are singer Britney Spears, 34, and politician Harry Reid, 76.*****Dec. 3rd finds Jo Ann Huard, Ms. Phyl’s sister, celebrating. She recently moved from Arkansas back to Texas. Celebrating this day also is Oscar Davis, a great guy and Korean Veteran, who turns 87 today, along with Carolyn Andrus, Wayne Scales, Sandra Huthison, Susan MacCammond, Sylvia Bland and our friend Francis Curl Hogg. They are joined by singer Ozzy Osbourne, 67, Olympic figure skater Katarina Witt, 50, Singer-songwriter Andy Grammer, 31. and actress Julianne Moore, 55.*****On Dec. 4, Dana Simmons, Dick Jackson, Catherine Allen, Gwen Tallant and Stephanie Kreger all celebrate. Celebrities celebrating on this day are super model/talk show host Tyra Banks, 42, actors Jeff Bridges, 66 and Marisa Tomei, 51.*****On Dec. 5, our buddy, the Mayor of Starks, Rene Hanks celebrates. Also Shea Bolton, Mary Bridges, Susie Collins, Francis Breaux and Belinda Force. They are joined by singers Little Richard, 83 and Gary Allen 48, actors Frankie Muniz (“Malcolm in the Middle”) 29. and Ross Bagley (“Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) 26. *****Dec. 6, finds Richard Briggs, who has worn several hats at BCISD celebrates as does Debbie Bishop, Woody Canter, Barbara Cartwright, and Mayme Bock. Celebrities celebrating on this day, politician Andrew Cuomo, 58, comedian Steven Wright, 60 and Cleveland Brown’s Johnny Manziel, 23.*****On Dec. 7, Our friend Jim Keith, who moved away after “Ike” celebrates. We haven’t heard from him in several month. Also celebrating are Randy Philpott, Clarence and Mark’s brother, also Buddy Sheppard, Lois Boehme and Tracy Gilliam. They join Larry Bird, 59, basketball player; Terrell Owens, 42, football player; and actress Ellen Burstyn, 83.*****Celebrating on Dec. 8 are Samantha Peveto, Channing Larkin and C.R.. Davis. They join actors Kim Basinger, 62 and Teri Hatcher, 50 and country singer Sam Hunt, 31.*****Suicides in Texas prisons have risen from 22 in 2008 to 31 in 2014. Twenty-three inmates have taken their own lives this year. There has been 980 attempted suicides this year, up from 750 in 2008.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dines at PK’s Grill this week and Robert’s Restaurant next. Everyone is always welcome.*****John and Jeanette Clark stopped by. John, an old newspaper man, has slowed down his VFW work and now serves as the Chaplain. Jeanette is of course, sweet as ever.*****This week in 1942, a nationwide gasoline rationing went into effect to help the war effort. Many other products were rationed. In fact, by years end, almost everything was rationed. Neighbor Cox and I remember those days. Cox would go on to WWII. Eighty percent of today’s population wasn’t born yet.*****Sen. Robert Nichols and his sidekick J.D. Hale stopped by Tuesday just in time to run into J.B. Arrington, the barbeque king, (see his ad in this issue). Anyway, it was an experience for the Senator to meet politician Arrington, who serves on the Drainage District Board. The Senator and J.D. eat at J.B.’s often and say it’s real treat.*****We were sad to report that longtime music teacher Ann Bryant, the widow of Cecil Bryant, is in grave condition at St. Elizabeth in Beaumont. Our prayers are with her and the family. What a great lady she is.


Cheryl Fornols, Jake Glazner, Vergie Thomas, Lisa Walker, Beverly Blalack, Edd Brown, Eddie Robertson, Marie Moran, Wayne Scales, Barbara Blackwell, Sandra Huthison, Susan MacCammond, Todd Wilson, Trisha Anderson, Amber Franklin, Vincent Hoyt, Carolyn Andrus, Chris DeCuir, Slyvia Bland, Bill Force, Dana Simmons, Catherine Allen, Dick Jackson, Gwen Tallant, Stephanie Kreger, Francis Breaux, Belinda Force, Susie Collins, Mary Bridges, Rory Piccone, Shea Bolton, Steve Hightower, Debbie Bishop, Woody Carter, Cheryl Jones, Barbara Cartwright, Lois Cornwell, Mayme Bock, Richard Briggs, Emily Mangham, Michelle Potter, Vianna Miller, Jim Keith, Tracey Gilliam, Buddy Sheppard, Lois Boehme, Randy Philpott, Channing Larkin, C.R. Dick Davis and Samantha Peveto.


Every trip, truck driver Tee-Nonk Dartez stop by Fayola’s Truck Stop Diner for a piece of her fresh, homemade pie. 

One day, wen he was dere, tree bikers came in. Da first biker, him went over to old man Dartez and pushed a cigarette into his pie and sat down at da counter.

Da second biker went over to da old man and spit in his glass of milk and sat down at da counter.

Da turd biker turned over old man Dartez’s plate and sat down next to his buddies. Tee-Nonk, an old truck driver himself, didn’t say nuttin, he jus got up and left da diner.

One of dem bikers said to Fayola, “Dat guy is not much of a man.”

Fayola replied, “Old man Dartez is not much of a truck driver either, he jus backed over tree motorcycles on his way out. He jus crushed um.”


The Texas Ethics Commission says Attorney General Ken Paxton can not accept gifts from out of state donors to finance his legal defense on securities fraud cases. Paxton, who last year was the darling of the Texas GOP, is facing felony indictments on three charge of violating state securities laws. Meanwhile, former Texas governor Rick Perry, who is facing felony charges also, has been tapping into the $3.5 million he went home with from his failed presidential bid. He reportedly has spent $2 million of it and will have to spend the rest.*****Donald Thrump continues to spread bigotry, venom and outright lies. He mocked a handicapped reporter and his supporters cheered. He lies about thousands and thousands of Muslims in New Jersey applauded the 9-11 attacks. The evidence shows it didn’t happen. Thrump knows today he will never be president of the United States but its a game with him that has set the GOP back years and isn’t helping our country either. He also tapped into a certain mindset of supporters that help him lead the Republican field but not nearly enough whackos to elect him president. The more the GOP condones Thrump, the deeper he digs their grave. The truth is that ‘The Donald’ is not the only candidate paying loosely with the facts. Ben Carson and Carley Fiorina doesn’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.*****My time is up. Thanks for yours. Read us cover to cover, check us out on the web 24/7 at and shop our ‘Family of Advertisers.’ Take care and God bless.